Multiplayer Updates/September 2012

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  • Research display updated to show time left in a range to better reflect its more random parts.
  • New group improvement: Lab, causes your group to research faster! See rpinfo for more detail.
  • Players (new players that is) can now set a birthday after P-day (but before current day IC). Also, the birthday command now tells you exactly what you can and can't set for birthday.)
  • Token exchange now condenses buy and sell orders on the main portion, making it easier to see more of the whole market.


  • Poses now have two spaces in front, for easier reading and also capturing in various triggers and what not.
  • You can now 'pose #prepend (stuff)' to set your own prepend to poses.
  • Kaiju are now only size 10 by default; someone left them in the dryer too long.
    • Giant Size is now a toggle, which grants +40 size to whatever shape you are using.
      • Might want to retrain it, since its everything was modified.
  • There are the first stirrings of something ... unearthly out in Oregon. It is still massively unfinished, but go down, then NE to meet the NPC you can take you out there to start investigating.
  • Techno Nanomagic's power was removed, since it didn't really do anything. A new power may or may not be pending. You can't expect it to fix everything!


  • Epic powers no longer grant extra power slots, you get the extra slots for having the 10 levels straight away.
    • The end result is the same number of powers, but should make shuffling powers easier, and easier for newbies with no epics to at least grab more powers.
  • Newly rented rooms will have numeric shortcuts instead of ones based on your name.
  • Wasteland Warrior-level subscribers now only pay 1 freecred to use any rented room.
  • Research now has a helpfile.
  • Bug in Water Adaptation's salvage upgrade fixed, you may want to re-master if you took that option.


  • Flaws now list what they exclude in their +rpinfo.
  • Nuku softly churrls, "New command, research, improve the world through community effort by building things, doing things, finding things. A preview of the upcoming expansion that is half financed. Any completed global research will change the game -forever-!"
    • This can also be accessed via the left pane in the web interface.
  • +pj #loot now favors salvage you have a boost for.
  • Putting [legs] in an ass/tail description will now prevent the legs from showing up in an autodesc. No more abusing the poor, overworked legless flag.


  • Some folks managed to have over 100 resources. This has been fixed.
  • Tail Drop totally redesigned. It now hurts a little when you use it, but buffs your party's flee rate and your personal defense, then your regen goes up a couple of rounds later as your tail regrows.
  • +prove/silent now works with merits and perks.
  • When dropping a crafted item, instead of grinding them up for DP you can now grind them up for a percentage of the original salvage needed to make them. The percentage is based off the skill with that craft type. It is halved again if the item has expired already.
    • If extra ingredients were used (like a Nanite Collector for Ultimate Nanite Collector) it takes an average of your crafting chances used to make it and then rolls a random 100 against it
      • You can only get back single items in this way and only items that are in the mako store. You can't get back, for example, the 20 mako batteries used to make a weapon master item.
    • Also note, this does not take into account extra salvage spent when the item is above your skill level.
  • Non-player-crafted 'crafted' items will no longer be able to be broken down to salvage.


  • Nanotech Medbot buffed.
  • Item levels no longer matter! Items are now all level 0, and the display is gone from the equipment screen.
    • Whoops! Uh, they have their DP back. You saw nothing.
    • Oh, and nanite collectors work properly again.
  • Consumable items no longer care if you're past your upkeep limit.


  • The Wasteland Warrior subscription level can no longer be bought with tokens.
    • It can, however, be bought with 60 mako directly.
  • It is now possible to view the full stats on an item being auctioned using the command 'auction #info'.
  • Alert, changes being made to consumables to make them use the standard power code, meaning, at least, they'll use all your awesome stats the way a normal power would! For example, health snacks now care about your Healing skill.
  • Consumables used out of combat should no longer care about cooldowns.
  • Viewing items with a direct modified AoE stat (basic spread modified items for example) will now show how many targets they are hitting.


