Infection Model: Worker Drone

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Location: Detroit
Nanite Type: Worker Drone
Infection Vector: Bodily Fluids
Basic Infection Shapes: Is proven to pick models of various sizes and shapes, based on their suitability for certain tasks. Some infected even remain human, although their minds are still warped. Other species include canines, felines, ursines, equines, rodents, lapines, and the odd mythical creature.
Infection Method: Worker Drone Nanites appear to be xenophobic of those not born in Detroit, and will not infect or alter any nanite infection of those with prior infection. Only those born inside Detroit's nanite bubble will ever have this infection.

Description: Worker Drones originated in the city of Detroit, and were released on P-Day. These nanites were fast-working and precise, classing victims by current age, height, profession, and perceived wealth, and transforming them based on these parameters. Those infected with the virus become programmed with the need to work, relax, and sleep, on a strict schedule. Nanites will install these needs as they would the need for sexual interaction in the Standard Infection model, albeit in a more excessive manner, thus forcing the victim to work ten hours a day under the perceived threat of death from 'starvation'. Their minds during this period operate as if they are part of a hive, working together to get the job done without any breaks for information. Three thirty minute breaks are allotted throughout the day. After work is finished, if the host survives, they are allowed a brief six hours of recreation. This process is, oddly enough, described to be the most horrifying part of the entire Worker Drone strain, as it allows a small amount of freedom in one's thinking. After six hours is up, regardless of what one is doing, their programming is re-engaged and forces the victim to sleep for a solid eight hours.

Power structure in Detroit is based on species, and is enforced by a totalitarian pack of canines. On the rung below them are the humans and half-humans, the upper and lower management of the entire system. Below that are the factory workers, who vary in species but mostly include rabbits, mice, and bears. On the next rung there are the janitorial staff, whose job is to keep the streets clean of any litter, and any bodies. Finally, you have the construction class, made up of felines, equines, foxes, red pandas, and any other species that is of average height and weight. Unfortunately for this lowest class, their life spans are incredibly short, averaging 2.25 months before they die at the workplace.

These nanites have resilience like no other, and are semi-resistant to EMP and radio interference, by way of a possible 'backup server' system that takes over when the primary system is damaged. These backup system nanites will quickly jump at the chance to repair the damaged primary systems, bringing them back online in a much faster time than normal.


  • Standard Infection: Worker Drone Nanites will completely ignore Standard Nanites unless their space is invaded, at which point they will attempt to destroy the standard infection completely.
  • Packmind Nanites: Unknown. Packmind Nanites do not work properly outside the range of their wellspring.
  • Ultimate Infection Resistant: Those with Ultimate Infection Resistance appear to be deemed useful enough by the Worker Drone strain to at least get them to attempt to change them. Unfortunately, this does not work, and bit by bit the body of the UIR will begin to turn gray, as their limbs die, still attached to the body. Without treatment, the infected limb will have to be amputated.