Nanite Cannon

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Nanite Cannon stats
Description Behold, the best in modern personal warfare. It looks something like a mix between a rifle and a bazooka, with ten times the sparkly lights. Hold the trigger, hold it steady, and watch at is disgorges a supersonic and nanite smoothed round out to burrow a hole through most targets. That'll teach em!
Cred Cost 45000 Ingredients None
Salvage Common Mechanical X 5
Uncommon Chemical X 1
Common Energy X 10
Crafting Skills Chemical of at least 1
Item Stats Accuracy of 80%
Charge of 1000
Cooldown of 15000
Damage of 35
Damage Type of Radiation
Energy of 35
Loadout of 35
Nanite Reliant of 1
Penetration of 2
Proficiency of Marksmanship
100% chance of AttackDebuff at magnitude 1 for 10 rounds.
Target of Single Enemy
Type of Damage
Upkeep of 15

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