  • Nanite grenades loaded with the random nanite vial will now give the same infection to all 7 slots, instead of 7 random infections.
  • Punching bags should properly report damage they take again.
  • The web crafting bounty now tells you if it's time for you to get tokens with this turnin, and if not how long you need to wait.
  • The 'partymentor' command now gives names, instead of dbrefs.
  • Titles set by +forms/title now capitalize properly.


  • The great request purge has completed! If you had a request more than a week old, it was marked complete. Resubmit if there's still a problem.
  • You should no longer get more than one continue button when an extra person comes in to help fight a web mission battle.
  • Males losing their virginity to females who are not themselves losing their virginity now correctly get the female's name in their badge.
  • Wearing stuff mid combat should properly cost you a turn.
  • Udderly Odd monster template added. It only shows up on bovine ferals, and it's pretty rare. And pretty... welp.
  • Flurry buffed; now grants a small HPBuffer every time you hit with a repeatattack.
  • The string parsing variable [is fertile] is now more accurate, and includes ovulating players.
  • Ruggedized is now +5% upkeep instead of -5%. Wait, no. Its description was just updated.
  • You can now pour money directly into your group coffers from within the '+group #control' menu.
  • +finger now also reports the species and the short description of its targets.
  • Penetration now applies at a slightly different point; it should be more effective now.


  • Major bug fixed in purchasing dedications entirely with tokens, it should now give the badge when purchased, (If anybody bought a dedication entirely with tokens, file a request so you can get your badge properly.)
  • Randomly infected mobs (zephyr/RSX agents, or Promethean mobs), no longer appear with dedication infections.


  • Item viewing for crafted, modded items now adjusted to be in line with recent combat engine changes.


  • New command, partymentor. Tell your group to GET ON YOUR LEVEL.
  • Characters created on the web now come into being in triage, instead of the lobby.


  • All steps of web missions can now use string parsing.
  • Looking at an infection vial in your inventory will now say if you have the form mastered or not.


  • The single greatest thing imaginable has happened. Pack Leader now has its dedication form!
    • For those not awesome enough to dedicate, the form is also available for the low, low price of 10 mako from the elite store!
  • You can now use +rpinfo to get information about various group perks.
    • You can also use 'list group perk' to see them without using the group controls.
  • The 'tt' command now works on recipes.
  • That roll for an uncommon salvage after a mission now has an anti-RNG behavior: Every time you fail, it gets higher next time.


  • New option in editplayer so that an mprompt can be executed during combat every time a player/monster can act.
  • Birth control (both types) will now stop you from ovulating (with the perk).
  • Udder Enhancement item added to elite store for 5 mako, will add udder flag if you don't have, will add udders if you aren't already uddered.
  • Nuku softly churrls, "As recommended, judge level 2 required for +room access."
  • Rental Hub is now outpost equipment you can purchase for 50 mako, adds 5 rentable rooms from a room you own. You can use multiple to add more.
  • Folks with Udder Delight now have teats instead of nipples. Much more grabbable.
  • Nuku squawks, "New item added to direct purchase options, Species Avatar, goes directly to pay an artist to make avatars now that our avatar system is online."
    • By the way, avatars have been totes overhauled.
  • Hopefully, we've seen the last of those bounties that go negative for being so bloody valuable.


