Multiplayer Updates/July 2012

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  • Frog Prince added to Fairhaven's sewers.
  • You can now buy mako batteries from RSX for freecreds. They're about 200k per, but hey.
  • Damaged softly churrs, "New thing! rploghelp for details. You can now set an RP logger on yourself and, when it is done, autoupload to the wiki!"


  • You can now only get 3 reward tokens every 18 hours from turning in crafted items at RSX.
  • The reusable Distillation Creator now uses 1/4th the freecred cost of a distill when used, but leaves your mako battery alone.


  • RSX now offers bounties on crafted items. Make stuff in exchange for money and tokens! See their cafeteria for details.
  • Dream Nanomagic now had a power attached. It ensures your allies have good dreams, gaining more energy down the line.


  • Item expiration (such as the Sucking, Zealously Conserved, or Intricately Wrought modifiers) can now stack. Every expiring modifier beyond the first now decreases the lifespan on items by 20%.
    • This also applies to the expiring nature of items made on commission in the web crafting interface.
  • The Nanite Cooling distillation has been redesigned; it now reduces cooldown by a maximum of 35% (down from 50%), but now reduces energy use by up to 20%.


  • For 20 mako instead of the standard 5, you can 'store' your custom titles for later use. See "+mako/title help" for details.
  • It is now possible to leech advanced nanomagic even after getting your four basic nanomagics learned.
  • Items now gain xp from combat at four times their original rate. Modifiers that increase this rate are now twice as powerful as they were, too.


  • There is now a help file that talks about forms and what they can do for you. See 'help forms' in-game.


  • Children now have a groin slot, instead of a cock. Well, I guess some of them still have cocks.
  • The token market messages no longer show up in the salvage market announcements.
  • If you purchased the Terminal Download mako item, you now get some nice color-coding to know if you have the mutations of the critters in an area.
  • Remember those +rpinfo changes? Check option 10 in editplayer; you can now shorten your +rpinfo back to readability.


  • +rpinfo cleaned up again, expect a little more cleaning to continue over the next few days regarding bracket placement.
  • The editplayer command has lost a few of the options that didn't actually do anything (such as the sayverb option, which was constantly overwritten by the game).


  • Radiotelepathic Nanomagic entered, though no power is yet assigned.


  • There is now an update button on web battles, to refresh the display.
    • Yo dawg.
  • Humboldt State Park is now open; see the labs of Zephyr for an NPC to take you there. It's overrun with snakes!


  • Clothing recipe coded and put into the elite store for 50 mako. Yes, it took more than three years to remember how to make a good pair of pants.
  • Tail Dividers now have an interesting effect on Kitsunes. Two, if you count some even more undocumented behavior coming from if you set the local stat 'kitsune/hidden' to 'yes'.
  • Lucky Charm recipe commissioned.



  • Game Warden softly churrls, "Huzzah! The text in instances has been updated and repaired. Every instance has been spell-checked, worked over for grammar and flow, and should now provide a much more engaging reading experience. Enjoy!"





  • Things that have a zero-percent chance to occur no longer show up in +rpinfo. Streamlining!


  • +quest log now knows what the Hotel Oblivion quests are.
  • Small Felinoids are now wandering around the zoo!
    • They love milk. Oh my god, do they love milk.
  • String parsing now supports a command to remove NPCs from a fight, with [kill [target]]. Does not work on players.


  • You can now give items to people no matter where you are. You might be charged 100 per stack handed off, however.
  • Using the command '+register history spam', you will see all your mako transactions. Be careful, oldbies!
  • Oh man, so many pools closed today. Expect a flurry of items in the next day or so.
  • Discount Nativizer coded but unplaced. Gives you a native status of 'random', which means it pulls from any mastered mutations on your account.
  • "HP Over 75" AI program coded and added to RSX mart.