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With so little exhaust and a lack of engine noises, these mechanical road behemoths could be considered stealth mode or...for those in the know, adepts with a special infection that allows them to take the shape and role of transport vehicles.

All around the trucks, Prometheans and various agents are loading up gear and personnel, apparently planning on a large sale action, weapons, mundane first aid supplies and even rations being packed as if there might not be nanite support where they are going. Clearly many know what is going on, but those that don't are always welcome to ask one of the NCOs or officers roving about setting things in order.

Edel shuffles onto the scene, fidgeting with the buttons on her scabbard. "Hello, hello! I heard interesting things were going on! And I want in on it. You don't mind, I hope?"

As the group geared up to travel, their parking place intersected with the travels of another. Maxwell's journey soon brought him into the temporary camp, a rifle of some kind held in his paws, swept along the ground in a testing motion, as if he were still getting used to the weight, to the specifics of the weapon, used to something different. As his gaze regards the camp, his path takes him toward one of the few that seemed to be directing others, almost out of a sliver of memory. "Excuse me... What's going on?", he asks, his gaze kept on the particular officer he greeted, locked to their features in courtesy... Or in discipline, depending on how it looked.

Sitting upon a large crate, a silver furred lioness dressed in a women's business outfit carefully holds a shotgun within her hands, twelve gauge shells just beside her lap. One at a time, she slips each red shell into the magazine tube, chambering the first round with a satisfying pump. Locked, loaded, and ready to go, Dio hops off the box and makes her way for the area where the other familiar agents are gathering. "Greetings," she says, bowing lightly to the others. "Agent Dio from Zephyr and K&S Solutions. I'm ready for the mission at hand. When shall we depart," she asks towards the officer.

Cookies is near the lioness at all times, all but clinging to her side. The dusky catgirl is currently clad in a black turtleneck made of some ultra-soft metamaterial and brown sweater pants made of the same material. Her ears twitch in the direction of Dio and the officer, deciding it would probably be best not to say anything. Nobody would recognize her without the suit, or so she was all too certain!

Slithering into the camp dressed like she lives there, Savi sizes up the gathering of soldiers and various other brethren. Deciding to deal with the mission at hand before dealing with any past-related issues, the plant moves in close to the vehicles and waits quietly. Her goggled gaze taking in mostly the soldiers already with the convoy, but also some of the locals that the word scavenge brought out to play. Looking at Cookies the longest, Savi wonders if today the day Cookies gets them all killed.

Siyu takes a deep breath, the rodent if is of course feeling rather good about himself, he's equipped for the desert, desert camo, large bag, good webbing. Enough food, gear and water to survive a rather long trip out wherever. He's interested in salvage, and interested in where this adventure might go. He'll make sure to stow his gear and his bag into a vehicle that he's assigned and he moves towards some of the other enlisted soldiers, "Uh, anything I can help with." he'll ask the corporal Hicks.

Lt. Ripley waves Edel in, the winged chocolate bunny patting the smaller woman before pointing to truck 1. Maxwell is greeted warmly, but with a serious study and a salute "Lt. Ripley at your service citizen. As for this, we are USHC and some cooperating prometheans and freelancers undertaking a salvage Op for the sake of breaking our dependence on corporate handouts."

There is a pause and some scrutiny of the lioness before Ripley laughs, a hand pressing to her many, if by local standards, modest breasts.

"Dio? Ah! We finally meet, all your reports have been written in such a bold and manly fashion that I expected a charming gent with a monocle! Welcome aboard, please assume rear guard and we will depart once all gear has been packed, this MASH will remain as a relay point for local patrols."

As a point of note, the first and largest truck in the formation rumbles loudly, as if someone just revved the engine. Decorated with medic gear and markings, the SAW that Hicks wields stowed over his back as he inventories and updates the new supplies being added and relays new counts to Lt. Ripley. When approached by the rodent he warmly jots the name down and gives him a tag for his gear before before directing him to truck 2.

Looks like things were pretty much ready to go.

Edel smiles happily at Ripley before moving off towards the first truck. "Good to see you!" It is less good to see Cookies, but she does not say anything regarding that. She just makes an extra check on her gear before climbing into the truck. Savi does get a wave before her tiny form vanishes into the truck.

A paw slips away from the rifle in Max's paws as Ripley returns his greeting, and even as the weapon pulls toward the ground without the bracing grip, his paw raises up in salute, just as memory told him he had been taught long ago. For a moment, he smiles to himself, a sliver of nostalgia returning to him as his mind dredged up the arguments his parents would have on the finer details, on exactly what the correct salute was... But soon, it disappears again, as he offers a response to the Lieutenant. "I'm Maxwell, good to meet you.", he says, taking barely a moment to glance about the convoy. "Hard Corps, huh? Voss's unit? Judging by what's being packed, you're heading out of town... As a civilian, I'm sure you're about to tell me to step back, but for the sake of curiosity, do you think you could do with another body and another gun arm? After all... You've got a good point when you say we need to become less dependent on Zephyr and RSX for supplies.""

Dio finds it hard to move properly with a cat girl attached to her side and lets out a little grimace under her breath. "My lady," she says, "I understand if you want protection or what have you, but you need not be so close in proximity. I'd appreciate a little bit of space if you don't mind." The lioness gently presses Cookies off her side before looking at Ripley. "Oh yes," she chuckles, rubbing a hand behind her head. "I'm still quite the gentleman, but I'm afraid I've befallen a sudden change over the gender fence. Such is life in the apocalypse, no? Regardless, it's a pleasure to meet you. I shall take my position. Come along now, my lady." Dio gives Cookies a pat upon the shoulder and makes her way to take up position at the rear guard.

From just down the road, a solar dragon flies in from above, weapon stowed away as he comes in for a quick landing. He looks like he had been flying at top speed. He blinked in surprise, it was a little shocking to see an outfit that was actually behaving like a proper military organization these days. He walks up, clothed in his battle dress, pretty much over-sized camouflage trousers patterned in the same style as used by the US Army (though lacking any actual identifying insignia). Glancing around, he approaches cautiously, and noticing somebody who appears to be a junior officer which other agents are conversing with (he swore he caught a glimpse of Edel, and he thought he recognized Dio there), he walks up and snaps a quick salute to the Lieutenant, "Arano, freelance merc with the prometheans, don't suppose you could use a little extra firepower on this trip, could you?" he asks in a clear, respectful tone.

