Infection Model: Children of Tahoe

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Location: Tahoe
Nanite Type: Child of Tahoe (Integrated Unit)
Infection Vector: Air (see Infection Method)
Basic Infection Shapes: Only standard humanoid or anthropomorphic bipedal forms have ever been found in the base infection, many being infected with a Tahoe version of the Automaton template.
Infection Method: In their active state Tahoe nanites accumulate enough to become visible in the air, taking form in a manner similar to thick, rolling fog. Known as the Tahoe Fog, standing within it causes the Tahoe nanites to begin conversion of the subject into one of their units. The conversion process attempts to reformat the subject's mind like a computer, in which a successful reformatting results in the subject's categorization into one of the unit types. While being reformatted subjects are known to experience hallucinations and delirium connected to the subject's stronger or more emotional memories, most likely ones associated with fear and/or regret.

Description: The Tahoe nanites can be found in either an passive or active state. In their passive state, Children of Tahoe use the nanites to facilitate transference of memories, knowledge and skills much like sharing files between connected computers. As long as any two units are within the same nanite bubble, this transfer can occur without any outward indication, and has similarities to a long range Interfacing Nanomagic in its capabilities and limitations.
While connected with each other, Children of Tahoe are capable of working in tandem at an alarming rate, their connectivity providing coordination and teamwork faster and with fewer errors than verbal communication. This has given them capabilities to form a fully self-sustaining society faster than other examples, even developing their own nanite-based technology. However, they are determined to blame Zephyr as the cause of P-day, and can be expected to be hostile against any agents they find.

Unit types

Those infected or converted by Tahoe nanites follow predetermined roles given by the nanites, listed here:
Control Node: These units retain most of their individuality before conversion, and are designated the leaders of the Children of Tahoe.
Active Node: These units are designated laborers, soldiers, and other professions for completing physical tasks. They take up most of the Children of Tahoe.
Computational Node: The researchers, scientists, and other intellectual professions are designated for these units.
Proxy: Subjects that lose their mind in the conversion process become proxies, acting as 'backups' in cases where other units are lost or destroyed. There is at least once instance of a Proxy unit replacing a Control Node unit.
File Server: These units are virtually mindless, their only purpose is for storage of memories and skills usable by other units.


  • Standard Infection: Unless active, Tahoe nanites ignore standard nanites and do not attempt conversion. (see Infection Method)
  • Packmind Nanites: Unknown. No Child of Tahoe has encountered a Packmind.
  • Worker Drone Nanites: Unknown. No Child of Tahoe has encountered a Worker Drone.
  • Ultimate Infection Resistant: Those with nanite resistance to this degree are reported to be immune to the effects of the Tahoe infection, but no long-term exposure has been attempted.