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Species: Succubus, Centaur Mare-Succubus mix
Changes species?: Yes
Gender: Female
Location: Grey Abbey Library
Must be found?: Yes
Events: None
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl


Gwen's matured into a beautiful and sexy centaur mare. She's a blend of her old self and her mare mother, but more than a hand taller than her - nearly Vanessa's height even. She's got a lovely face with an alluring smile and has grown out her curly red hair so it hangs to her shoulders. Her upper body's matured back into the super-appealing succubus from when you first met her. Her body has a perfect hourglass figure, plump breasts and flawless chocolate brown skin. She wears a red bikini top that struggles to contain her bountiful melons. Her equine lower body has the same russet-red coat with chestnut socks as her mother has. Her demonic red tail flicks around as another reminder of her earlier self. Her voice is smooth and sultry whenever she speaks. Beautiful and knowing it, the sexy mare is eager to show off her sexy body and shares it often with Vanessa when not helping her mother with her research.


The player meets Gwen on the way to Doctor Medea's Pediatrics Clinic, seeking to consult the doctor about Meredith's fertility problems. Vanessa and Meredith talk with Gwen, who believes they have given into the nanites and attacks. She is quickly subdued and the player is given the option of pushing Gwen into Meredith to become her foal. She will be sent to the Dry Plains by Vanessa once she has been birthed and grown up. Otherwise, the player engages in sex with Gwen and the others, transforming her into a Succubus-Centaur Mare mix, and Vanessa sends her to the Dry Plains immediately.


  • Gwen currently has no sex scenes other than the one where the player declines to make her Meredith's foal.
  • As a foal, her interactions and appearance change as she grows up.
  • Once sent to the Dry Plains, Gwen is effectively removed from the game as there is no further content written for her.