Savi watches the people take up their positions and settle aboard. Picking the third transport, she returns the light wave to her teammate brave enough to take the lead truck. With an eye towards the Dragon as it arrives, she smiles inwardly and then just slips into the truck. Silently working her way through the soldiers already on board before stopping and retreating back out the door. WIth a fast pace she hops to the front of the truck, throws open the front door and climbs across the driver into the cab. Pulling the door closed behind her, she stares at the, likely startled, soldiers up front for a minute before turning her gave out the front port. "Hi." she says softly.

Siyu is probably in the second to last truck. He wants to be in the back but he knows enough not to be in the first truck or the last truck, the shot 3 foot 10 rodent lets out a soft little breath and looks to the soldiers out around him in the second to last truck, "So what are we seeking to salvage, what is it you guys are out looking for?" he asks.

Cookies peers around at the others and does just as she's told, following close behind Dio without so much as a whisper. She actually looks... pretty docile. Her hands are in her pockets, those feline ears are tilted down against her head, and her eyes look a little sleepy. Her tail has a very gentle, slow sway to it, too.

Lt. Ripley addresses Maxwell very sternly, her passion on the subject perhaps second in vehemence only to a certain familiar monstrocity. "Maxwell! Shape up with that self defeating attitude! If you beleive you can make yourself useful, be it in a fight or just as another pair of hands, ears and eyes, then saddle up! The helpless are sitting in that gaudy tower sucking safety from the teats of others. You're here and therefor welcome! Unless you need encouragement, we have some unattached girls that can breastfeed some manhood into you if you ever think that gun has become too heavy! Now all that said, I extend my welcome once more formally in case you missed it."

Dio is given a nod and a stifled laugh, a glance tossed over Hicks' way as if recalling a similar episode. "Do be careful, they say the smell of beer sets of soldier!" Her tone was sweet and friendly, but apparently a bit of info had circulated in this tight knit group about a promising source of boozahol.

Riley's gaze and salute up to Arano is crisp and respectful though obviously that of one used to her own share of respect from large beings as she shows no concern nor undo appreciation. "Lt. Ripley, USHC, and welcome aboard soldier! *a crackle and the radio intercoms engage* We expect some light opposition as we head out of town, but after that we hope for some nap time and a smooth ride into Nevada as we hit some of the solar/wind farms out there for parts and replacements. We are going big or bust on this one, no light salvage will do, we want everything we can dismantle and roll out of there. Saddle up, we are out of here, lock and load, but safeties on, local patrols have cleared us a path, once we pop bubble things might get fun Apone?"

The surely sarge that looked like what a toosky might be if it were made with a pitbull snarls into the mic from next to Savi as he slap the dashboard three times, the engine rumbling to life. Ok ladies and bitches...don't fuck up my first time out of the office in six months or Vasquez is doing the cooking, got that? Oh and you workers and non soldiers? SUCK IT THE FUCK UP! We got your asses, we are hammers, in the shit it all looks like nails to us, just keep your heads down and do your jobs and we'll all have tea and crumpets later. Oorah?"

The assembled military body sounds off in reply and the trucks start pulling into motion and picking up speed as Vasquez comes on the comm and hoots "Route 66 six all the way! Fucking shame we can't go hit the strip...strip blackjack in the rec room when we get back if the sarge let's me out of quarters!"

Edel chuckles softly and settles in, pulling a pair of black leather gloves from her coat pocket and tugging them over her hands. "Ready to go whenever," she calls out from the lead truck. "This is going to be fun. I love going out of the bubble."

As Ripley gives him a taste of that trademark no nonsense attitude, he simply stands there, blinking in surprise. But despite it, his body moved, straightening up, his weapon pulled upward even as single-handed as it was held, and by the end of it, a wide smile beams on his muzzle. "Lieutenant?", he asks, hand finally pulling back to brace the rifle in his grip. "You sound just like mum used to. Maybe today I'll see a piece of what she did, huh? What I missed when the world went dark." His piece said, words clear to him at least, to a mind half on the task and half in memory, as he turns, quickly scouting the vessels, and soon enough, he's making his way toward the middle, to the truck that appeared to handle communications and radar. It was only fair for the tech to slip into where he could help most, after all, and so far, those center trucks seemed somewhat... Neglected.

"It's okay to talk once in awhile," Dio says, putting a friendly hand upon Cookie's head. The lioness listens to more of the briefing and checks the safety upon her weapon. "I received training from the Prometheans that taught me a lot about salvaging. Perhaps we'll find it quite useful in this situation. Regardless, I'm quite curious about this opposition we're expecting. Perhaps we could get a few more details on the way there." With a few scratchings behind Cookies' ears, Dio boards the rear vehicle. "Remember to keep your wits about you, my lady. Think first before firing. Evaluate each situation and strive for diplomacy whenever possible."

Cookies kind of half-listens to Dio as she lists off the names she's caught so far in her head. Ripley, Apone, Vasquez. That was just too silly to be coincidence. "... Why are these people named after characters from Aliens?" She squints a little bit and peers around. "Are we going to some fucked up Aliens-themed hellhole? I don't think I want to die like that. Is it too late to dive out of the truck screaming?"

Savi continues to sit silently eyes looking over all the instruments and the controls. With a quick glance at the soldiers in the cab Savi smiles under her wrapped mask. "watch out for those cats in the last transport." she says softly "The little one means well, but every time Savi has been on a mission with Cookies, a town has been destroyed." A moment after her sudden unsolicited words of warning, she does a light double check of her gear. One she seems to repeat every five to six minutes.

Siyu hears the talk on the radio and he nods his head, "Good we need the solar panels, with need those solar panels it's good. Do you know where the strike is? Are we going to a major solar farm from before the infection, or are we going around collection most of the small ones. I mean, where are we going to get these solar panels from?" the rodent asks.

With a simple, "Yes ma'am," to the instructions from Lt. Ripley Arano makes his way towards one of the trucks... hrm, lead truck seems like a good bet. Climbing into the vehicle he plops down inside, greeting the Tanuki with a warm smile. "Hey Edel, probably should have figured on meeting you here," he says. Lacking anything better to do, he starts double-checking his weapon, making sure the power pack on his back was charged, that he had rounds, barrel was clear, and all that good stuff - it was going to be a long trip (hell, they were going to nevada, so probably a VERY long trip!)

The trucks are swift as they accelerate through residential neighborhoods, glimpses of other soldiers engaged in fire fights keeping the streets clear, holding barricades or in some cases loading fallen mutants into other trucks. Then country roads open up and there is the draining sensation of nanite support falling away. Weakness, nausea, loss of powers and then the radios light up "Apone here, get to work you lazy wage slaves and layabouts, get the bugs churnin!"

