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Dog Song says, "The perks Going Alone, Helpful, Needy, Selfish, and Team Player have had their cost set to 0 due to web combat being disabled indefinitely."

Dog Song says, "A 3 New Lore Entries stretch goal has been completed! The lore files added are Improvised Shelters, Egyptian Mau, and Pewter Consort."

Dog Song says, "Manually deleted several hundreds of unused mercenary characters and web combat instances that stalled or were not correctly terminated. This should have no to minimal impact on performance, but cleans up database room."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Pink Panda form being cut off at the torso description due to a missing [end if]."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Just a friendly reminder to everyone, remember to adopt a Pet Rock and give it a good home. I named mine Freddy, he's a bit of a butthole but I like him nonetheless."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Moved Pet Rock from Zephyr lobby to Animal Therapy in New Dawn."

Dog Song says, "Cleaned up the description of the edge Rewarded Patience to be clearer about its effects."

Dog Song says, "Have you ever looked at a combat class and were dismayed that access to it required purchasing a dedication? Well, worry no more! Players now have the alternative option to purchase any of the 20 dedication-linked classes at their respective ded points for 20,000,000 freecred. Purchasing the dedication will still grant you the class for free or at significantly reduced cost. In addition, every dedication-linked class now explicitly states what dedication it comes from in its rpinfo entry. Happy hunting!"

Dog Song says, "rpinfo Durability now correctly mentions the resist command, not +resist, which does nothing."

Dog Song says, "The shop in [The Golden Goat]: Bar has been converted from a player (consignment) shop to an NPC (vendor) shop. The only items in it were classes placed there by staff, and this matches the behavior of all other stores that sell classes. The price will now be adjusted by your cred income, your Economics skill, Connected, and other applicable factors."

Dog Song says, "Brother's Keeper has had its 1 Warded replaced with an extra point in Speed. The class is more fragile as a result, but much better at being a team player by properly rushing to others' aid. This matches Sniper's skill spread with three 2-point skills due to Concentrated, and it should make it more competitive among supports with a special niche of the fastest healer."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Coda of the Cosmos was stripped of its HPbuffer but given an offensive effect, severely kneecapping the opposition for a turn with two debuffs. Four buffs, two debuffs, was it a coincidence? No. It was not."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Frigid and Static's passive Ally effects were buffed, seeing as there was literally no reason to use them for those effects in the past given the upkeep sink."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Medicinal Wrappings stripped of their Enbreak and given Debuffresist. Why? Bandanges are meant to keep you clean, not more energetic."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Monster Bounty display format in +bounty. The format was not updated when market announcements were rephrased, causing issues."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Factions and Craftmod helpfiles still referencing RSX's headquarters being in Woodfield. They now correctly state it is in Fairhaven."

Chinthliss says, "Fixed an obscure websocket bug where data packets consisting of just 0 would become ''. Notable instance of this was the difficulty sliders not being able to set it back to standard."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Discordant Forte deemed too strong, cooldown doubled."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Wildfire was basically three abilities in one, it was way too good to ever exist, and has been nerfed severely in repeat magnitude."

Dog Song says, "The Enduring Minions rpinfo entry has been revised. The typo "overal" has been fixed and the phrasing is now more succinct and clear."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "New vanity edge created: Merit Badge - allows you to set one of your perks, edges, or quirks as your comm channel title."

Dog Song says, "The Wildly Famous description has been updated to state that it works in any channel that displays a badge title. Added a line about its interaction with the new Merit Badge edge."

Dog Song says, "The Social Butterfly was missing an ass. Added a placeholder description and TF message to avoid being impossible to turn in to the infection research lab."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "Merit Badge and Wildly Famous now work together, letting your fame spread to your merits as well as badges if you have both."

Dog Song says, "Dedication-linked class descriptions now clarify that dedicating for free using Wasteland Warrior will not grant the class."

Dog Song says, "The "Lab" group perk no longer bizarrely shows up as lowercase "lab" in the list Group Perk readout."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Irascible Tendrils given a magnitude nerf. 8 was too hot to handle."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "The supports command now fully checks all forms when checking if they support a particular flag (when using supports chubby, etc). This produces a more accurate list of forms but comes at the expense of taking longer to generate the list, so try not to overuse it :-)"

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Arcane Horror was grtting a bit too good at debuffing for its own good so it swapped a point of Enduring Malice in for a point of Regenerating. Because evil dies hard."

