Clydesdale Stud

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Clydesdale Stud

Groin: Deep Healing
Head: Headbutt
Legs: Foot Stomp
Skin: Furry Hide
Torso: Muscle Mass, Solid Frame


The feathery fur of this mutant makes him stand out. And he's perfectly willing to breed with any female that stops to admire him.

The Clydesdale Stud's body is covered in a mottled mix of white, brown, and black fur. His head is long and equine, with a snout that gently separates the eyes. His body is broad and gives a sense of standing tall with a structure similar to delicately hewn stone. His arms are still human, though covered in feathering at the wrists. His legs are huge and covered in feathering, with hooves instead of feet. His ass is perfectly hardened muscle with a long, flowing tail nestled in the crack. A private peek would reveal that: He has a shin bumping flat-headed, equine cock. He has large balls.