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Zen is a wolf with a love for hunting and mischief. To some, he is soft, affectionate, and loving. To others, he can be an absolute nightmare to deal with. It is hard to say if he was always like this or if it was something that seeped into his behavior when the nanites started to change him. He routinely hunts deep in the East Forest in a bestial manner. However, should the situation call for it, he can adopt a bipedal stance and behave in a more civilized manner.

Zen is also rather fascinated by both nanomagic and true magic bestowed by supernaturals. Experimenting and tampering with forces that defy his understanding of the world are quite interesting to him. However, more importantly, he would be interested in learning how to best apply those acquired skills. Having quite an interest in playing games, pulling pranks, and scaring people, the introduction of nanites and the magic that followed would only serve to make his schemes that much more potent.

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Just prior to P-day, Zen was a bright young student with an interest in computer science and programming. With good grades, a supporting family, and connections within the Navy, he soon found himself in an internship program that would mold him into being the type of person the Navy needed. It wasn't the sort of career he had seen himself entering into, but the opportunity to pick up valuable experience and travel around on the government's dime seemed too good to pass up. Without being tied down by a family, when the opportunity came to join the crew of the USS Leviathan, a deep ocean weapon testing vessel, he immediately signed himself up.

As fortune would have it, Zen was selected to join the crew of the USS Leviathan and was soon adjusting to life aboard the ship. Sailing out from one of the naval bases in California, he would be out of contact with his friends and loved ones for a while. There, he would continue to work with computers and design simulation models. He would be kept busy with plenty of work, up until the point when the world was shaken by a catastrophe of unprecedented scale.

With the structure of the government in shambles, Zen and those who joined him in returning to the mainland found themselves being taken in by RSX and given a helpful start in adjusting to this new world. A basic understanding of how nanites worked, combat training to protect against overly eager mutants, and some standard equipment... This wasn't the world they were familiar with. It was easier for some than it was for others, and some weren't at all interested in receiving any of RSX's aid. In Zen's case, it would be a few years until he was finally granted an opportunity to go home and see firsthand what had become of the life he knew.

His home was nothing like he remembered it. Ruined buildings, empty streets, and scared mutants were all that he would find. The house he grew up in was half-collapsed with clear signs of feral markings all around it. No messages, no clues as to where his family might have gone, there was nothing that would help him find out if they were alright. Any evidence he found would only hint at a very unfortunate end with bloodied clothes and claw marks littering the interior. Disheartened by what he found, he would return with the scouting crew back to RSX HQ and try to cope with the idea that anyone he knew before P-day was likely gone.

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Interesting Marks
Head The right side of his face is scarred with four jagged lines, tinged with silver, running in parallel over his eye socket. The wound resembles one inflicted with claws, although the silvery scar crossing straight over his eye was noticeably wider and longer, suggesting it was even deeper than the rest.
Eye The iris of his left eye seems to have a subtle, unnatural glow while trying to match the color of the right. It would be somewhat more noticible in a dark environment, as it seems to give off a faint light of its own.
Arm A dark-black tribal pattern swirls around his shoulder, as if branding him with the mark of a hunter. The delicate lines streak through his fur, spreading to his neck and upper back before tapering off. Those same lines trail lower along his arm as well, but seem to fade away as if left incomplete. Under the moonlight, the pattern seems to take on an unnatural sheen that radiates a wild nature.

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Zen is usually a friendly and open person when within the city. He loves to tease others and hardly lets the opportunity for a witty comment pass. When out in the forest, he can sometimes lose himself to the predatory nature of a wolf, potentially causing his encounters to be more horror-driven. He carries himself with a dominant behavior most of the time, relying on his strength and skills to provide leverage.

Zen is primarily attracted to women, but he isn't necessarily turned off from men. He finds the idea of being submissive to another male extremely unattractive. However, he loves being on either side when dealing with an attractive woman. With Sheela having become his one-and-only, most would only be subjected to his verbal teasing.

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Name Type Note
Sheela Exclusive Mate She is the one who tamed his heart, promising to dedicate herself to him and him alone.
Lin Close Friend He is a true friend who stuck with him after his decision to dedicate himself to Sheela.
Kamryn Close Friend She was his first lover since arriving at Fairhaven. Zen's desire for exclusivity was ultimately what pulled them apart.
Kar-Dragon Close Friend He was Zen's second lover. For a time, there was a 3-way bond between Kamryn, Kar-Dragon, and himself.
Magnus Friend After he seduced Kamryn, Zen ultimately decided that he wanted someone exclusively for himself.
Debbie Friend She is a dear friend with a competitive nature. She was also a great accomplice to a few of Zen's schemes.
Mercia Friend She is compassionate and loving. Her intimate relationship with Magnus prevented them from being something more.
Zamma Friend She was sexually aggressive and driven by her heat. She left Zen with a deeply-rooted attraction for felines.
Borneo Mentor He was a close friend who helped build Zen's strength. The decision to become exclusive drove a wedge between them.

Zen has made many more friends throughout Fairhaven, but it would be too exhaustive to name them all. There are also those who he has developed an antagonistic relationship with, but he wouldn't call any of them enemies.

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Zen and Sheela

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Height 6'1"
Weight 175lbs
Birthday 16 March 1989
Birthplace Germany
Sex Male
Species Timber Wolf
Faction Survivor
Current home Moonglade, shared with Sheela

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Played By: User:Zen