Serene Elf

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Serene Elf

Arms: Sharpshooter
Tail: Erotic Dance
Groin: Deep Healing
Head: Disarming Smile, Long Ears
Legs: Feline Agility
Torso: Vitality

A fairly typical wood-elf type of elf. Calm. Has relatively pure intentions. Good at archery. Presumably likes nature and taking long walks in the forest. Has the second longest clitoris of any feral in the game.

What, you don't usually associate elves with clit-dicks? Maybe it's just me. As of this publication, this mutation is second only to the Mutant Hyena and Hot Thorny Tendrils in terms of lady parts that could make a man jealous. Also has loads of description altering lstats for clothes, body type, whether that huge clit looks like a dong, etc. See help lstat in-game for info on how to set them.




Woodfield City - Industrial Area