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Anastasia by Sandy Schreiber

Species: Phoenix
Gender: Female
Location: The Capitol Building
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Captured Bird, FireAndIce
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes (special)
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl


The phoenix reborn looks much as she did in her last incarnation, fully avian in form and as tall as a normal human being when upright. She has rich red and golden plumage over her hawk-like body. The edges of her wings and the end of tail ripple like the tongue of a flame, but do not harm you as you touch them. Her golden eyes shine with intelligence and warmth for you and while her sharp, raptor beak looks dangerous, it nuzzles tenderly against your side. Between her legs is a wet slit, something between a woman's pussy and a bird's cloacal vent.


Anastasia is first found with the Outside Exploration event Captured Bird.

  1. The player will find three Panther Taurs trapping a bird with a net. Choosing to fight them and succeeding allows the bird to free itself and opens up the next event, FireAndIce.(now there's a "familiar feather" event before this)
  2. FireAndIce is also an Outside Exploration event(now hunt it at The Capitol Building), where you come across a fight between your freed Phoenix friend and a Reindeer. Despite the player's victory, the Phoenix is defeated. An egg is left behind, however which the player feels compelled to bring with them.
  3. Traveling to The Capitol Building, the player can find a cave which can be reached by navigating north twice, east one and down. The player will place the Phoenix egg in the lava and progress the quest.
  4. After a certain number of turns, the player receives a message that they should check on the egg. At this point, the egg has hatched and Anastasia can be interacted with.
  5. After having sex with Anastasia at least three times, the player may be brought into the volcano and shown Anastasia 's eggs. After this scene, if the player talks to her, there will be a raid and they will be attacked by three Salamanders.
  6. Once victorious, the player is given a choice on how to deal with the remaining Salamander girl. If they choose to bring her back to the cave, she will be introduced as Newt and available for scenes.


If the player's cock is not large enough, Anastasia will gender shift the player toward male.