Shadow Vixen

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Shadow Vixen

Arms: Raking Claws
Head: Disarming Smile
Skin: Furry Hide
Torso: Lactaid, Vitality


The Shadow Vixen's body is covered in ebony fur. Her head is the slim head of a vixen, topped with fuzzy fox ears and long, pitch black hair. Her face is fine boned, thick lips flashing a very sexy and enticing smile. Her body is hourglass shaped, curves in all the right places drawing the eye. No matter how much she eats or drinks, her soft stomach rumbles now and again, seeming in need to be filled with something... else. She has 6 starting at flat breasts. The breasts under the first top pair are smaller. Row 2 is flat breasts. Row 3 is flat breasts. Her arms are a dainty set of limbs that lead down to smooth-padded paws, ending in blunted nails. Slim as they are, they are perfectly suited and designed for pleasuring male and female alike, looking to have a strong grip. Her legs are digitigrade and arch down from her hips. They are supple, flexible, drawing the eye to the booty- shaking gait that seems to come to her naturally. A bright pink pucker barely hides underneath her poofy fox tail, an appendage that seems to raise at the slightest hint of arousal when it's not busy wagging. A private peek would reveal that: Her groin resembles that of a shadow vixen. She has a moderately large aching hot, rosy lipped cunt.



Organ Info

Species Breasts Breast Size Cocks Cock Length Ball Size Cunts Cunt Length Body Size Missing?
Shadow Vixen 6 3 0 0 0 1 8 5