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Alastor - Four-headed Water Hydra form.

Leftmost: head blushes, "Y-you want to know about me? Well, I'm not all that important."

Rightmost: looks at the leftmost head, "sShut up! sStop downplaying yoursself." He then looks back to you with a nod, "The name's Alasstor."

Midleft: "Before P-Day I was an artisst named Allen sStark."

Midright: "After P-Day I worked for Zephyr from the sstart. Researcher: Infection vial collection."

Rightmost: "Now THAT was hell. But I adapted and ssurvived!" He makes a cynical expression, "Not that Zephyr cared much as long as they got vialss."

Midright: blushes shyly "More recently I found a boyfriend. He-he." He smiles wider, "And now we work at Mazurek'ss Reptile Reservation together."

Rightmost: "My boyfriend is sso amazing. He is romantic and ssexy and cute and his coc- HEY!"

Leftmost: swings over and bumps the rightmost before he can finish, "Ahem, his name is Luchious and he is wonderful."

Midleft: purses his lips with some disapproval, "Anyways, I love to be a Water Hydra now. That's what form you'll see me in mosst often, but I do take the Cressted Wyvern form at times."

Midright: "It was good talking to you. Hope to see you around. If you have any more questionss for me, feel free to ask."

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Luchious Cornelius - An Ankylosaurian. Very sweet, has a kind heart, and intelligent. He wears spectacles, small for his size, perched on his snout. Very cute. Like me he can get a bit worked up by his form when in battle or exposed to too much sexual musk, but we both try to keep our composure. He is the only one I have come across that is attracted to me yet also wanted to properly date me. He's one in a million... <3

Group - Rare Reptile Reservation

Mazurek - Founder, owner, and leader of the Reserve. He is commonly a Komodo Dragon, Iguana Herm, or Green Hydra. He has helped me in many ways and given me a place where I feel like I belong. I'm still getting used to the lack of clothing among the reptiles though.

Eri - Caretaker of the Reserve. She is commonly a serpent of some sort; sometimes a feline or a vixen. She is very friendly. I still have yet to know her better.

Ryusho - Resident Breeder of the reptilian masses. He is a Shadow Dragon with 4 massive balls and a hyper cock... I can never stop staring.

Luchious - My boyfriend was made the Security Chief of the Reptile Reserve!

Tama - A Wakiya woman. A newer addition to the Reserve. She accompanied me in some missions beforehand. I'm not certain of her placement.

Jackaron - Our new groundskeeper (Gardener). He is a very kind and reserved shadow dragon and he still wears clothes.

BrakTezik - Newest member of the group. I have yet to meet him in person.


Angus - Sort of unhinged Coyote guy. He's nice most of the time. It was during a mission that I found out he has psychotic moments.

Arano - Solar Dragon I met at the Pancake House. We've done some missions together. I admire him to the point of crushing on him.

Deerchild - Despite her name she is a Water Hydra. I am enamored by her being a natural born hydra and want to be more like her in mannerisms and adapting to my hydra body.

Dio - Gorgeous silver Lion Beast. I admire him from a distance. He is apparently not interested in males unfortunately. He's also become a she of late. Oh the heartache.

Edel - Fancy Husky lady. She carries a sword. She is a good friend and very understanding. She enjoys hot tea.

Enyo - Coyote of curious nature, a trait shared by most coyotes really. She helped me overcome my fear of being transformed by the nanites. She introduced me to the Manticore form, which I love but have yet to master.

Saviante - Interesting plant creature. She acts oddly, but she is highly intelligent. She showed her intellect when being the most instrumental in proposing alternative energy sources.

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Age: 28

Gender: Always Male

Common Forms: Water Hydra, Crested Wyvern.

Faction: Zephyr Inc.

Group: Mazurek's Rare Reptile Reserve.

Quirks: Does not use weapons; only mutant powers. Prefers reptilian forms lately. His hydra heads fight sometimes. Always helps others if he thinks he'll be of any use. Is a good crafter due to his artistic skills. Fights his sexual and predatory urges. Can be brave considering how reserved he is. Still holds to politeness and proper etiquette.

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RP Hooks
Adventure - Take me! Let's go!
Anal - Well... that might be nice.
Bondage - Y-you want to tie me up?
Consensual - Don't force me, please.
Dominant - I like to be on top sometimes.
Exploration - I <3 new places!
Horny - It's embarrassing, but it happens.
Male Biased - Sorry ladies and herms.
Mpreg - Me? P-pregnant? *blushes*
Romance - Romance is a must.
Submissive - More common for me.
Switch - But sometimes I like to be both.
Taken - I try to be loyal to Luchious.
Tiny Plots - What's your story?
Shy - I blush easily and get flustered.
Teasing - A soft touch to keep on edge.
Denial - So frustrating and yet so fun.
Aggression - I like it rough. If I like you.

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