Answering reports of 'Roger' come across as a soldier or volunteer in each truck takes a breath and relaxes, creating an overlapping web of nanite production from the first truck to the last, the central trucks moving into a side by side formation to make the coverage easier and in moments several stop once they are certain the first and last can cover for now. "Shift one in place, rotating production once an hour with thirty minute lulls, extra lookout duty planned for down times."

Hearing Cookies, Vasquez leans over and gestures with a diamond tipped talon. "We followed the Colonel back from the brink of madness, his first reclaims you could say. No names, no past, just skills and revived consciousness. So he gave us names befitting kicking ass and chewing gum...though don't let em fool're the red shirt here girly."

In another truck, Apone eyes Savi, but nods, murmuring in a tight channel to the select team members over comm before tipping his hat low for a nap, it was a six hour drive after all.

"The planned route is to head toward barstow and then cross the border, we should be rather smooth sailing, but we don't have a bubble map along the way. And let's not rule out survivor piracy."

It doesn't take long before Edel is nibbling on a little snack bar produced from her bag, but she nods to Arano. "Of course! Where the Hard Corps go, I tend to go! Someone has to help keep things in order, and I have a blade for when guns can't... Cut it. Eheh."

Siyu is simply ignored by everything so he just waits till they get wherever.

Arano looks to Edel and her sword and smirks, saying, "Well, if we get attacked I'll let a couple get through just so you have something to do." He then holds up his weapon to emphasize his point, letting the oversized replica of a Mk.14 rest just next to him. He relaxes, somewhat at peace, he then thinks and comments, "Hrm, is it weird that I actually prefer jobs outside the bubble? I mean, sure, more risk, but for some reason once the initial shock wears off I feel more... settled,"

The little plant rides along silently for quite awhile, her eyes locked on the road. Eventually her head turns lightly to the side, presses her finger on the com button and quips. "If you people aren't recording and scanning for future maps, a great opportunity is being wasted." Releasing the com and turning back to the front she leans in real close to the glass, the vicious little plant looks as if she's trying to smell through it as she takes a deep long inhale. "Anything could be could be out there..." she says only to those within actual earshot of her soft whispery voice. Leaning back she adds, aimed at only herself, "It's the monotony that lulls you into the arms of death."

That awful out of the bubble feeling creeps over Dio's body, a small dose of nausea growing within her belly. "I was never the fan of these out-of-bubble adventures," Dio comments, looking down her coat and observing the thick armor that lays underneath. "But they seem to yield the most beneficial discoveries. And because of this, I've been sure to train without using too many of these mutant powers and instead stick to more tried and true methods when possible." Curious as to possible opposition they may run into, Dio keeps her eyes upon the road with a trusty shotgun at her lap.

As they cross the border of the bubble that encapsulated what remained of the city of Fairhaven, Max simply sat himself down in the communications truck, reaching back to the clip held in his rifle, and with a little work, it comes free. As he examines the contents, the raccoon feels the drain take effect, a mite heavy, a little sluggish... But his vision remains as sharp as ever, flicking about in the passing moments as he notices those around him grow somewhat shaky, getting back to his feet as he replaces the magazine into what, under closer inspection, appears to be a carbine of kinds... Semi-automatic, at the least. As the order goes out, he nods to himself, and glancing about, he catches the 'nanomage' of his truck start to channel and concentrate. For now he says nothing, simply shrugging as his pack, weightlessness subsiding along with the nanites, starts to return to a more manageable state, a couple of objects within pouches flickering back on with a hidden wink of a light.

About twenty feet ahead of the convoy a series of detonations on the hillside scatter a few large rocks into the road. To which the first truck automagicly accelerates toward, a familiar male colonel' voice coming over the comm set to report. "Alarm, all spotters and snipers look alive, all others brace for impact and rough terrain. Hostiles unknown. Convoy 1 making a path, Formation 6, through the middle."

The first truck rocks as it smashes into, pushes and shakes off a large rock and keeps going, smaller rocks slamming into the bumper and armored grill as it keeps moving, shadows pass overhead in the form of human sized flying squirrels, each apparently armed with some sort of improvised explosive which they begin dropping onto the trucks.

Siyu hears the rocks, he's still in the back of the truck with the marines, free fire has a risk of hitting any of the convoy in front and back, he makes sure his pack is donw and he reaches to the small of his back, pulling a trench knife from it's sheath he'll gripe it hard, "Bayonets guys. Make sure they don't take the truck..." he'll shift and move to the tailgate, stepping up on it to check the roof of the penultimate truck.

Savi dives over the passenger seat and right out the door. Using her tendrils, strength and feeling of ohmygodweareallgoingtodie, she goes not out and away, but up. At the roof she coiled her striking tentacles, scanning for explosives to clear with fast furious strikes.

Cookies kind of just ends up curling into Dio's side, holding her head and doing her best not to scream when things start getting rocky out of nowhere. There were many things she had seen and survived. Being in a car crash or blasted to pieces are two things she has yet to experience and is utterly uninterested in. "Awww fuck I knew it we're all gonna die," she mewls out.

Edel pulls up her bolt launching rifle at the sound of explosions and removes her glasses, pulling down her goggles in their place. "Looks like it's going to be an interesting ride after all, hmm," she comments to Arano as she shoulders the weapon and takes aim, waiting for a moment to get a clear shot.

Arano grips whatever handhold he can tight as the track rams through the rocks, keeping a firm grip on his weapon with his other hand. After the initial shock he grips his weapon tight and waits for the order to dismount. His only line of fire from his position would be out towards the back. He takes a moment to flex his wings, glancing up towards the flying rodents. He glances towards Edel and says, "What do you think? I'm thinking a little close air support is the order of the day,"

So there was that opposition Dio's been asking about. After the rumble of the first explosion, the lioness springs to attention and flicks the safety off of her shotgun before giving Cookies a firm grab upon her shoulders. "It will be okay, my lady. I'll keep you safe. Just keep your wits about you and your weapon close. But I'm curious about whatever intel we have on our opposition here."

As the rocks tumble against the vehicles that made up this convoy, Max is back on his feet. The explosions in the distance ring in the back of his head, the male already moving toward one of the ladders, rifle braced between arms and ladder as he makes his ascent. Even as he ascends he's considering options, and as he lays eyes upon the forces in the air around them, notes the explosives already falling toward the convoy. Reaching into a pouch, he pulls a strange looking disc from a casing, already cursing that the parts that made up his more traditional launcher were still in his pack. Of all the days to be testing the carbine.

There are a few clanks and thumps across the trucks as the initial rain of explosives bounce off and clank down the road detonating harmlessly behind the convoy, then the second salvo is prepared and there is a blast as a misfire turns one squirrel flyer into a thermal cloud in the sky, ball bearings raining down from above, shredding those around the blast zone into mince meat and setting off their explosives in an expanding wave of death that utterly eliminates the formation and rains chunky squirrel parts on the convoy.

