Battle Bard

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Battle Bard

The Battle Bard is a true warfare virtuoso, bringing talent and style to the blood-soaked fields of slaughter and mayhem. Some choose to focus solely on bolstering their team with songs of victory and triumph, while others lean more on the arts of war while keeping their supportive role as an afterthought. Regardless of whether they fancy the sword or the lute, the Battle Bard is a fierce and versatile presence on the field.

Soul Powers

Level 10 Inspiring Composition
Level 15 Valiant Virtuoso
Level 25 Aria of Sorrow
Level 35 Pitch Perfect
Level 40 Discordant Forte
Level 45 Coda of the Cosmos
Avoidance 1
Durability 1
Enduring Malice 1
Lingering Kindness 1
Opportunity 2
Support 1
Tactician 1
Warded 2
Battle Bard/Extra Notes

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