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Arms: Small Claws
Head: Purr
Legs: Feline Agility, Lunge
Skin: Furry Hide


Serval's body is covered in tawny fur, short and soft, patterned with darker spots and stripes. The underbelly is white in color with a continued pattern of darker spots. His head is feline in shape, a short muzzle with white whiskers extending from his chops. Large ears with rounded tips stand at alert on his head. His body is slim and small, with a slight musculature built for a smaller predator. Dark spots and a few blotchy stripes adorn his fur, scattered in a seemingly random pattern as you look over him, the fur on his underbelly a bit longer than that on the rest of his body. He has 2 nipples. His arms are slim like his body, jointed about a third of the way down to support a faster, more compact running speed. Small paws conceal retractable claws, rough pawpads protecting them from any sharp hazards. His legs are definitely muscular, built for running, jumping, and climbing with ease. Digitigrade in shape, his legs allow him to run on all fours if need be. He has a firm, toned ass with a medium-length tail that trails down to his calves. The fur of his tail is patterned with blotchy rings and ends in a dark tip. A private peek would reveal that: He has a large sheathed, tapered and barbed cock. He has average balls.




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