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  • Boss Vials are now FREE FOR ALL! At least mako wise.
  • Team battles now give better rewards!
  • Monster previewer now displays balls properly.
  • Fixed doubleposting
  • Optimzed setting statuses, code side.
  • Pets get damage resistance from upgrades properly now.
  • Confirmed that EMP gear does block nanite adept shifting.


  • Some big bugs bit the dust today.
  • Items with floating point AoE will now work way better.
  • People in a room while a fight is going on will no longer impact XP or cause the enemy to waste rounds.
  • ws/+glance/smell now omits the 'gender' part of a species, making for much better messages.(You smell like a female Husky vs You smell like a female female husky, also allows you smell like a MALE husky.)


  • The combat stall bug is, at last, dead dead dead.


  • You can now leave +groups on your own(+group #control, 12).
  • Monster editor edited for extra awesome, especially staff side.
  • Started work on a new area(mysterious).
  • Ocean is coming along, Kazard needs your water critters.
  • Human monsters are being submitted, thanks guys! We do need more though, +5 mako bounty!
  • Resource purchasing is now BLAZING FAST.
  • 'Bred' status removed, it's handled more discretely by a timestamp instead of a confusing and gameable status.
  • Males no longer can smell 'virile'.


  • Ok, Resources no longer BUYS anything.
  • You can now buy global items at any level right up to level 50!
    • Type list items
    • Type list items (a level)
    • buy item=(level you want)
  • Upgrading prices for levels adjusted to be competitive(a little cheaper, 25% cheaper) than just buying an upgraded item, meaning upgrading is cheaper, meaning crafters have a job still.
  • Connected now gives 10% discount in NPC stores.
  • Fell Off The Truck now gives 10% discount in the global store.
  • Newbies now get starting gear.
  • Stepping out of water instantly 'dries' you and removes the water penalties or bonuses related to water.
  • The dying status removes itself properly.
  • Inventory is now limited to 60, in part to combat lag. If you are at/over 60, you will find yourself unable to gain new items. Your collector will not collect, and you won't be able to buy from shops.
  • Drop & /+gear/trash now offers full stack deleting.


  • Wow, repeatattacks was a holy mess. I fixed several HUGE errors. Your repeatattack powers should now work way better. Try it out.
  • Aura attacks (such as Slime Toss) no longer announce when they miss.

8th Happy Mother's Day!

  • As a gift to the game for the holiday, in game mothers can now look forward to a chance of twins or triplets. Most births will be single still, but there is a small chance of twins, and a small chance of triplets.


  • Go to your favorite training spot, type train, see those awesome new skills?! Those are crafting skills! Currently mechanical and electronics work(1 recipe each).
  • You can modify what you make with awesome modifier recipes!
  • We have two modifiers currently, poisoned, and basic spread.
  • Combine with the weapon we have and you have options!
  • But what do you use to make these? Not just creds! While you're fighting, you will gain salvage to assemble new things out of. Scavenging battle skill helps, as does crafting skill.
  • Want your two free recipes? Go talk to the friendly gent in the zephyr nanite workshop.
  • Crafting is in at early alpha level. Talk to workshop guy at zephyr craft area.
    • Command is make.
  • More recipes at the mall!
  • Two new recipes.
  • You can now exchange salvage, give 3 level 2 common mechanic salvage to joe
  • Expendable craft items work great!


  • Made it possible for base recipes and modifiers to adjust status strength/duration/chance AND expendable stat adjustmens.
  • If you make a Heavy Energy Snack, it will restore more energy!
  • If you make a Poisoned Light Melee, its poison won't last that long, since the light weapon is made to be fast.
  • If you make a Poisoned Aerosol, it will be a heavy poison that lasts longer!
  • Oh yea, fixed Lamie poison bite to not be negative.
  • Oops, one more thing. Out of combat speed/regen is now 50% faster.


  • Damage improvements now scale items that have regen or damage over time(+dam on a poisoned aerosol, yes please)
  • More recipes!
  • Children appear without strange sex change messages, and without machinegunners being mentioned.
  • AI now understands custom made items and can use them properly.
  • Custom made items appear in your active power list.
  • Custom power modifiers now have seperate ally and enemy statuses. Poisoned is useful on stuff that affects allies!
  • Expendable Custom items now obey targetting and can only affect enemies/allies properly.
  • Expendable Custom items now have AoE code.
  • Custom items properly take up Upkeep and Loadout.


