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Some stuff about me

I'm male, human, and cautious about putting too much personal information on the internet :-) I'm also British, so the Americans out there will have to forgive me if things I write occasionally have unnecessary extra vowels from time to time!

I play Flexible Survival as Kamryn, occasionally edit wiki pages, and wrote a UI for tintin++. I'm also the staffer known as Inutt, responsible for a bunch of bugs, broken code, features! - that's what I meant.

Useful links

  • My Scratchpad page for experimenting with wiki formatting stuff
  • The articles needing completion page I added for grouping unfinished articles. (Mostly for quests I started and haven't finished yet). Ironically enough, that page is itself in need of completion
  • My list of ideas for code changes that I might work on someday

Shameless self promotion

If you like my work, feel free to give me a +cookie in-game, or if you're feeling really generous, you can buy me a mug of tea (or two!) via this link, or the button under my picture at the top of the page.