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Species: Wolfman Cheerleader
Gender: Female
Location: Wolfman Lair
Must be found?: Yes
Events: None
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl


Jennifer is a petite and beautiful young woman with a friendly expression and shoulder-length blond hair. With her being naked, you got a full view of her lithe and limber human body, trained from long hours of gymnastics and cheer-leading practice. Her pussy is a bit red and swollen and the nipples of her perky little breasts point hard into the air, indicating her arousal at being watched by you.


To meet Jennifer, the player must first defeat Septus three times, who is encountered as the Football Wolfman enemy during Outside Exploration. Septus will invite the player to the Wolfman Lair. Once there, the player may choose to become the Team Manager or join the cheer-leading squad. The player may not be both a cheer-leader and the manager.

  1. The first requirement to join is to be able to birth children. Players with no womb and without the male impregnation Feat are not able to join.
  2. After speaking with Jennifer, the player must pass a dexterity check to join.
  3. Next, the player must go to practice and succeed in seducing one of the team members by passing a charisma check.
  4. Joining practice one more time, the player is invited to an orgy which will commit the player to the cause.

The player will gain the Cheerbreeder perk which turns all pregnancies into Football Wolfman pregnancies. This will remove the Sterile feat if the player has it.


  • While sex with Jennifer isn't infectious, Cheer-leading practice will infect the player with Wolfman Cheerleader.
  • Cheer-leading practice has six times the normal chance of impregnating the player.