Setting Up Land

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After purchasing your Minor Land Deed, Major Land Deed or Hunting Area from the Mako Shop, send a +request with the specifications of your land. The command is +request/new. When selecting a topic, select building.

Location: Where you want your location to connect to, and the direction needed to get there. (E.G. South from 3500 3rd St, Down from Zoo Path South East, NE from the first Highway turn coming from Downtown.) Entrance can be hidden or visible. Doors (and locks) must be purchased separately for 20 mako each.

Area Name: The Blue Building

Room Name: Entry Room

Room Desc: Your description for the room. String Parsing can be used, but approval rests with the staffer. You can also choose to add a desc for any exits into, or within your area. If the area outside your new land is lacking in a description you are allowed to suggest a desc for that room, whether or not the staffer chooses to use it, is up to them. (Though blank rooms will more then likely be given the suggested description because they don't have anything else.)

Other options include: A custom scent for the room. EX: The room smells<Text you want to have for custom room scent>.

Multi Room Areas: In addition to the info above you will need to indicate what rooms have exits to which for each room.

People who purchased a Major Land Deed are entitled to a NPC (coded by your friendly staffer to do what you want it to do, again at the staffer's discretion). You will need to know the following to have a staffer set up your NPC:

  • the Name of your NPC
  • the scent message you'd like for your NPC
  • the look description you'd like for your NPC
  • the dialog, quest actions, or other purpose/interactions you'd like the NPC to have
  • Whether or not you want to have your NPC be a person or an object...

Hunting Area Specific Pieces of info include:

  • Minimum level critters should spawn at
  • Maximum level critters should spawn at (difference of 10 levels only)
  •  % of the time critters should spawn each time a player enters a new room in the area
  • The four critters you will be selecting to spawn in the area
  • Whether or not those critters exist/have been approved yet or not....

Special Things to make note of for Hunting Areas:

  • If you did not use a new creature registration to get the critter made, then it may be set to spawn in locations other than your Hunting Area, this is at the Staff's discretion as well, with final say on the matter going to Nuku. However if it would fit an area, and makes sense, it will more than likely be used in that area as well...
  • You may add a 5th critter to the area, but you will be required to use a new critter registration to do so...