  • Triggered powers can no longer trigger more trigger powers.
  • String parsing added: You can now use [account stat (property)] and [if account stat (property) (is) (value)] to check things like mako counts.
  • You can now buy a care package containing the entire suite of Nanite Adept toys for a discounted rate on the mako purchasing area of the web site.
    • You can also purchase a dedication across your account through a token bought here.
  • Passives now fire once every 5 rounds, instead of every round. If you find any passives that give their benefits for fewer than 5 rounds, please file a +request.
  • Insulating rebalanced.
  • Invisible redesigned; it now grants penetration, lost its damage penalty, and has a reduced cooldown penalty.
  • Fiery Hide had its numbers rebalanced. If they feel too high or low, please file a +request. We crave feedback!
  • Luck of the Rat upgraded slightly.
  • Stretchy redesigned. Go retrain it, as the upgrades got way better. In fact, the power is now FAR more likely to proc than it was earlier.
  • Water Adaptation redesigned. It now grants more wateradaption than it did, and can be upgraded for salvage and XP gain!
  • If you put [breastdesc] in the torso description of a mutation, it will assume you are describing the breasts, and not produce the auto breasts part of the description.
  • Gaining a level in game now uses remaining battery charge for patrol refill, just like gaining a level on the web.
  • Udder Delight merit coded.
  • You can now use the Nanite Adaption Assimilator to assimilate as many powers to you as native as you'd like.
  • Holy crap! Items no longer degrade every day.
    • The Technical Wizard and Neat Freak perks should have vanished from your perk list automagically. Open a +request if you find any weirdness.
    • Your repair reminders can also be safely thrown away.
  • The Weighted modifier has been coded and added to the magazine rack in the mall.
  • The +room command is now restricted to judged and people at the Wasteland Warrior subscription level.
    • It is recommended you use the various freecred-based room services, such as the Six Finger Hotel in Woodfield, or the new dorms at Zephyr, or The Wet Bitch, a new neutral hotel in Fairhaven.


  • If you are using AI blocks your (use and don't use) power preferences are now ignored unless your blocks all fail.
    • If your AI finds NOTHING to do at all, it will now just use strike.
  • If a converter is used on a pure breed monster, it should result in instant mastery.
  • The AI page will now 'clean up' your AI (if you have more AI blocks than you should as well as 'allow' and 'do not allow' settings for powers you don't have.
  • mjoin/msummon should properly report people joining and parting rooms.


  • Crafting item preview (old system) removed and replaced with a clicky that will give you the REAL and exact stats (as though the item was crafted and in game)
  • Clicking on the red 'omg you don't have enough salvage' buttons on the web crafting will now just buy the difference in salvage from the cheapest on the market (assuming you can afford it)
  • A number of (mostly cosmetic) items will no longer degrade due to combat.


  • Parasitic Plant's coder was found. The creature can now be commended.
  • Monster templates (horny, weak, accelerated, etc) can now be added to web missions.
  • New subscriber tags now available for sale: gain permanent subscription status for one fee.
  • [command] added to string parsing. Simply returns the command that was used to trigger the message (shift, use, etc).
  • People who are infected with a templated infection (such as Namidian or Automaton) will now retain their previous form's size.
  • Staff members should stop showing up as web battling assistants.


  • You can no longer buy mako batteries with reward tokens.
  • 'Post Combat' AI block coded.


  • Sending an item to someone in another room now can no longer drop you into negative cred.
  • Accelerated, Bouncy, and Weak templates added for ferals.
  • There is now a 10-minute cooldown for turning in craft bounties. No more spamming 100 of an item for your badge. :<


  • Woodfield Theta Base added to the grid. Check with Major Jack in RSX's garage.
  • Penalties, energy cost, and magnitude of the Blood Extractor reduced. Duration slightly increased.
  • Monster scaling on the high end adjusted in preparation for impending expansion; scaling defense bonus applies in extreme cases now.
  • Escape Maneuver is now properly spelled. Anyone who had Escape ManUEver will need to retrain it.
  • String parsing now supports [nanite], [heat], [cold], and [water] to get environmental effects.
  • The Mass of Tentacles in the pet shop is no longer quite as durable, nor does its vine torrent hit as many people. It does hit a little harder, though.
  • Nuku softly churrls, "Buffed scaling damageresist is -nerfed- vs repeatattacks, so as to not overly nerf already damageresist sensitive repeatattacks"
  • Equipped item overhaul!
    • Items now have a 5% (increased by design skill to 10/20/40)chance to gain a level whenever you kill something.
    • If a status from an item doesn't have any level scaling, it will now be reduced in effectiveness if the item is below your level (if it is 25 and you are 50, it will give 50% the magnitude).


