Long Haul

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Name Long Haul
Quest giver Sandra
Faction Zephyr
Start location Living quarters and child care
Quest area Fairhaven

Talk to Sandra in the Zephyr living quarters and child care area (below the lobby).

She will tell you the science team were hauling a storage chest of some kind back to Zephyr HQ, but were attacked by mutants on the way and had to abandon the chest. In their hurry to get away, they don't seem to remember where they left it, just that it's outside somewhere.


Where to start looking

Search around the southeast quarter of Fairhaven

?Need a little more help

It's about five blocks from Zephyr's front door

?Still can't find it

Try Eastwood Street, 2500


From outside the Zephyr front door, go east twice, then south three times