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Species: Viking
Gender: Male
Location: Beach Plaza
Must be found?: Yes
Events: None
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy

Author- Rikaeus


Bjorn has shoulder length, shaggy, dirty blonde hair that is currently tied into a pony tail and bright blue eyes. He wears scale-mail armor that doesn't exactly cover everything, mainly his arms which are open to the world, showing off his well-enough muscles. Pants-wise he has leather trousers that one would see on a medieval warrior. He also dosn't have much experience as is evident by the lack of scars on his body compared to what you'd expect of a viking.


1. A Viking in Need

During a random event that takes place at the fountain in the college campus you will encounter a viking and spartan having a battle. The spartan is winning and you will then be asked whether you want to come to the vikings aid or not. Coming to his aid will unlock him for encounter in the beach plaza- rocky cliffs area.

2. A Moon Over The Sea

When you arrive at the rocky cliffs make sure it is after dark or Bjorn will not be there.

3. A Battle of Top vs Bottom

You are given the option to spar with Bjorn, which will lead to the option of whether or not you want to be the top or the bottom. If you choose to be on top you must pass a strength check of 18.


To be added later


As of yet Bjorn is not infectious.


  • The chief of his tribe is named Frithjof.
  • There are two clans within the tribe. One who's head is Frithjof while the other is lead by Bjorn's family.
  • Bjorn's clan has a more conservative view on viking values.
  • To get a complete outlook on both clans at this point you will need to complete Bjorn's and Sonya's content as they both descend from different clans. But still within the same tribe.

Ideas of Potential Growth

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