Edel stares for a moment before laughing and lowering her rifle. "Well, nevermind. I guess it was just a fireworks show. Can't complain about that." She pushes her goggles up leans back, closing her eyes. "Hopefully there will be no more interruptions."

Arano watched as crispy squirrel bits rained down from the heavens, and couldn't help but snort out in laughter, then his conscience chided him, saying that those were people, with family... then the other part of him snickered and said 'screw those guys'. Looking towards Edel, he gets a big wide grin and says, "Well now, looks like they were just here to..." dramatic pause where he'd put on sunglasses if he had any, "...have a blast,"

Siyu gets covered in squirrel parts since he's checking the roof, blood and entrails cover his face and his upper body...he'll sigh as his goggles are covered, and he'll step down from the roof and the tailgate to look at the soldiers still in the back of the truck. "Well...any of you fuckers got a towel?" he inquires.

Cookies blink-blinks a few times rapidly and then sits up straight. "It.. uh... Well... O-kay," she murmurs, peering up at Dio and pouting. "I wasn't scared, I was just making sure y-you weren't." She huffs and crosses her arms under that ample bosom of hers.

Closing the hatch again to avoid the shower of meat and parts that now rained from the air, Max descended the ladder again, returning to the other men and women in the comms truck. "Well, have to say, I feel downright silly now.", he notes, more to himself than anything, and he repositions his weapon into a grip more proper, returning to his seat, replacing things back where they belonged. However, as he gets to his spot, his pack comes off, parts pulled from it, pulled together in a flurry of paws, his rifle placed beside him as he works.

Dio became quite happy she didn't poke her head out of the truck, else her silver fur might've become quite a bit less so. Noticing the awful improvised explosion failure, the lioness couldn't help but laugh at the dark comedy before her. "Quite," she responds, looking back at Cookies for a moment. "But I don't believe that's the last of it."

Savi wipes squirrel off her goggles with one hand and smiles. Pulling a heavy and bladed rifle, she moves against the wind and looks toward the front of the convoy. Watching the sides and the air in a general, rather than direct way, she watches for movement rather than anything specific. With one finger she flips a toggle and powers up her weapon. Her vine like legs wrapping around any hold for a good grip, she raises the Harvester to her shoulder. "and it begins." she says, her voice lost to the wind.

Siyu wipes the gore off his of goggles, he did manage to see something when he looked up from the top after the suicide attack, "Corporal, give me the radio." he orders, and he'll at least take it and report, "Potential Ambush in the tree line front of convey. Multiple unknown metal objects." he radios up from the back of the convoy.

With a grin Savi slaps two vines against the roof of the convoy and speaks into her com. "Both sides ahead, cleanse the forest." with that she picks one of the numerous spots on the left, and Harvests. A loud crack of ionized air and a ripple of heat expounds as she fires the USP into the sidelines out front of the convoy.

And of course, a failed bombing wouldn't be the last of their enemy's tactics. Getting more curious by the minute, Dio takes an observatory glance out of the jeep and spots some rather strange objects within the treeline. Bringing up her own comm and listening to the others, the lioness nods and adds in her own account. "I see them too. Canids, ccamouflaged and ready to move ahead of us. Extreme caution, but I'm not s-" Hearing the first shot fired, she brings up her shotgun but chooses not to fire, instead waiting for any retaliation from the opposition. With their ambush spotted, it's likely they wouldn't try too much more.

The trucks remain in convoy position, the lance of light igniting the treeline into a flash blaze of splintering wood, rising smoke and falling forms and branches, lupine bodies dropping on bungee cords far too soon and hanging in the road like pinatas. Pinatas that the first truck aims for, thumping aside the unwary though some swing themselves wide whilst others attempt to stubbornly swing out metallic hooks intent on trying to anchor the trucks to the trees despite most of their comrades being in retreat.

And suddenly, a shot rings out. Once more, Maxwell is on the move, his newly reconstructed bolt launcher now in his paws, the carbine left upon the bench. As he ascends the ladder once more, he quickly loads a disc into the main track, bracing himself over the roof as he tries to aim. The plan was simple, really... Hurl a disc onto the first truck and pop it with a remote control, causing the field around the lead truck to pulse a wave that would knock the hooks back before they would even lodge. It would tax the bubble for a bit, but it was worth it to end the threat of being stopped, right? And if he missed, he didn't even have to activate it at all, simply let it sit and self-destruct once they were clear.

Siyu hears the shots ring out from the front of the convey, "Weapons hot, go for free targets gents..." he course the rodent will hit the deck of the MRAP. He'll not lift his head up, having gotten a face full of guts already. He'll wait till the ambushes passes to stick his head out.

Arano without even taking the time to lament the lack of response to what was surely a clever pun on his part (really, that was gold there) another ambush shows up and Arano quickly swings around to open a firing port, take aim at targets, and let loose. Loud thumps echoing into the cabin as he fires careful shots out of the truck and at the would-be ambushers. His eyes focused and his stance calm as old training kicks in, hot brass falling to the floor of the vehicle with every shot fired.

Edel's eyes snap open. She wasn't looking for anything, but maybe she should have if the sudden activity is any indication! The goggles go back down and she grabs her rifle again, cautiously peeking out of the truck to join in the fire with her boltgun.

Her hands deeply blistered from her weapon, Savi waits till one of the attackers hanging bounces off the first two vehicles and the strickes. Lashing out with a vine she aims to scoop them up, wrapped nice and tight, and slam them down onto the vehicle. As she reaches out she hopes this one is still alive.

An ambush! Just as the team predicted. Dio pokes her head out of the vehicle once more and observes the failing ambush with a minor smile as it simply falls apart at the seems. There wasn't too much reason to fire her weapon, as the trucks could likely smash through such a farse without too much issue, especially after being fired upon by the other team members. "Look out for any other traps such as improvised mines," she says over her comm unit.

Cookies scratches her neck and peeks her head out right under Dio's. "I don't think we need to look out for anything. At this rate if there are traps they'll just disarm themselves for us," she murmurs, still snuggling into the lioness' side needily.

With the efforts of the defense, the second line of attack is broken and routed, except for one poor asshole that is currently being stretched on a rack of sort by Savi as she knocks him stupid and then let's the truck and bungee anchored in the burning tree test his spinal elasticity. "Ambush line clear, quarter mile till turn off from coastal road."

Looking down Savi growls into the face of the soldier. "Talk fast or you get pulled in twain. Give me a reason to keep you alive." Anchoring in, Savi opens her claws and aims a strike at the chord. "And hurry, your options if I don't cut the line are bad either way."

