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Welcome to the Flexible Survival Wiki.

Flexible Survival MUCK

Flexible Survival Wiki is a supporting Wiki for the text-based Flexible Survival MUCK created by Nuku Valente.

Its storyline is based in a not-too-distant past of 2008, containing science fiction elements about a nanite-based virus outbreak and its mutation-inducing consequences. The game is based on roleplay and classic hack'n'slash combat, supporting both a web interface as well as a standard MU* telnet client.

This wiki is set up to be edited by any registered user, but to be registered, a user must go into the game's MUCK, described below. After creating a character, use the command +wiki/create to start the process toward being a registered user!

Sites of Interest

Getting Started with Flexible Survival Multiplayer

How to connect to Flexible Survival MUCK:

  1. Download a MU* client. A list of clients can be found here
  2. Use your client to connect to port 2000
  3. Type 'create yourcharactername yourpassword' and join the mosh pit of mutates and survivors!

Don't want to download a client? Click here for the version on our website (requires Flash Player)

Know a few nice tricks about MU* clients? Or need a few tips yourself? Check out the UI Guides! Browse useful things others have found, or make one of your own and share you knowledge!

Newbie Help!

Setting Information

  • Story Basics - The story of Promethean Day that almost anyone would know
  • Nanites - Learn about nanites and what they do
  • Ferals - Distinction between feral and non-feral mutants
  • Major Factions - The three major driving forces of the game
  • Minor Factions - Other smaller factions that can be interacted with
  • Locations - Lists cities and areas you may visit in game

Character Information

  • Leveling Up - What exactly happens when a player levels up
  • Proficiencies - Base stats most important to a character
  • Professions - Inconsequential titles with slight benefits
  • Classes - Find the combat class that's right for you
  • Merits - Character traits, both perks and character flaws.
  • Nanomagic - *FIXME*
  • Badges - Achievement awards you can show off as titles
  • Sizes - Height, weight, and more

Gameplay Information

  • Roleplaying - The primary function of the game
  • Quests - Brief descriptions of in-game quests and where to find them
  • Missions - Descriptions of missions located on the website
  • Web Missions - Combat missions used to gain rewards
  • Items - From consumables to equipment, learn about the game's items
  • Crafting - Learn about the game's in-depth and intuitive crafting system
  • Combat - Information regarding the way combat works
  • Forms - Listing of the many different forms nanite infection can take.
  • Mutant Powers - List of powers, what they do, and what forms have them.
  • Fishing - Learn how fishing can get you salvage and crafting materials
  • Mutant Racing - Race mutants alone or with your friends, here's how
  • Social Actions - Help towns to earn rewards and influence
  • Trading Cards - How to get cards and play with friends

Miscellaneous Information