Dog Song says, "The Mutant Powered flaw description has been updated to state that you will still gain class powers, but at half the level of a normal player."

Dog Song says, "Are you a numbers runner? Have you ever wanted to see how your build works without any pesky combat skills or class powers? Well, now you can! The Useless class is now available at RSX Solutions for a measly 1 freecred. As an extra, all players now have a complementary None role for zero total combat skills."

Dog Song says, "Removed vestigial Roll With It and Tar Baby combat skill properties from all objects that still had them."

Dog Song says, "The Classless class's combat skills have been updated. Rather than having 0.4 in almost every combat skill, it now has 1 point in 10 basic skills. The function of each skill should be clearer in rpinfo, and the class should be slightly more performance-friendly."

Dog Song says, "Updated help NPC/+Rank to clarify how rank determines HP and damage values of NPCs. This information is also listed under +rank, but was only visible to Judges."

Dog Song says, "Removed "Spread" target from last remaining powers that had it. Powers affected are Acidic Backlash, Pop the Cork, and two unused ones."

Dog Song says, "Removed the passage "More effective the more intimidating you naturally are." from Collie Herm's 100% form power Dominating Bark due to being misleading. The power does not scale with Intimidation."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Arcane Horror given a slightly less... ahem, extreme,,, class description."

Dog Song says, "Sniper's Paint Target and Regen Scrapper's Constant Rebalancing toggles can now be activated out of combat."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "After much tinkering and hoping nothing explodes, combat parties have regained a proper comm channel! party <message> *should* now work as any other comm channel (supporting #who, #last, etc), assuming you're in a party. There are a couple of things to note though: This is not particularly well tested yet, custom colours are not supported for the party channel, and it will only work for newly formed parties. Currently existing parties can no longer use the party comm channel until they're disbanded and reformed. Also, there will almost certainly be bugs - I'm already getting error reports, but they may be a result of already existing parties."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "Also, the party display should fit better if your client has a width of <100 columns."

Dog Song says, "Regen Scrapper has somewhat fallen out of favor since Regenerating was nerfed. To compensate for the class's drop in usage, its combat skills have been adjusted: Controlled Burst 1->0, Health 0->1. This gives it a more tanky skill spread that is comparable to Berserker, but with Regenerating instead of Vampiric."

Nuku drawls, "boss-bounty command locked due to not working properly. It may come back, some day."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Archon class's flags listing it as "Big Hit" instead of "Big Hits", causing it to not be colorized in the party display."

Dog Song says, "The Healing Factor merit was missing the Combat tag. This is now fixed."

Dog Song says, "The Easily Medicated merit now also has the Combat tag."

Dog Song says, "Removed some corrupted auto-generated mutant powers, specifically "Balls of Steel_Mutant Power", "Balls of Steel_Mutant Power_Mutant Power", and "Balls of Steel_Mutant Power_Mutant Power_Mutant Power"."

Dog Song says, "Fixed Balls of Steel not being correctly set as a Form Slot power, possibly resulting in the aforementioned corrupted powers. Keeping an eye on it."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "As a result of some code tidying there have been some minor adjustments to how high octane rewards are tracked. If you notice +mako/reward, +xp, or any event that gains you supporter points not displaying or incrementing your high octane counter correctly, please report it."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "Stringparsing now supports [mass of [target]]! OK, probably not that exciting in itself but there is another update coming RealSoonNow(TM) that needs it."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "The lights have been turned back on, and you can once again see where people are when you finger them."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Wasteland Paladin Had 5 active class abilities, yikes... that's a bit much to keep track of. Mace Cudgel was replaced by Might and Magic, a passive to take its place and give the class more presence."

Dog Song says, "Quetzalcoatl's dedication abilities have been modernized. Previously, Devour Whole granted +2 to an internal stat per use. Now, it will confer the target's calculated mass directly. For reference, this is ~66.67 mass on a size 5, neuter Human. Mass Conversion has also been tweaked, now capping at 100,000 max mass for full size gains instead of 1,000,000. Calculated at neuter Human levels, this reduces the amount of ferals required from 500,000 to approximately 1,500, a more reasonable long-term goal with the Patrol Point system."

