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Species: Latex Fox
Changes species?: No
Gender: Male
Changes gender: No
Location: Smith Haven Mall
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Walk-In Events
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Feral


You knock lightly on the vent cover, trying to draw the attention of whatever may be inside it. A few seconds of silence pass, and just as you're about to move on, you begin to hear a soft shuffling, drawing closer to you with each passing moment. A couple seconds later, the shuffling stops and a black, red, and white rubber vulpine sticks his head through the hole in the grating with a determined squeak. After seeing who his visitor is, the latex vulpine yips happily in greeting before his body flows into a liquid blob, dripping out of the vent and onto the ground. Why he couldn't have done that when he was stuck inside, you're really not sure. Once all of his mass is outside, he quickly reforms into his normal shape, staring at you patiently, as if asking you what you wanted to do.


Player can find Vent via a walk-in event going east from the Mall Atrium. It involves the playing finding him inside a vent. You can either help him or don't. If you don't you're permanently locked out. The second time around you'll run into him being badgered by Logan the rapist wolverine. If you help him again you'll get a hint as to where he is, basically the West Mall Parking Lot.


If the player has completed the Murder Mystery and has learned of the command instilled in Logan's mind, as well as having a penis, they get another option to choose during the event with Logan and Vent.