Mutant Companion

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Mutant Companion stats
Description Not so much... constructed, as befriended, trained, and a little bribed. Your mutant companion will fight alongside you loyally when summoned. A well rounded companion, adapted for these wild times, the mutant has some amount of curative and offensive power.
Cred Cost 20000 Ingredients None
Salvage Common Edible X 2
Common Mechanical X 2
Common Electronic X 2
Uncommon Edible X 1
Crafting Skills Edible of at least 30
Mechanical of at least 10
Electronic of at least 15
Item Stats Charge of 2000
Cooldown of 50000
Damage of 0
Energy of 20
Loadout of 20
100% chance of SummonMutantCompanion at magnitude Minion for 50 rounds.
Target of Self
Type of Summon
Upgrade Cost of 40
Upkeep of 10

Available at the crossroads of New Dawn.

Roles and powers as of 7-6-2012:

Combat Skills:

  • Support 1
  • Damage 1
  • Durability 1
  • Speed 1
  • Bleeding 1


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