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| Item [Child                         ]  Type [                     Item]|
|______________________[        Description       ]______________________|
| Someone's spawn, appears with mutant powers befitting its odd lineage. |
|______________________[        Other Stats       ]______________________|
|______________________[  Additional Information  ]______________________|
| Power   [Attack Drone                                                ] |
| Cost    [999                                                         ] |
| Upkeep  [5                                                           ] |
| Loadout [25                                                          ] |
|______________________[     Base Power Stats     ]______________________|
| Type    [Self, Summon                                                ] |
| Target  [Self                                                        ] |
| Energy  [20(Heavy)                                                   ] |
| Charge  [500(Moderate)                                               ] |
| Cooldown[7500(Slow)                                                  ] |
| Accuracy[75%                                                         ] |
| Damage  [0(Light)(0 damage at level 40)                              ] |
| Damage  [healing                                                     ] |
| Statuses                                                               |
| \_SummonMachinegunne[100% chance at 0 power for 76 rounds.          ]  |
|______________________[   Differences from Base  ]______________________|

Children are unusual in many ways.

Obtaining Children

Well, um, have you heard of the birds and the bees...? Silliness aside, that's exactly how you make a child - a female player gets raped, or otherwise has sex with, a male player or NPC. After a lengthy period of play (72 hours of gameplay, though this goes three times as fast if you're currently In Character, she'll give birth. The resultant child can be traded away; for the rest of this discussion, I'll assume that doesn't happen. One week later (whether or not you are logged in, and having the Baby Factory perk cuts this in half), you can have another.

Using Children

Yes, slavery is alive and well. The child will first be in its mother's inventory, hiding as an equippable item. She should equip it, and then buy a Rename Tag from Rod at the Mall so she can then use the +engrave command to give it a name.

Then, the mother can use the child. This summons the kid to its mother's side, and it'll use any attacks its mutations grant to aid and support its parent throughout the battle. A particularly unlucky offspring may only have Strike, while others might have a breadth of powers rivalling that of players.

In battle, the child receives a "reflected copy" of the effects affecting its mother, if the mother has the Mastermind role.

Upgrading Children

In order to make a child battle ready, you must take it to the child trainer! Before being trained, your child will be effectively level 0 and mook-rank (extremely weak) any time it is summoned. However, once trained they will summon at your character level and be Boss rank. Child trainers are located one room down from each of the Zephyr and RSX lobbies, and can be accessed with the train command.

Children start with one level available, and can gain up to a maximum of eight. Children gain levels by being equipped while you fight - they do NOT need to be summoned and in the battle, ONLY equipped. Levels can be spent on mastering mutant powers (making them available for the child to use), upgrading mutant powers (one upgrade is available per power), and adding combat roles (no limit, although children have a maximum of 3 levels per combat skill, like players).

Multiple Children

Using multiple children at once in combat is no longer possible. The current maximum number of summoned critters is ONE Boss-rank pet (a child OR a Kangaroo pet) PLUS up to four Minion-rank pets, such as the Drones, Pack Leader minions, and other summons.