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Salamander by Anyare

Location: Capitol
Level: 9
HP: 66
Damage: 8
Target Gender: Female
Tail Strike?: Yes
Alt Combat?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 9, Typical Environment: Capitol


The salamander creature before you is a mix of animal and human body, with a definitively female form. Her body is especially effeminate, with wide hips, thighs, and a thin waist that clamours for attention. Her breasts are quite modest, being pert B-cups. Her arms and legs look quite human, but flex a little more than normal, making her seem sinuous and agile. Her fingers and toes terminate in small, dark claws. She possesses a flat, wide head with a mouth full of diminutive teeth. She has a long, narrow, fleshy tail mounted atop her soft and squishy ass cheeks. Making no effort to hide it, you can also see her moderately large pussy between her legs, wet and waiting.

Her smooth skin is a rich red color with yellow and black speckling, predominantly across her breasts and extremities. A shimmer of intense heat radiates from it intensely enough to make the air ripple around her. It seems the nanites have jumbled the old myths of salamanders with its amphibian nature, making this creature into one suitable for two environments, on land and in lava.


  • Portions of this creature's appearance and infection are based on the Salamander Femme from the multi-player game.
  • A bound state was added that can lead to its own bad end.