Nuku drawls, "You can now do more SA at once for greater rewards. sa (thing) shift. So instead of sa firefighting, you can sa firefighting shift. You will spend 5 * the usual patrol points but get 8 * the usual reward! Note, your degree of success will be lowered by 1, working in shifts is not easy. Still, very rewarding! Enjoy!"

Nuku drawls, "Badges added to working shifts, with more available if you keep doing the same one."

Nuku drawls, "When performing NOT shift social actions in the game, it will, once in a while, remind you that shifts exist and what they do."

Nuku drawls, "Addressed an error as the sa command tried to inform people of the shift variant."

Nuku drawls, "Doing shifts with social actions now have a chance to drop nanite vials if you have some collection power (aka, are equipped with a collector)"

Nuku drawls, "The level of the area it pulls from is up to your own, and it will not draw from infections that are private."

Nuku drawls, "Oh, and it draws 1-4 vials each time. They are dropped in your NISD."

Dog Song says, "Fixed some higher-priced items being shown at the top of the vending list in the Mako and Token stores due to incorrectly set properties."

Dog Song says, "Added 7 less jokey messages to potential random bounty actions, bringing the running total to 50 messages."

Dog Song says, "The Otter form now has a special interaction with Pewter Consorts. While an otter, win or be defeated by a Consort for a unique scene. Content written by Hally."

Dog Song says, "Alice the Gun Bunny offering a precious item tutorial when her stock is no longer marked precious didn't make sense. This lecture has been converted to a general upkeep tutorial, and she no longer asks for salvage up-front to share info, which wasn't newbie-friendly."

Dog Song says, "Alex the zebra waitress has been updated. The game now tracks if you've ever claimed a birthday cake and how many you've claimed total. In addition, her birthday sex option is alluded to more strongly when you claim your cake, and the prompt for the three scenes now states which ones you've seen before for convenience in case you've forgotten."

Dog Song says, "Removed over 10,000 unused properties in rooms related to heat messages and stale ATB entries. May yield a minor performance improvement in some areas."

Dog Song says, "All NPC stores are now consistently sorted by price, ascending, then name at the same price point, ascending."

Dog Song says, "The +forms/title and list mother commands now return capitalized form names instead of only capitalizing the first character per string. Players who have set their badge titles to form names and are affected will have to re-set their titles or ask for a manual fix."

Dog Song says, "The Roles helpfile has been relocated under the Combat section where it belongs. Previously, it was out floating in the uncategorized ether."

Dog Song says, "New farverb actions have been added: bite, fondle, and knead. See farverb #list for a complete list."

Dog Song says, "Additionally, added fargasp to express surprise... or other emotions."

Dog Song says, "Okay, last one for real (for now). You can now fartoast to other people."

Dog Song says, "The Lockers at the Lonely Bus Stop have been updated. There's now an eighth, special locker with a unique reward. The experience has also been streamlined to avoid frustration. Entering a combination now states what combination was entered explicitly to confirm your input, and failing a combination returns you to the prompt for that specific locker to try again more quickly."

Dog Song says, "Note: The previous "Poem for Donna" reward has been relocated somewhere else and can now be acquired through general exploration."

Dog Song says, "The Husky Den now has a bond location in the Back Room for pack members to set as their respawn and home points."

Dog Song says, "Removed a step in the final stage of the new locker puzzle. The process was a bit unclear and too prone to mistakes before."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Fixed a bug in Sarah the Husky's dialog which was causing her to ignore characters at exactly size 10."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Shock Trooper monster template almost never appearing due to a typo."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Caregiver monster template potentially not setting combat skills on mobs due to incorrect formatting. The intended skills were Healing 3, Health 1, Lingering Kingness 3, and Support 3. To compensate, the active and passive ally statuses it applies were changed from CHealGain to regular HealGain. Let me know if the template is too powerful now in practice."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Updated Latex Goop's description. It was wrong about its cost to use, and unclear about its effects."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Latex Goop now produces a message when it is used."

Dog Song says, "Fixed all instances of the oft-repeated typo "Kemonomini" instead of "Kemonomimi". This affected the whatis list, the DilDodo head localnotes, the Fluffy Skunk arms and legs TFs, the Inflatable Toysky arms TF, the Keagle ass description, the Otter head TF, the Rubber Cow Toy ass description, the Bound Minotaur's scenes, and Remi and Tila's scenes."