With the rather anti-climactic ambush being seen off in such short order, Arano removes the clip currently in his weapon and stashes it, popping in a fresh mag and going back to sitting and waiting, glancing outside to see if he can spot anything different. He clicks on the safety and then thinks for a few moments - squirrels that blew themselves up, an ambush that couldn't stay hidden long enough to actually ambush... what's next? A firing line where the people in front all get shot by the people in back? "Well, so far so good, not exactly easy but I've survived worse,"

The pulse subsided, the disc latched onto the lead truck simply falls inert, the light atop it winking out. As he surveys the surroundings from the ladder, Maxwell ponders laying FG discs on the trucks in preparation for what might come next... But alas, it would be too risky to set up during the motion, at least properly. For now, the tech would have to simply map out what he could do mentally, and wait for them to reach their destination before he could approach anyone about setting things up for the return trip. Absent-mindedly, he ponders what the momentary strain might have felt like for the man keeping up truck 1's bubble... But considering it hadn't faltered at all yet, he had to assume things were fine as he descended the ladder once more, readying the main track of his crossbow-esque launcher again from the shot.

"Very well. Good job. The rear guard is ready to resume travels," Dio says over her comm unit, observing the soldier Savi's taken with interest. With any luck, perhaps she'll be able to get a bit of information about any future attacks, but with the failure of two attacks, the lioness' morale was quite high, along with her confidence that there shouldn't be too much to worry about. However, one should always treat each fight like a world championship, and so she looks carefully at her surroundings for any more danger.

Edel withdraws her rifle and frowns. "At this rate I won't need to do anything but sit back and enjoy the ride." She does make a point to keep her eyes open this time.

Arano continues to glance outside as he listens to Edel, looking down the road and then doing a quick double-take, focusing as best he can. Calling out to everybody in the truck (so whoever has the radio can relay the message), the solar dragon says, "Anybody else see that? Up ahead?"

As The raccoon descends the ladder once more, he quickly scouts about, soon procuring a set of binoculars. "Tell the other trucks there's something up ahead, something big.", he simply tells the occupants of the comms truck, before rising back up the ladder again, and as he reaches the top, he tries to perceive the object up ahead again, this time with the aid of the magnification.

Savi is spooked and not really in the mood to play around a long time this early in the trip. Waiting till she is sure the line, or the prisoner is about to ping off into the distance, she swipes and swings the freed creature to the roof. "You may want to stop the convoy for a moment." she says into the com softly. Looking at her new toy through her targeting goggles, her claws already exposes she leans in close and presses the tips toward the creatures eyes with one hand, her com to it's mouth with the other. "Whats next. TALK!" she near screams. She presses the button so everyone can hear, and waits.

Dio takes a close gaze at the environment around her and eventually sets eyes upon a very strange object. Something that probably shouldn't belong. Bringing up her communicator, she sends out another message to the trucks. "Right, I see it. It almost seems like a house of sorts. Perhaps another trap. With the explosives that probably wouldn't have done too much damage to our vehicles and the bindings that failed to drag us down, I must wonder if this is the finale of sorts. Both attacks seemed hell bent on slowing us down, as the explosives created rocks within our path. Perhaps we should send a scout first to have a closer look at this object."

The trucks begin measured braking from ramming speed in bursts as across the radio comes terrified shrieking, sniffling and the sound of violent gas that might be from voiding bowels. "Oh fuck me man, don't peel my eye! I'm just a jumper! The wall is up ahead, it's a gate...the fucking coons, they got the idea to make a road dam, Seriously man we'll hit it and shatter, it's made with sequoia...let me go, I'll never come back!"

Cookies ducks her head back into the truck and seats herself again, shaking her head and waving her hands about. "Not me," she valiantly declares, settling into place and petting over her tail. Something seems to have really taken the fight outta the cat recently.

Arano hears the shrieking over the radio and then thinks for a moment, trying to put everything together and also think up a solution. He looks to his gun, then he looks out to the distance, then back to his gun, and then asks over the radio, "I'm not an expert in demolitions or anything, but wouldn't it be safe to say that combined we have enough firepower to blow a truck sized hole into a wooden wall?"

Edel grins and pipes up over the radio, "Oh, oh, I can do it! I make a good scout! And it'd be nice to stretch my legs, yes!"

As the screams and cries of the tormented soul echo through the radio, Max finds himself glancing back down into the truck. "Is he serious!?", the lad asks, soon turning back and trying once more to see the damn thing more clearly. What could he even do to such a thing, at this range? When they got there, he'd need to be ready, though, and already plans of action were running through his mind. They wouldn't expect the convoy to just hit it, with the other waves meant to slow... So there'd likely be another set on the walls, perhaps others hiding in the nearby area... "Tell people to keep eyes peeled. They'll be expecting us to stop at range to check it out."

Siyu is in the back of the convoy he likely can't see anything.

Rolling the whimpering creature off the top of the truck, Savi growls again. "Run prey." she hisses out before turning to the huge obstruction for the first time. Raising the com back to it's usual place she presses the button again. "The whimpering one said gate, maybe we just need to ask to pass through." dropping her arm back down she watches for Edel, hoping she will be ok.

The released hostage hits the ground hard, one arm hanging uselessly as he limps toward the cliff side trees, desperately using a hook and boot spikes to try and scale the rocky soil to freedom.

From the range the trucks have stopped at the 'wall' is visible as a large road covering mass of wood armored with what looks like tin roofing and siding material.

Siyu huhs a bit as he looks though the view port, "So...50 cals or RPGs?" he asks of the crew in the MRAP, "I mean, I don't know what you have an excess of, Rockets or ammunition. I don't think that thing will take any sort of armor piercing barrage. Hell, any incendiary will likely set it on fire..."

With the trucks slowing down, Arano heads out the back and pulls himself up onto the roof of the truck to get a clearer view. It really doesn't seem like something they couldn't blast through if it came right down to it, he says into the radio, "So, how do you guys wanna play this? We could try walking up and asking politely if they're let us through..."

Edel is already out of the truck and moving. "I'll see what I can find out. I'll be back. If I don't come back, then come get me. None of that sacrifice stuff, got it?" She scoots off towards the wall, trying to take cover behind rocks when able.

Awfully strange, this wall. Surely there would be people guarding it, else there wouldn't be a need for such a fragile looking structure.. Curiosity abound, Dio pokes her head out of the top and looks around before heading back down and using the truck's PA system for a little diplomacy should any ears be around to listen. "Greetings," she shouts. "I am a representative of another bubble city. Is there anyone up there I could speak too? The violence doesn't have to continue, as we're simply passing through and are defending ourselves. We are unaware of any territorial hold any group could have upon this area."

