Serenity (SP)

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Serenity (SP)

Species: Naga
Gender: Female
Location: Dry Plains
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Naga Hybrid, Large Cave
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry


Serenity occupies a spot right in front of a large window, probably because her snake form enjoys basking in the sun. She is lounging atop of an assortment of pillows and cushions while she reads a book from the downstairs library, the silver necklace of a snake wrapped around a heart hanging from her neck. Her winding body is able to wrap up any but the largest people that dare to cross her path, but right now, it is curled behind her, forming a makeshift pillow for her head. She is covered in mostly sandy-brown scales with the occasional black or white ones, and on the insides of her hood, you can see a big, black spot on either side of her head with rings of brown and white around them, almost looking like a second pair of eyes. The end of her tail lays to the side, occasionally flicking and sounding the entrancing rattle that you habe become acquainted with. You notice when Serenity's gaze shifts to you, and one of her hands slides down her body to a slit, which she briefly opens to show a teasing peek of her cunt.


Serenity must be found in the Dry Plains, via the Naga Hybrid event. Trying to hypnotize the player, she will offer them to sexually submit to her; if they accept, she will use the player for her pleasure, but will only reciprocate if they have a water bottle or food in their inventory, which she takes in exchange. She then invites them to find her again. If the player refuses to submit to her, they will run away too fast for her to catch them.

After meeting Serenity, and regardless of how they interacted with her, the player can find the Large Cave event. If they choose to explore the cave, they must face a behemoth; regardless of the result of the fight, they obtain a lockbox which reminds them of the collar Serenity wears.

By finding the Naga Hybrid event again, the player will have the choice to either face Serenity about the lockbox, or avoid her for now; any interactions with her are otherwise locked. If they choose to talk to her, she recognizes the lockbox, apologizes for her behavior towards the player, and begs to have her lockbox back. If the player refuses, she will reluctantly beat them up to retrieve the lockbox and leave them to recover from their injuries; she is consequently removed from the game. If they accept and give her the lockbox, she will reveal that it countains pictures of her before the infection with her now-deceased parents; she also explains that the reason she was taking supplies from the people she met was because she could not survive on her own in the Dry Plains, but did not want to leave without her lockbox. She thanks the player and decides to leave the area; if they let her, she will be removed from the game (with the player earning a +20 sanity bonus for their good deed), but they can also invite her to join them in the bunker, which she happily accepts.


  • Serenity's description in the initial Naga Hybrid event indicates that she is a rattlesnake/cobra hybrid.
  • She is non-infectious during sex.
  • Unlike during the Naga Hybrid event, Serenity's sex scenes in the bunker do not require giving her any supplies in order for her to please the player.
  • Serenity has non-fatal vore scene options.