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Before P-day, Kamryn was a man of more or less average height and thin build - not unhealthily thin or from diet and exercise, just the result of a fast metabolism meaning he wasn't carrying any excess weight. As a child his hair was light blond, but over time it darkened to a colour that was more of a dark ash brown, always kept in a simple close-cropped style chosen in equal parts for its neat appearance and ease of maintenance.

Following the events of P-day, Kamryn managed to avoid any major mutations for around a decade through use of RSX's anti-nanite inoculations and avoiding contact with most of what remained of civilisation. Whether from the nanites or a side effect of the inoculations, he did experience minor changes - while he never had the most masculine physique he gradually shifting towards a much more androgynous appearance, as shown in his RSX ID photo. He didn't consider this a problem though as the same effect seemed to keep him looking a little more youthful than his real age would suggest.

In 2018 he mutated into the form of a latex skunk, and also became physically entirely female. Kamryn began identifying as female shortly after as he became more comfortable with his new shape, and while a skunk would perhaps not have been her first choice for a anthro form, she is now rather fond of her pale purple tinted stripes, and she's always been rather attracted to the look and feel of latex.

For a while she was often seen wearing protective combat armour painted with the Zephyr logo, though never looking quite at home in it. In situations where armour is unlikely to be needed she is more likely to be wearing something more comfortable, such as a hoodie and combat trousers. As of early 2019, after experimenting with new mutations, establishing some stable relationships, and setting up home, Kamryn's growing in confidence and her outfits are more varied both when armoured and when not.

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Kamryn was born in the UK, somewhere in the north of England. Before P-day, he lived a fairly unremarkable life. As a child he developed an interest in science and technology, and spent much of his free time during his teenage years learning and experimenting with computer programming, eventually going on to study electronic engineering at university. His hobbies and lifestyle, while interesting and useful, were mainly conducted alone, leaving him with few friends and lacking confidence in most social situations.

Having graduated with an academically excellent degree, Kamryn began a job for the British government's Ministry of Defence working on various classified projects, and was eventually assigned to the team reviewing data shared under international agreements by the US government on their new nanite project.

Following the events of P-day, he and his colleagues continued research into the nanites, hoping to find a way of regaining control over them. Protected from the spread of rogue nanites by their lab's remote location and from those already affected by the military staff posted there as security for the site, they worked with the meagre resources and inert nanite samples available to them to no avail - after several years with no success the science team were forced to admit defeat. The rest of the team decided to try and make the dangerous journey to another of the government labs that they had been unable to contact since the communication infrastructure went down, in the hopes more personnel may have survived there. Kamryn wasn't ready to give up though, and decided to attempt the long journey to RSX headquarters in the US and - assuming anyone had survived there - combine the few scraps of useful data gathered in the UK with any developed by RSX to continue attempting to make the world safe again.

Somehow, against all the odds, Kamryn survived the long journey pretty much unscathed, and even picked up some basic survival and scouting skills along the way from the guardsman that had offered to travel with him. It took a while to convince RSX that he'd really made the journey, but eventually they accepted him into their research team. Over the next couple of years Kamryn started to believe that RSX's goals were not entirely aligned with his own - given the distain and generalisation towards mutants displayed by some of their staff, Kamryn often felt uncomfortable as he'd encountered some very friendly and helpful on his travels. In the summer of 2018 he decided to leave RSX and move to Fairhaven to make contact with Zephyr Inc, thinking that a civilian organisation may be less hard-line when dealing with the mutant population.

Following the move, his immunity to mutations was considerably less effective as he no longer had access to the regular inoculations available to him while in the employ of various government related organisations. While exploring Fairhaven one day, he succumbed to temptation and, following an unexpectedly intense fetish-based sexual experience, fully mutated into a latex skunk - a female latex skunk at that. While initially shocked and a little embarrassed to have let himself lose control to his desires like that, and even more so to have a whole new set of sexual organs, he began to get used to it fairly quickly - despite having been physically male until that point his years of having a gender neutral appearance had already led to being more comfortable with people thinking of him as female, so his feelings about actually becoming female rapidly changed to curiosity about what his, or now her, new body was capable of. Sometimes she even wonders if there could be even more enjoyable forms out there, and if she might dare try them someday...

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Roleplay Interests, Dislikes, and Kinks
Mainly based on the available +kink options, with a few extras, in a more readable form. These are just preferences though, not absolute requirements/limits - Kamryn could probably be talked into things not listed here too.


  • Partner genders: Female biased, but open to exploring other options
  • Humanoid/Anthro, with preferred forms:
    • Wolves, foxes and other canidae forms, also cats and other mammals
    • Dolphins, particularly the inflatable variety
    • Goo/Gel shapeshifter type beings
    • Robots or plants, in some circumstances
  • Not attracted to:

Partner personality:

  • Sapient (human like/non-feral)
  • Tomboy, girlish, boyish, or pretty much anything really
  • Not bimbo, immature, or crass though


  • Casual (t-shirt, jeans, etc)
  • Armor
  • Leather
  • Latex/rubber
  • Silk

Sexual activities:

  • See wi and +kinks in-game - there's rather too much to fit in here in a concise way.


  • Technology
  • Probably other stuff I didn't think of when writing this

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Relationships, Friends, and Contacts
Kamryn's introverted nature makes her nervous around new people and she finds it difficult to start conversations and get to know anyone, but she's trying (and often succeeding) to find ways to overcome her limitations and make friends she can feel comfortable around.

Since arriving in Fairhaven, some of the people she considers noteworthy are:

  • Zen, her first mating since becoming female. It took a little hypnotic 'encouragement' from Jaqueline, but it ended well.
  • Kar, a good friend and a neighbour at the Sagan Memorial Observatory
    • In both cases, their relationships started as friends before developing into something more. The three are now in a comfortable relationship, and between them have an extended family with several children with various combinations of parentage.

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Kamryn in human form
Kamryn's ID photo, taken while working at RSX Solutions, circa 2015

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Height 1.8m / 6"
Weight approx 72kg / 11st 4lbs
Birthday 15th August, 1983
Birthplace England
Sex Originally male, became female in 2018, further variability anticipated
Current home An apartment at Sagan Memorial Observatory, shared with Zentheos

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Played By: Inutt