There is no response immediately as well, no one had anything that could do the job, so eventually ropes drop over the wall and a quintet of raccoons and a rather mangy looking rear guard type wolf repel down with some skill before walking forward in a tight formation using police shields, MP5s held at the ready, the wolf holding an AK-47 with both hands. "You got our attention, so here we are, the neighborhood fucking watch, but we ain't got no fruit basket to offer, but this IS a toll road so aside from the ass of the sweet voiced speaker what you got to offer? I'm thinking you leave one of these trucks and we'll consider it."

Edel ducks behind a rock at the sight of the opposition, hunkering down and hoping they don't catch her as she pulls one of the chemical grenades from her bag. She doesn't move an inch, afterwards, save to peek around as carefully as she is able.

Siyu looks around with a monocular, he'll examine the wall primarily, looking to see if that wood and tinfoil wall might be anything more then meets the eye

From his position atop the truck, the solar dragon could clearly see what they were packing... OK, his shots could punch through those riot shields with no problem, they only have small arms, no anti-armor. He takes careful aim, lining his sights up on the wolfman who is apparently the leader - he might not have mutant powers to enhance his accuracy but he wasn't a designated marksman for nothing. He says quietly into the radio, "I've got a shot, just say the word," he states. His finger wraps around the trigger, breathing slow and measured as he awaits the go-ahead.

Dio rolls her eyes at the 'sweet ass' comment and eyes up the competition. Didn't seem so bad, but they sure were courageous if they were seriously going to threaten their armed to the teeth group. "I'm afraid that's not an option," she replies coldly. "From what I see, neighborhood watch would be a wonderful way to describe the force I see before me. I'm not quite sure you realize our militaristic might and itchy trigger fingers just aching to get a little revenge for the scratches befalling our precious modes of transportation. Instead, I offer you something else." The lioness coughs and takes on a more intimidating voice, complimented by a slight growl. "You're going to let us through along with some information, and in return we won't have to dig mass graves for your silly farce. We're just passing through, nothing more."

And soon enough, they're at a stop, the guardians of the gate revealing themselves at the call for parley. From his position atop the center trucks, Maxwell regards the goings on with careful regard. The others already seemed to have the situation well in hand... Although it irked him that things were already souring to the point of threats. But from his position, he couldn't help, couldn't make things better... Instead he uses the time of stillness to monitor Edel in the gaze of the binoculars... Ready in case anything happened to her.

Scanning the gate shows it to be perhaps heavy enough in would to take ramming, though likely not stop gunfire passing through it. Looking closer also exposes a few smoke pipes likely from some sort of motor.

Edel goes unnoticed to the point she could have been one of them had she stepped out. The wolf listening to Dio went from cocksure to furious to slowly wilting, backing down in posture. His grip on his gun loosening, his tail almost tucking and his expression losing it's steel. "Fucking ey...always the pretty bitches that are after a man's balls. th'fuck you want to know? And what says we cant bury you and your fucking winnebagos?"

Edel grins to herself, grenade in hand, as she remains hidden. It seemed that 'negotiations' were working well enough so far, so there was no need to play her hand. With luck she wouldn't have to at all, but she remains ready, just in case.

Arano doesn't change from his previous position, finger still on the trigger, sights still aiming right at wolfie center-mass. All it would take is for somebody to fire, or for somebody on the other side to do something stupid like 'fire', and he'll end this with one good shot.

"I'm glad we're on the same page then," Dio says, her voice becoming much nicer and smoother in tone as if her previous threat had never occurred. "Simply, I desire to know why you're here. Are you guarding something or just making a profit from weary travelers? Or maybe even both? And who was it that ambushed us twice with explosives and cords? Regardless, we're heading for the solar farm in Nevada for a lovely trip, and we'll be out of your hair without any violence. With our trained men, powerful equipment, and armored vehicles, you would be foolish to think this battle is profitable. If you're the intelligent man like I know you are, we'll simply be on our way."

As the words carry on, Maxwell's careful eye remains on the tanuki that crept through the brush and rocks of the surroundings, occasionally flicking the binocular stare behind or around her, ensuring nothing was nearby... That nothing was creeping up. Dio held the negotiations in good check, but if Edel were snuck up on, it would give them the push to fight the losing battle regardless.

And then it all sort of starts setting in, military vehicles, soldiers, the smoke rising in the distance...This was a losing situation against military remnants...time to fucking bail. The wolf hesitates, almost looking like he wanted to make a dash for the sea. "We...we are just trying to make do...we fled the cities up north when things went to shit and have been holding off anything that tried to fuck up what little we got...The fucking nutters and coons came up with most of this shit but it has kept us going...Man we'll open the gate, just go, We are the only one of these shit towns we know of out here, nothing comes out of Vegas and we stay the fuck away from Boulder just to be safe."

A nod to one of his men and a flare is lit and waved, an engine starting roars to smokey life and the gates begin to chug open.

Edel stands and bounces her grenade around in her hand before shoving it back into her bag and begins making her way back to the convoy, giving a thumbs up to the group as she passes. "Thank you for being understanding. I'm glad it didn't have to get ugly."

With the gates starting to open, and diplomacy seemingly having won out, Arano relaxes his grip on his weapon, still keeping his sights trained until the convoy is ready to move but not quite on a hair trigger just yet. He would wait for Edel to get back and then climb into the vehicles. Welp, that was all handled pretty well. Watching as the Tanuki revealed herself and just walked off was rather... amusing, and would make for an awesome story later on!

Refugees and survivors of the awful gray goo... Dio didn't think they were just run of the mill criminals and it seemed her mercy has paid off. "Thank you, sir. You've been very helpful. In fact, I shall put in word with the Prometheans to send some supplies. Perhaps you could even join us at the Fairhaven bubble for security, but that is not my choice to make. Thank you again for your cooperation. But before we go, you speak of Boulder City, Nevada? Very well, we'll do our best to avoid it."

A breath of relief leaves the Fairhaven 'coon's muzzle, and as Edel reveals herself, walking back toward the convoy, he starts to descend again, handing back the binoculars with a polite 'Thank you' to the poor man he took them from earlier. Soon enough, his seat is retaken, checking his rifle as the launcher gets placed into his lap, at ease once more.

Powering down her weapon Savi watches with a light heart. Waiting silently with her Harvester on her shoulder, she keeps an eye on the envoy as her group rolls past. Waving as she goes by she calls out. "We don't have to be enemies." and hunkers back down onto the roof.

