Multiplayer Updates/September 2011

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  • AI Programs introduced: accessible via the web interface AI button. Some base programs are included, and more can be bought from RSX and are uploaded from your inventory when you next visit the AI page.
  • Vampire Herms added to Graveyard.


  • High Precision Nanite Scope added to Elite Store.
  • Nurse buffed to be considerably more efficient.
  • Drain Vitae power created.
  • [Access list lock] added to the @room program, allows players to manage who can and can't use the door they have locked.




  • Friendly AoE powers are no longer capped at 3 targets.
  • The 'sheet' command now displays reward tokens and mako.
  • Seelie Sweets' factory added to the north end of Woodfield, bringing in Sour Midget, Lollipop Lady, and Cherry Cordial to the grid.


  • [zap] Command changed, [zap] now requires the target to have specifically allowed the judge to zap them with [zapallow <name>] if the zap would result in a badge award that is a non-grid infection, a one (1) mako toll is charged, otherwise, the badge is rescinded.
  • [zapallow <name>] Allows the specific judge to zap you
  • [zapclear] Removes ALL names from your zap allow list.


  • [+haz] fixed a minor bug in the way this program finds what area you are in, it should be more reliable now.
  • [logbook] command shows the status of the kill-quest to gain access to the hospital.
  • Sedative Saliva added.


  • Centaur Stallion and Centaur Mare had their mutations moved around a bit, putting their thick hide on their skin, instead of their torso.
  • Instances run at level 40 now have a larger pool of monsters, allowing daily missions to vary in composition from one run to the next.



  • Changed desc for flight, brought it to be more thematically inclined to this game, and not space games.
  • [zapcomplete] Works like zap, zaps to 100%, note, will NEVER award badges, needs no target permission.
  • [zapsex] Works like zap, alters target's sexual organs to be same as named infection, follows all rules and perks.


  • 'test' command added - allows a crafter to preview the ingredients, costs, and requirements for building an item without attempting to create it.
  • 'search' command added - attempts to trigger an encounter in your room, without having to move and return.



  • The longstanding bug which caused energy restoring items such as Water Flask and Energy Drink to apply double or triple their intended effects (energyMod and -Defense) has been addressed. They now properly give only the status magnitudes their +rpinfo suggests.
  • The 'critical' bleeds on Bleeding Bite, Love Box, and Poison Bite have been toned down, the excess strength being shunted to other aspects of the powers.
  • Ferals in general now have more health.


  • The ability to describe a cunt (for females and herms) is now available to creature designers to use, if they wish (optional).
  • A Plushy Vending Machine mkII has been added to the Woodfield church.
  • String parsing strengthened to be able to parse text retrieved with [stat ] blocks.
  • Added more creature sets to the lvl 40 daily missions from Robert and Nicole.


  • Badges added to +lotto (both spending creds, cumulative, and for winning).
  • Added opt-out on web page settings for badge broadcasting.
  • [list sayverbs] command added, allowing players and staff to see what critters are missing sayverbs, just +request with a good one and we will endeavour to add it asap.
  • Modified description on Herm Preferred to make it more clear what it allows.
  • An entry added for wizards to prevent vial generation from reward for mako purchased infections added.


  • Fixed annoying bug with Poison Bite. It will no longer randomly apply as a negative DoT.
  • Mako shop madness! Shades, Underwear, Long Coat, Ultrasound Scanner and gel added to the mako stores.
  • NotUser powers used by kids may no longer target the parent to prevent kids from self buffing by buff reflection.
  • New power added, Terrifying Visage.


  • Your nanite collectors have been automatically upgraded. All builder nanite drops are now white, and can only be used to upgrade the level of an item.
  • Distillation added. Your old upgraded items will continue to work as they have, but all future upgrades (beyond upgrading level) are going to go through this new method.
  • Two new tank powers added, Front and Center, and Nasty Insult.


  • Upstairs in Mall, a nice Mall Rat girl named Missy will remove the old crafting system's upgrades off your items, for no charge. This process is NON-REFUNDABLE, it asks you to be sure about it 3 times, you have been warned. (Also note, the are previously was part of 'The City' and would spawn mobs, that is fixed)
  • [+groin] [groin] Command added, to view the sizes of your own, or others 'bits'.
  • [list unused_powers] Command added for staff use only.
  • Damage Aura powers (toggles with damage on them such as Slime Toss, Biting Wit and Quill Wag) have had a self haste penalty of 30 rating added to them to counteract stacking. this is under review).
  • New power added, Acidic Vomit.

25th through 29th

  • Builder nanites (of any color) can be applied to items to increase their XP by (level of vial + 1) * 5 per vial. Those with Nanite Controller get an additional (level+1) XP per vial.
  • Builder nanites can be bleached to white using a vat in Balina's Daughter Dealership at no charge.
  • Training added to the web interface.
  • Role planner added to the web interface, under the "Role" button.


  • Boss vials may now be used to infuse XP into items, much like builder nanites. Rate is (level of vial + 1) * 30. Those with the Nanite Controller perk will get (level+1)*31 XP, instead.
  • The first two combat roles nuked with +mako/role are now free.