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In order to play Flexible Survival, you must either use the in-built MU* client on the webpage or download one from a wide selection of MU* clients (preferred).

For most users, BeipMU is recommended. For Android users, we recommend Mukluk.

Operating systems

The operating systems a client can run on.

Name Windows macOS GNU/Linux BSD Unix
Atlantis X
BeipMU(Recommended) X X[*] X[*]
Mudlet X X X X X
MUSHclient X
Potato X X X X X
SimpleMU[**] X
TinTin++ (GitHub) X X X X X

[*] While BeipMU is a Windows client, it works well under Wine on Linux and MacOS.(be sure to install Segoe UI Emoji font)

[**] SimpleMU is only safely available via as the official site has been taken down.

Protocol support

Information about what protocols the clients support.

Name TLS 256 colors
Atlantis X X
BeipMU X X
Mudlet X X
MUSHclient X
Potato  ?[*] X
TinTin++ (GitHub) X X

[*] Potato is unable to connect to secure port 2002 due to attempting to use a deprecated TLSv1 protocol.

Additional information

The UI Guides section contains some useful configuration tips for clients contributed by players. If you know how to set up a client that isn't listed there, add an entry for it to help other players!