As the convoy moves on, a clear view of a shanty town can be seen built with the gate leading off toward the trees where presumably the remaining residents are. Then comes the bad news as the trucks pick up speed. "Ripley here...despite all that, we ARE heading for Solar 1 and 2, so belt in, whatever is there will just have to learn to fear us."

As the trucks roll off again, Arano climbs back into the truck and relaxes. He doesn't really pay the message any mind - he didn't think something like that would derail the mission or change anything. Even though it didn't lead to a proper engagement, he still felt drained as the tension bled out of him, all that energy that was built up in anticipation of a fight now dissipating. He tries to settle into a semi-comfortable position and closes his eyes, letting himself nap a bit between periodic bumps in the road.

With her job of negotiation out of the way, Dio settles back into her seat with a gentle sigh. Whatever was within the city couldn't be good if it caused the man such distress when he said it. However, those solar panels were much too valuable to simply let go due to a warning. The lioness puts a hand over Cookies' head and rubs behind her ears idly as they traverse to the location.

Edel settles back in to the first truck, giving it a friendly pat of all things before curling up for a little nap, herself. "I'm going to get some rest. I have a feeling the acquisition of those things will be exciting."

As they get the news that the convoy would be moving toward their original destination despite warnings and general abandonment, Max rises to his feet again. He'd at least chosen the right place to be to grab a line, sending a message over the radio to the lead truck, and the Lieutenant. "This is Max. Considering that we're heading in there regardless, I'd like to request that we stop the convoy for a few minutes. I've got something to discuss that might be better looked at now than when we get there into what could be another ambush or worse."

Once the convoy is clear of the redwood forest, out of range of the last colony and nearing the outskirts of Barstow, the convoy slows to a stop, the trucks grouping up so that the agents of two of the central tracks may maintain the bubble whilst others see to pouring juices, milks and pastes into the trucks' 'tanks' in order to keep them in good running order and eliminate the lingering effects of cross country fatigue. "Alright Maxwell, spit out your concerns while we refuel, once we skirt around Barstow we hit the sand and tackle the solar farms and undertake a massive salvaging operation that will hopefully keep us from having to worry about new parts anytime soon."

Edel still remains asleep, trying to conserve her energy for when the real work begins. To that end, she doesn't have much to add to a conversation apart from soft murmurs and a few twitches as she rolls over and hugs her tail to herself.

As the convoy rings around to come to a stop, Max disembarks from his place, stepping back over toward the lead truck, and toward Lt Ripley. "My concern is we're walking into this without being as prepared as we could be.", he tells her as he closes into range, stepping right past, toward the truck itself, and the ladder onto the roof. "And I don't mean it in a 'we could go back and waste all this time grabbing some small benefit of people' way. I mean something that we could set up right now, with approval and some discussion."

Much like Edel, Arano was also fast asleep, opening his eyes only slightly as the convoy comes to a stop, but hearing no gunfire or anything to indicate that there is a problem he simply goes back to snoozing, clutching his safed rifle as the (well, presently herm) dragon relaxes in a corner.

Cooped up! Much too cooped up! Dio took a fine catnap just before, but being trapped within a convoy can sometimes be murder in the realm of mental fatigue. The lioness gets out of her seat and stretches for the sky, limbering those taut predatory muscles with any sort of movement she could muster. "My lady," she says, looking at Cookies. "Are you doing well?"

Cookies sort of slides over onto her side in Dio's seat since she was leaning on the lioness while she catnapped!! Still, she snoozes away loudly, poor catgirl obviously having been quite wiped out to begin with.

Lt. Ripley, for reasons that go unremarked happens to be standing on the back of Hicks as he does pushups. Maxwell's approach viewed with a sort of imperious consideration. "Plans don't last thirty seconds on the battle field, so while we have a moment to hear you out, nothing can be expected to come of it should things turn south on us. But for the sake of haste spit it out, I'm missing out on my turn to hear this." It might be best not to consider what her turn was all things considered.


Dio looked at the sleepy little cat girl and smiled. She always looked so cute like that. Too bad there wasn't a big vibrating object she could use to jar her awake. Well, at least there's always the traditional and nice way to do it, even if it was considerably less fun. A hand gently caresses over Cookies' head, occasionally scratching behind her triangular ears. "It's time to get up, ma'am," she says rather softly. "We'll probably be heading out again quite soon."

As he gets a remark about the time that he's wasting to give his suggestion, the raccoon is already climbing up that ladder, crawling onto the roof to dislodge the spent disc that lay latched to the roof. "You were in this truck, so I'd have to ask, did you notice the pulse? I saw it from here, the one that blew the hooks clean from the truck before you ended up hauled against the trees? That was this." As he makes those final words, he raises the disc, revealing it to the people below.

Cookies shifts a little and slowly blinks her eyes open, ears flicking about briefly before resting in a perky position. She nuzzles up into the pettings and scritchings, smiling a bit and letting out one long, groggy yawn before she pushes herself up into sitting position. She adjusts her turtleneck and reaches up to rub at her sleepy eyes with both hands, ears flat against her head and tail swaying slowly behind her. "O-okay," she nyas quietly. She takes a few seconds to slowly stand up, then stumble into her usual position right at Dio's side as though she were trying to occupy the same space as the lioness.

Ripley speaks up as she steps off of Hicks and kicks him sharply onto his back, sitting upon his fur softened abs as he arches into a german bridge. "What I felt was the soldier keeping up the field almost pass out and the soldier transporting us complain. Your toys are a great emergency measure, but I wont have them stranding us or burning out our safety net. So while you may keep them ready and deploy them in dire circumstances, attaching them to the other transports could get us all killed. The rest of you apes, piss, spit and kiss, five minutes until we get back underway!"

Edel rolls over and sprawls onto her back, limbs splaying out. She'd be awful to share sleeping space with, certainly. Thankfully, she isn't sleeping for much longer, stirring awake with a yawn. "Nn. Are we there yet?" She rubs at her eyes and sits up before scratching at her side.

As he gets his response, Max only nods, seating himself up on the top rung of the ladder. "That's exactly the point, Lieutenant. They do nothing before the effect, and do nothing afterward, and unless you want me firing them from the comms truck in our dire circumstances with the risk of missing outright, I need to get them in place now." Placing the used disc into another pouch on its own, the raccoon glances around the top of the trucks. "I can place them down and leave them idle, as a single shot measure per disc. Since I'm in the comms truck, you can just order their use, but it'll be miles better having them attached and waiting than the order going out and having me popping up top to fire these things from a crossbow." However, even as he explains himself, something hits in his mind for a moment, catches. The solder transporting us? Did she mean the driver? Did the pulse rock the truck's inside too? "And when we get back I'll have to ask about the effects. The pulse order might be a bit too tailored to server bubble use, come to think..."

