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Detroit, Michigan was once a bustling epicenter of productivity and industry, the undisputed throne of automobile manufacturing in America. Towards the end of the pre-P-day era, though, it was a run-down wasteland of abandoned buildings, poverty, and decay. While some thank the Promethean Plague release in February 2008 for their new status as the 'Productivity Capital of the World,' others who managed to escape or be recovered from the fascist city-state report an environment of long work hours, no personal freedom or self-expression, a lack of any type of entertainment, and brutality backed by those who clawed their way to the top before the others by way of brute strength or personal wealth. It is home to the Worker Drone nanites.

The bubble centered upon Detroit is part of the larger network of bubbles known as the Great Lakes Bubble. This is a series of overlapping and distorted bubbles that blend together to form a continuous area of nanite influence across several much of the metropolitan cities across the southern portion of the Great Lakes. Detroit and the surrounding portions of Michigan affected by its enlarged bubble have a lot of automotive-themed infections, from assembly robots, car monsters, crash test dummies and mechanical animal versions of popular makes and models names as well as a strain of tigers and lions. Some sentient cars have even been encountered on the highways outside of the authoritarian city. These can sometimes be cajoled or tricked into giving rides to others as a means to travel quickly around the Great Lakes Bubble.


Tall, clean, shiny buildings make up most of the skyline, while refurbished old brick factories and plants make up the rest, each producing building materials, machinery, and tools for the citizenry to use. Personal safety is obviously of no concern to anyone in charge, as people are forced to do their jobs without taking any 'unnecessary' personal security measures, meaning as long as a harness isn't needed to get the job done, a harness isn't worn. Although more births than deaths occur in a day, the roads are often paved with the blood and bodies of those unfortunate enough to fall from a construction site, or were killed by ferals upset that someone interrupted their work. Infections are monitored and regulated, and those who are born into a certain grouping are made to perform tasks that have been deemed appropriate for their species. Larger mutants are given heavy lifting jobs, while smaller ones maintain fragile factory equipment. Canines make up the entirety of the totalitarian police force that patrols the streets in pairs of two, while those who managed to remain human or mostly human lead the entire city with an iron fist. It is incredibly difficult to sneak in or out of the city, but kidnappings around the area are common, and as such, most people recommend that it is avoided at all costs.