  • Phew, ok, ATB given a serious optimization and now uses a lot less CPU time getting the same job done, yay!
  • Fixed severe underlying bugs with repeatattacks.
  • Uncommon loot is now possible at the end of instances.
  • Added support for global procs that affect all your powers.
  • Used support for item summons, so if you summon something with a modifier, the modifiers will apply to the powers the summon uses.
  • Combat speed improved!
  • Increased odds of uncommon loot from instance completion.
  • Added awesome colors to instance maps so you know where you've been.
  • Subscribed players now have +10 item allowance(70) while subscribed.
  • Misc. bugfixes.
  • AI should work better for custom items(use the name you picked).
  • Also, you forgot to mention +pj #loot implemented!


  • Major debug on DoTs. DoTs were ignoring resistance, now they don't. DoTs from dead/wierd things should also stop happening.
  • More recipes!
  • The survivalists have a recipe for you, for sale.
  • You know all those parts you've been bringing to Rod? Well he figured out something to make with them all!
  • You can now role (combat skill) to quickly swap out your roles to focus on the named skill.
  • Players can be skipped with 'pass' if over 2 minutes idle.
  • String parsing now supports time of day.
    • [if time is day]Look at that sun![end if]
    • [if time is evening]The sky is becoming soft swirls of red.[end if]
  • Supports day, night, evening, morning, and afternoon
  • You can also specify a not time:
    • [if time is not morning]The cookies don't look freshly baked, darn.[end if]


  • Added several new recipes and scattered them over the grid.
  • The library is now a recipe source with several for sale.
  • Craft items should accept upgrades properly.
  • Minor improvements on the battle assistant, more to come on that soon I think.


  • Your energy recovery now increases automatically with levels.
  • Vitality revised, you can unmaster it for free(and will want to, to retrain it with valid improvements)
  • You can now craft items with more than one modifier, make light melee=poisoned,heavy
  • While mentored down in level, your lost xp will be turned into freecred.

More recipes!

  • If your recharge falls below 0(due to debuffs), it will extend the recharge of fired powers by a percentage equal to the current negative amount at time of use.
  • Before, -50 recharge meant double recharge time, -100 would be capped to -80, then cause FIVE TIMES the normal recharge time.
  • Now:
    • -50 recharge means 50% more recharge time.
    • -100 recharge means 100% more recharge time
    • -200 recharge means 200% more recharge time.
  • If you idle mid combat, you will eventually go automatic on your own.
  • Many optimizations, thank you Hinoserm for helping out!


  • Yes, we did get a whole new city, Woodfield, a human centric city with lots of fun humanesque transformations ranging from commando, amazon onwards towards elves and undead.
  • We also got a new faction, Rsx Solutions
  • We also got a new dedication, Rsx Operative.
  • Wait, there's more. You now choose your faction ties at the end of chargen.
  • I'm not done, because now you can +rpinfo dedications!
  • You know that kid object you have? You can turn those into players with the Youth Liberation Device now available at your local elite store!


  • +haz will show you mutant info in your current area, and provide 'audible' warnings when *Changing zones (which can be turned off with +haz mute).
  • +mut will show you what mutations you or your pet (or anyone, with Xeno 2) has.
  • +who now shows faction.
  • Groups now have new perks available to increase the crafting abilities of their members.
  • Implemented AreaBlock, which lets tanks reduce the AoE damage taken by team mates.
  • Added AreaBlock status to Front Row Role, making it more awesome for tanks.
  • Returndamage is now calculated BEFORE resists, making it much more effective.


  • There is now a 'target' command. While you have a target, it is used as a target for any power you use that doesn't have a target specified, this includes AI chosen actions. Enjoy!


  • You can now customize your avatar on the web page with eyes and mouths!
  • Recipes now show more intelligently in +rpinfo, no more cut off salvage.


  • Significant changes to Knockdown! It can now delay powers that are already being charged, and only the largest knockdown applies if a target gets hit with it multiple times before its next turn.
  • Colored group and faction chat, made to resemble public channels
  • Group crafting masteries are now prompted for level to use
  • Can't talk or check while dead
  • +pj uses cred instead of gil
  • Scrubbers to clean up old effects should result in increased game speed
  • Spoof #show to see who's spoofing
  • Fleeing now uses true level when mentored down
  • Sticky modifier uses less loadout