Arano cracks and eye open and lets out a big ol' yawn, maw stretching wide with the sudden intake of air as he steadily gets to his feet - really needing to shake off the fatigue, "I don't think so - at least I'd be surprised if we did make it without more shooting," he says as he slowly climbs out of the truck to stretch. Might not be long, but a little time to work out the stiffness would be good for him.

"Ah! Good, you're awake." Dio smiles and continues rubbing over the cat girl's head and soon joins her in taking a seat. "I do hope you're prepared? You've been acting quite docile on this mission. Perhaps you're not afraid of the mission itself, but rather... Bah, a topic for another time," she says, waving her hand and reaching down to pick-up her shotgun. "We have an opportunity to help a lot of people with these solar panels should everything work out. I suppose that's something to consider."

"I said we are leaving in five minutes! Ripley gets up from her perch and heads back to her truck, tossing a towel onto Hicks as he rises. Other soldier stretching their legs, goofing around briefly or actually dipping to the side to seek one form of relief or another even if it were just of leg cramps.

"Yes Ma'am.", comes the reply, raccoon kicking off from the metal rungs to land back upon the ground. He'd tried, he reasoned to himself with a shrug, although it sounded like he'd caused rather more problems to their patchwork bubble than he'd thought... Pulling another disc, slowly turning it over in his fingers as he returns to the comms truck. There was no way to really test the theory forming in his mind, the alterations he could make... But still, his mind ran the possibility through in silence.

Cookies purrrs quietly from the attentions, though she gives Dio a funny look. "Afraid? Why would I be afraid?" She squints a bit and then shakes her head, looking down at the floor and enjoying the rubbings. "I guess that's nice," she mewls out sleepily. "I forget. Are we gonna get paid?"

"I'm not quite sure," Dio comments, putting a finger to her chin. "But do you know what's really important?" The lioness turns her head to look Cookies' directly in the eyes with a rather serious expression. "A hard day's work, helping people out. There's no money required when your soul's fire is ignited by such a fuel." Silence, for almost an entire minute. And then, laughter. "Sorry, it was quite difficult to keep my expression so stern. Surely I must be commended."

Arano does some more stretches, working the kinks out, and just generally trying to keep himself limber. He walks around a bit outside, keeping close to the truck so when they leave he can just jump right int. He took in the fresh air as he did so, not really conversing, just keeping to himself for now.

Edel just stretches out in her spot, not really moving much, except to pull another snack-bar from her bag. "Let's hope it won't take us too much longer to arrive. I'm ready to jump into the action and get my blood flowing."

Soon enough the trucks snarl to life, rumbling and snorting exhaust before the first truck swings out onto the road, skipping a direct trip into Barstow to avoid risking an alien bubble and mutants. Soon enough taking the roads into the hot winds of the desert...cept at the hour they enter the desert it has darkened and begun to chill quite severely. The lack of infrastructure is painfully obvious in the crystal clear beauty of the stars utterly unobstructed by city lights. Which would likely be great for comping, but who knows what lurks in these chill sands, lit only by the light of the trucks?

Within the rear compartment of the vehicle, Arano sat with a look of utter boredom on his face, looking out at the long stretches of desert. Every so often he'd remind himself that this was technically hostile territory and he should be more focused, but then how long can one remain vigilant before monotony took over and one stops truly watching? In these moments when he realized he had lost focus he'd turn away for a bit. Looking towards Edel, he tries to break the silence, "So, how often do you go this far out? I have to admit that this is probably the furthest outside Fairhaven I've ever been since P-day,"

Edel peers at Arano for a moment. "I have no clue how far we're out, but not very often. I tend to stay within the Fairhaven bubble most of the time, but sometimes, if I'm feeling lucky and adventurous, I'll wander out." She polishes off her little snack and puts the wrapper back into her bag.

Arano nods and pays the outside world another glance, "Crazy as the world can be these days, sometimes easy to forget that there is an entire planet outside the city... wonder if I'd be able to make it to Europe..." he wonders idly as he starts scanning the horizon again, just for the hell of it - pays to be vigilant when one can!

Cooped up inside the trucks for another long excursion, Dio decided she might as well help with a bit of scouting to pass the time. Might as well do something productive, even if the night presented a challenge to her eyes. The lioness peeks out the side, scanning the environment, keeping her ears open, and nose filled with scents.

Cookies keeps herself nice and curled up in a seat, eyes closed, ears flat against her head and catgirl basically tuning out for a little while, lost in a world of her own thoughts.

From atop the comms truck Maxwell tries to make watch, binoculars back in hand as he surveys the surrounding zone. A part of him wanted to just be inside, working on his tech, trying to make adjustments... But it was too much of a risk in this environment. A misfire was trivial in Fairhaven, but out here, it was deadly. And so he watched... Scanned. All one could do on the long trip in.

The desert is flat and clear save from nocturnal hunters of the shockingly normal sort. Sure there are some potholes and such but the only thing that could be marked as abnormal were some rather large holes in the here and there as if dug out by something large emerging. But for reasons unknown save luck there are no further incidents and the convoy soon breaches the exterior into the facility known as Solar 1, the trucks fanning out as soldiers form squads and prepare to sweep out and secure the section of the facility surrounding the massive solar reflector array. Ripley looks over the data they have on the facility and instructs "We need you extras to work the solar fields while the heavy techs and engineers try to take down as much of the reflector as possible."

As they stop, Arano slowly heads towards the back. On his way he looks to Edel with a smirk and says, "Wanna bet 5000 credits before this is done we end up fighting a sandworm of some kind?" He thinks back to the larger holes back there and makes his way out. On hearing the instructions from Ripley he responds with a simple, "Yes ma'am," as he starts making his way towards the other members of their little group.

Edel makes her way out of the truck and scratches her cheek. "My best is on sandworms. Or other sand denizen." She looks towards Ripley. "Do you want my help with the rest of the techs, or somewhere else?"

Maxwell needed not to think of his decision. As a scavenger, he was merely competent, but as a technician, he held far more power. Stepping in to join the team of engineers, he takes a moment to introduce himself, prepared to head out and assist with the dismantling of the farm's reflector array.

After checking over her shotgun, Dio gives Cookies another pat upon the head and makes her way out of the truck with a firm and quick stretch. "Very well, my lady. With the techniques I've learned from the Promethean's Flame Bearer training, I might be able to put some of it to work. Let's head off now and get this done before anything adverse manages to cross our path." With a nod, the lioness makes her way towards the solar farms as requested.