Satyr (SP)

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Satyr (SP)

Location: Museum
Level: 4
HP: 30
Damage: 7
Target Gender: Male*

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy


Heat?: No

Author- Sarokcat

Danger Level: 4, Typical Environment: Museum


You hear a strange off key singing echoing through the halls, turning to look you see a strange man weaving down the hall on goat-like legs. Indeed the strange creatures lower body appears to be that of a goat, small curved horns protrude from his forehead, with a goat-like beard hanging off his chin, and a large animal like sheath between his legs, you recognize him immediately from some of the pictures on the wall as a satyr, but you thought those were just a myth! Spotting you, he waves the large wine cup in one hand at you, while he pats the pipes hanging off his rough belt, "Hey there! Care for a bit of wine?" he says, as he dances forward nimbly on his goat-like hooves. His inebriated state is as obvious to you as is the fact that he isn't interested in listening to anything you have to say.


  • Cross-Contamination: More female oriented players are infected towards the Greek Nymph strain, while males become Satyrs.
  • Takes the anal level allowed, submissive feat and mpreg feat into account for content.
  • Drops satyr wine. (can be used in part of Erics quest for a cure)