Dog Song says, "Made various adjustments to the Ice Dragon form. The form now uses gendered pronouns in Victory/oVictory messages, uses pluralization for multiple sexes, hides mention of ball-fondling if Internal Genitals/Testicles are owned, and has received a handful of typo and formatting fixes."

Dog Song says, "Fixed a couple String Parsing errors in the Hungry Plush Dragon. 1) Defeated enemies of equal size are now correctly eligible for a specific scene in the Victory/oVictory/Defeat. 2) The Defeat scene no longer displays twice when you submit."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Hungry Plush Dragon never setting its skin formstat correctly, resulting in the color being randomized on view rather than set on transformation."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Pastel Drawgoness's formstats not being set and read correctly."

Dog Song says, "Fixed some malformed String Parsing in the Ash Drakenoid head transformation that could result in incorrect text being displayed."

Dog Song says, "Fixed incorrect pronoun substitution code (ex. "him length" instead of "his length") in the following scenes: Aquafeline victory and ovictory, Iguana Herm victory, Latex Snow Leopard victory, Pterosaurian ovictory, Swordfish ovictory, Whimsical Twinkubus victory, and Zebra ovictory."

Dog Song says, "Fixed additional incorrect pronoun substitution code in the following scenes: Alpha Husky ovictory, Demonic Fox victory, Drachenfel victory, Female Husky ovictory, Hair-bound Woman victory, and Planar Panther victory and ovictory."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the recipe Light Energy Armor and the recipe modifiers Extreme Spread and Hidden appearing lowercase in some lists."

Dog Song says, "Updated the Work Contract item description to clarify that it can be used for both NPCs and objects."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Bugfix: Crafting Alliance Termination Documents will no longer remove dedication recipes."

Dog Song says, "Fixed assorted String Parsing issues in the Xanadu Bird infection. Notably, fixed some malformed parsing when checking for genitals resulting in clits only being mentioned when the victor and/or loser had none."

Dog Song says, "Fixed an error in the Wolf Boy form causing the groin transformation to print "your your" for female characters."

Dog Song says, "Changed the DilDodo groin description. The pussy's long description phrasing was changed from "it acts their asshole" to "it acts as their asshole" and the short description was changed from "cloaca" to "cloacal" to serve as an adjective."

Dog Song says, "Well that didn't appear right, oops. The form in question is the DilDodo."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Squid Girl setting but not reading its skin color formstat correctly, resulting in it always appearing as purple by default instead of red, blue, yellow, or purple."

Dog Song says, "Fixed a long-standing error of the Brown ansi color in the colors display being offset one character to the left of its column."

Dog Song says, "Fixed some extra details in the Celestial Fox ass description and Road Hog head Kemonomimi description never appearing due to malformed String Parsing"

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Planar Panther's Lynx mode localstat missing Color Chooser support"

Dog Song says, "Updated the Tribal Giraffe's scenes. The defeat scene now acknowledges when you submit instead of lose by hp. The Victory/oVictory scenes now include pronoun substitution code."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Ryuneko form incorrectly checking for Kemonomimi in its ass description, resulting in the alternate text never appearing."

Dog Song says, "Added fill code to the Tribal Giraffe Defeat scene and Road Hog Defeat and Victory scenes. Updated the Alpha Husky, Female Husky, Mechanical Mephit, and Psycho Weasel Victory scenes to use more precise string parsing math. Updated the Baofeng Long head description and Kemonomimi description to use more precise string parsing math."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Blue Gryphon's Victory message calculating how much to fill the player-character's ass, but just printing the value instead of filling the part. Oops."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Utahraptor Defeat scene spewing corrupted text due to malformed string parsing."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Egyptian Mau Victory scene printing empty spaces instead of correctly filling parts due to mishandled [var ] code."

Dog Song says, "All Victory scene code has received a second pass and now uses more precise string parsing math to calculate how much to fill an orifice."

Just a Tinkering Critter is working on Survivalist Leader, hang onto your butts!

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Rubberoo legs description missing an [end if], resulting in incorrect text being displayed."

Dog Song says, "Fixed partially broken Color Chooser support in the Cow Maiden and Oni forms."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "New channel added: Art. It's for artists and discussing about all kinds of art."