  • Spreading infections can no longer grant mastery. You'll need to get that last hit just like everyone else.
  • The Singular merit now uses the spreading infection mechanic on all infection sources, so your body wars with itself to decide what comes out on top.
  • DefenseTrigger status added; allows a power to fire when someone is silly enough to strike you.


  • HPBuffer's fade-heal should have less numbers, also, it should be more accurate.
  • AutoQuest added to talk editor.
  • Patrol encounters added to mission editor.
  • If a player is logged in and is set BotMode, their web fights will become botmode as well. This is to make sure that players logged in and playing are getting the most out of the game.
  • Lotto now gives a very rough guess at your chance of winning -any- prize.


  • When viewing a player crafted item or distillation in web inventory, a magnifying glass icon will be present. Clicking it shows the rpinfo of the distillation or base recipe of the item.
  • You can now view items through the web inventory (equipment too) that will give the same stats as the in-game viewing.
  • New talk scripting added, AutoQuest. See help talk scripting/props for details.


  • +haz will now help you know if you have mastered the forms in an area.
  • New role: Phlebotomist: Technical, Avoidance, Vampiric.
  • While individual pools are usually left out of updates, new mako pool!
    • Level cap to raise to 60.
    • Some kind of war to take some kind of territories!
    • New enemies that are not desperate for sex!
    • All for the low, low price of 10,000 mako!


  • +xp now tells you how much XP you need for your next level.
  • Third tier (Wasteland Survivor) subscribers now get a 40% reduction in delays between rounds while in botmode.
  • If you lose a web mission, then try again, you should now have support from someone else who failed the same mission in the past.


  • HPBuffers that expire without being exhausted will now attempt to heal you by the remaining magnitude.
    • This effect can be amplified with the Healing combat skill.
  • Code is now in place that allows entire powers to be repeated X times over Y rounds. Be afraid.
  • Ball count leaf added to the Tanuki gift shop. Currently, you can set your ball count up to 16. Don't get too greedy, now.
  • You can now read the merits of anyone who sets you to 'trusted' status.
  • Minor tweaking to how combat reads out, which should make things more consistent and readable.
    • As part of this, HPBuffers are now applied before damage is displayed. This means that buffers do work on returned damage, but also that it's much more obvious when a buffer soaks the whole hit.


  • Lots of tweaks to web combat and its integration to the MUD:
    • 'search new mission' has replaced 'newmission' for consistency's sake.
    • 'search move' added, which lets you move your web location around. Bit spammy, though.
    • You are now informed of how much XP you gain from a web battle.
    • You no longer find salvage while wandering the wastes in web combat.
    • You are no longer informed in the game when you help beat up a Final Boss-rank monster. You still get the token, though. And yes, it counts towards the "Against All Odds" badge.
  • Making a one-off donation for mako will, assuming you give at least $5, give you a month's subscription at the appropriate level.
  • The 2-second delay for arriving/leaving in a room has been removed due to confusion. It's still possible to disable this in editplayer entirely, and does not show during rides, however.
  • Dimensionally Touched merit added.
  • "Cock Width" has been renamed to "Ball Size". Rejoice, and stop using that variable anywhere!


  • Party name preference is now set with the party <name> command. Party-name preference can be cleared with party #clear. Parties are now automagic.
    • Changing your preferred party-name will cause your own party name to update.
  • New players will default to NOT seeing the ATB arrows.
  • BioChemistry Nanomagic has been tuned down and reworked, as StatusBoost was stronger than expected.
  • StatusBoost no longer boosts other StatusBoost buffs you have. Sorry!
  • Damaged softly churrs, "New AI option added. Instead of using a power you can have an AI slot select a valid target (like using target <name> in game) but will only select a new target, it will never overwrite an existing target and will NOT use up that round's action (AI will continue down the list from there to find a power to use)"
  • Nuku softly churrls, "New Subscription Benefit: Being mid sub level or higher gets you faster patrol points."
    • Early testing shows a difference of about ~1:30.