Vibrant Strikes

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When you hit an enemy, you'll heal the most injured ally for 10/20/30% of that damage. If this person is you, then that amount is reduced by 30% automatically, though this penalty is reduced by 10% per point of Front Row you possess. Inversely, for each point of Back Row you possess, the most injured ally healed this way (not you) gains 10% more per point (up to 30%). Damage combat skill reduces this healing by 10% per point.

Available In Classes

Cheerleader 1
Combat Medic 1
Frontline Soldier 1
Heroic Outlaw 1
Life Sapper 2
Martyr 2
NanoTuner 1
Nurturer 1
Rainbow Warrior 2
Wasteland Paladin 2
Wind Blade 1

Available In Roles

Active Tank 1
Cleric 2
Model Citizen 1