Automated Multiplayer Updates/2020 October

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Spammer of Debug Inutt says, "Underwear/Long Coat gear should now hide your cum/milk production amounts and flavour if you're wearing them."

Spammer of Debug Inutt says, "BeipMU users! Now that version 300 has rolled out, this is a reminder that livestats #on will get you some nice automatically updating stat windows!"

Avatar says, "Poll 'Web Combat (take 2)' has ended."

�[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Web combat/missions will be disabled in approximately six days! Please finish up any you may currently be doing before then."

Dog Song says, "Fixed assorted typos, some awkward phrasing, and a missing stat tracker in Domori the Chocolate Lab. Added extra stringparsing to Domori to better account for players with the serpentine, legless, multiheads, and/or beaked flags."

Dog Song says, "The Bound Minotaur at the Abandoned Church in Woodfield is now actually fully infected with minotaur and not a human in disguise."

�[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "As previously mentioned, web combat is no more(*) - feel free to hold a moment of silence or begin lobbying for in-muck conversion of your favourite missions, depending on your feelings on the matter :-)"

�[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "+census command updated with quirk support - +census quirks will now give you... a... quirky census... I guess?"

�[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Spreader bars now appear in your autodesc when active and also change your status in room listings to [BAR], for all you subs out there! (Note: not tested with all possible combinations of legs)"

�[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Following some very rapid feedback, @set me=_prefs/hide_spreader_bar:yes will disable the modification to your status in room descriptions. Spreader bars will remain visible in your autodesc though, since they are kind of visible items :-) Hopefully that's an adequate compromise."

�[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "The _prefs/hide_spreader_bar option now also applies to the autodesc addition to entirely hide your toy as it was before. It's now also documented in the item's description."

�[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Due to the removal of webcombat, the Helpful and Selfish perks have been removed and refunded since they no longer provide any benefit."

�[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "+roll command updated to only roll for valid skills, rather than checking if the provided string is valid then rolling regardless of the result."

�[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Dice rolling commands consolidated into +roll for consistency."

�[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Long standing licker bug *partly* fixed - licking people should now partially clean them again, and lick <part> clean should fully clean a bodypart. Note that only a few bodyparts actually track filled status, and not all status effects are currently accounted for."

�[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Licker fix #2 - it should now also affect filled statuses, unless they're *time* statuses (shown at the top of effects)."

�[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Licker fix #3 - this time it's person... ahem... er, now it successfully reduces or removes *any* kind of filled status or prop, regardless of how it's stored. The code to do it has moved to a library too, so it's reusable for... reasons..."

�[1mR�[1mE�[1mA�[1mP�[1mE�[1mR �[1mO�[1mF �[1mC�[1mO�[1mD�[1mE Inutt says, "Official RP logging commands consolidated and consistency-ised under +rplog. pot and wpot work as before, but RPlogstart, RPlogupload, etc, are now +rplog #start, +rplog #upload, etc."

Dog Song says, "Fixed typos in the Dark Elf Female legs TF, Dark Elf Male arms and torso TFs, Ddraig Goch ass TF, Doberman oVictory cunnilingus scene, Fox Boy and Fox Girl ass TFs, Kaiju head TF, Lizard Cockfighter legs TF, Margay Taur cock TF, Nekomata head TF, and Tatooed Dullahan ass TF. Also added some parsing to the Margay Taur cock TF to not say "like stretching a third leg" with != 2 legs or > 1 cocks."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Drug Resistant's description updated to reflect the current state of the game."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "(slight further tweak, and done)"

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "The Kaiju now have their own dedication-sealed quirk of awesomeness. These monsters are known for being resilient, and now they have the quirk to prove it! Earthly Fortitude was made and given to our giant friends, giving them a supernatural means to quickly rebound from one debilitating blow per day. Enjoy."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "The Mall Rats now have their own dedication-sealed quirk of awesomeness. Being the finest salvagers around, they always have the right stuff with them. Their new quirk, Knick Knacks permits you to declare having an operational non-combat precious item that you can pull out on a whim at any time, bypassing the daily salvage tax, as well as permitting you to yoink a neat gadget seemingly out of nowhere... for one day, once per day."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Small update to Twilight Breaker's Cutting Edge. It used to apply ChargeDebuff, however considering the description of the ability, spying on and exposing imperfections, the ChargeDebuff had been replaced with VulnerableMark. The duration of VulnerableMark as well as the DamageBuff Self-Buff has been lowered from 5 rounds to 3 respectively."

eWrecked Glitch churrs adorably, "Dark Mistborn's Head Transform reset to its original rather than being that of the Hellhound accidentally."

eWrecked Glitch nasally huffs, "Those with Lipples can now lick, even if their head is Mouthless."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt says, "Minor adjustment to ANSI parsing to assist with wiki formatting."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt says, "Thanks to the efforts of Fairhaven's hardworking sanitation team, a derelict building in the southeast of the city has been fixed up and repaired, repurposed into a public bathhouse and spa for the benefit of all citizens! Equipped with a sauna, pools, functional showers, and a massage parlor, the facility is now open to everyone for relaxation and cleansing, and to hopefully make the sanitation team's job keeping the streets clear of bodily fluids a little easier. The new facility will also serve as the official offices for the team to better coordinate their efforts. ((Duty advancement as a result of, spa is located on 3rd street 5500))"

REAPER OF CODE Inutt says, "In addition to the new bathhouse, the elite supplies stores are now selling a stock of Outpost Equipment: Plumbing, which can be purchased to install your own washing facilities in owned rooms (+rq #add plumbing <type of shower>). This (and the bathhouse public facilities) allow for full cleaning of all bodily fluids from a person in one go."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt says, "wf command adjusted so that if you're hiding from someone using the #hidefrom option, you will no longer appear in their wf list at all in addition to not showing your logon/logoff events."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt says, "Also, wf should now indicate if a player on your list is in a private or temporary room."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt says, "wf further updated to show names in wf #hidefrom instead of dbrefs. If you're currently hiding from #all, you may need to reset that setting."