Rename Tag

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This item can be used to rename items you have equipped or which are in your inventory.

The commands to do this are +engrave <equipment ID> to rename an item you have that is equipped, or use <rename tag ID>, where the IDs are the number shown in the leftmost column of the equip or inventory commands, then follow the prompts to provide the item ID to be renamed and the new name.

May be purchased at: The Mall: Mall Rat Territory(#10143), each rename tag can only be used once.

|Item   1:                     Rename Tag x 1 on [The Mall]: Mall Rat|
|____________________[        Description       ]____________________|
|Desc:                                                               |
| This little tag lets you keep track of what's called what! It will |
| let you rename anything you own. Just type +engrave (Slot) with    |
| one of these bad boys(Type +equip to see your slots). Oh, the item |
| has to be equipped at the time(See +help item). Only works once!   |
| No Refunds!                                                        |
|____________________[     Other properties     ]____________________|
| Quantity:                                                        1 |