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Location: Dry Plains
Level: 9
HP: 75
Damage: 10
Loot: none
Target Gender: Female
Alt Combat?: No
Endings?: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry


Heat?: no


Before you stands a reptilian woman of average height, her belly and throat a pale-blue while her limbs and face are a warm-brown lined with pale stripes. Her tail is the same blue as her front and flicks around in a most unlizard-like manner. She's wearing what looks to be a running outfit; a black spandex sports bra covers modest breasts, and compression shorts hug her muscled body closely. 'You're not getting the best of me.' She crouches before charging you with surprising speed!


  • This is a unique NPC. The whiptail you encounter is always the same one.
  • Causes Whiptail infections.


Creature- https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/797468e637a9f99d130ef050de78503e94e34590/Vervaine/Whiptail.i7x