Doctor Utah

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Doctor Utah

Species: Wereraptor
Gender: Female Or Male
Changes gender: Based on Flags
Combat: Yes
Location: Paleontology Office
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Paleontology Professor
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Guy

Author- Stripes


Dr. Utah's office has been cleaned since you first saw it, but is still quite the mess. While most of the debris has been removed, the slashes at the wall and damage to the door and its frame remain. Several new books has been brought in, including a copy of the book Nermine had. Dr. Utah is [if daytimer is day][one of]pacing as she thinks[or]poring over some books[or]looking at some small fossils[or]surveying a map of the campus[or]lounging in her chair[at random][otherwise][one of]prowling around the room[or]munching on some chunk of meat[or]clawing impatiently at her desk[or]gazing out the window and touching herself[or]pads around the room[at random][end if].

If Girl is banned, the appearance is similar but with male gender nouns.


The player meets Doctor Utah through the Paleontology Professor event found on the College Campus and choosing to open the door. This will infect the player with the Wereraptor infection. The player may seek out a cure by talking to Nermine in her shop in the Smith Haven Mall. Pursuing the quest will eventually lead to a confrontation in the museum, where the player will have to choose to fight Doctor Utah to receive the cure or to accept the transformation, making it permanent.


So far Doctor Utah has no interactions with any other NPCs.


Gender values for infection:

  • # of cocks: 1
  • cock length: 12
  • ball size (cock width): 5
  • # of breasts: 2
  • breast size: 3
  • # of cunts: 1
  • cunt length: 12
  • cunt width: 5


  • Available for sex only if the player has the Wereraptor infection. Sex will increase the progress of the infection.
  • Doctor Utah's female version (default) can be impregnated by the player and the number of children she has is tracked by the game. However if you are dealing with the male version and possess the mpreg feat it will effect certain scenes as well as endings.
  • The Wereraptor infection activates only at night, transforming the player. The player is given the opportunity to resist this change.
  • Any infections received while transformed into a Wereraptor will revert quickly back to Wereraptor, except at the end of the night when there isn't time left to revert. The player's daytime infections (or lack thereof) will otherwise be unaffected by any changes which take place at night.

Ideas of Potential Growth

To be added later