Automated Multiplayer Updates/2017 August

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[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "All healing powers reviewed and buffed, old-school upgrades removed from players."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Statuses given by upgrades were not affected by their rating for their duration, this is fixed. For repeats given by an upgrade, this actually lowers the duration."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Fixed a bug that made avoidance reduce the bonus You got to your attack when you were over the level of your enemy, oops. Now it properly reduces the bonus an enemy gets to hit you when they are over your level."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Upgrades now round at the first decimal place."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Primes now capped at 3 asisstants at a time instead of 4, summoners rejoice."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "If a mutant toggle is had but not mastered, AI will not try to use it... repeatedly... wasting your turns."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch primly oinks, "Thanks to your kind donations, a new Token Recipe has been made. The Frigid Recipe, a damage vriance modifier, is now available in the Token Shop!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "New statuses from upgrades with floating points (0.5, for instance) now properly work."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Upgrade Registration added to the elite store. Make your own upgrades up!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Accuracy upgrades were broken. Now they are fixed."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Long charge/cooldown active powers will now produce significantly better statuses from upgrades than short ones."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Processing upgrades should no longer reset your stances."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "New edge, Lactologist"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "The cost of teleporting is 100 * level instead of a flat 5000. If you have remorted, it will assume max level."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Run out of charge? It will NOT try to recharge it for you. That's up to you, by popular request."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Using mako batteries/lunar crystals recharge your battery."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna pants, "Because Mako Batteries/Lunar Energy Crystals can't be turned into Mako/Lunar anymore, we've disabled them from getting High Octane rewards."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna pants, "The low performance of the NICE running Interfacing Nanomagic not doing it for you? Need to compile some code? Render a video? The scientists at Zephyr might have just what you need in the form of the all new Advanced Integration Nanomagic. Requiring Interfacing Nanomagic, this program will allow you More Control* (C)(TM) over your NICE unit. *Terms of Service still apply. Unlicensed programs cannot be ran on your NICE unit, and Zephyr is not liable for any damage sustained as a result of trying to do so."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "The effect command no longer destroys time statuses instead of showing them."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Did someone say cooking? You can do it! Head over to Z cafe and type cook to unleash the chef in you, and cook up awesome buffs that persist for an hour/day/week or even a month!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Fixed some bugs with making and eating food. Thanks playtesters!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Using batteries fixed."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "When consuming a meal that offers any damageresist, it will levelmod the power at the time of consumption."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "There is now an option in editplayer, n, 12 to disable seeing public requests. This is character specific."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Psychic damage part of lingering status upgrade removed since it already had its own. Lingering Critical Upgrade added."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "When using a subscription item, you will get 1 more day than you did before. Enjoy it!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Rapid Mending debugged"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Fixed a bug that may have caused repeats to do more damage than they should."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Closed an exploit that caused the nanite market to spit out more nanites than were paid for."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "A more aggressive security service is now auditing our servers. Potentially malicious actions such as too many failed login attempts or intentionally malformed commands may now result in an IP block for up to 1 hour. The system will "learn" as time progresses -- but out of the box it's very unlikely to cause issues for anyone here."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "You now name your culinary creation before describing it."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch primly oinks, "A typo in Bloodletter's embedded Active Enemy Status was fixed (matching the fix from before, but in its mods). Slight tweaks given to Bloodletter for balance testing."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "As a battle goes on, healresist will mount on all combatants, player or not. This is a very slow process, to the tune of -1 per 10 rounds. This ensures that, eventually, the fight will end, breaking any stale mate if the fight just keeps going and going. This will have basically no effect until you're in the hundreds of turns."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna moos, "Very minor improvements to Myriad Armor after comparing it to other powers in the slot."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Powers with less than 750 charge now properly give you another action. Powers above that but not over 0 will fire instantly but move the turn forward as normal. Out of combat, all powers should fire instantly."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "* Less than -750"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Last patch rolled back since it fixed other things, sorry."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch primly oinks, "+help factions has been given a little bit of a facelift, transfering the data from the Wiki. Subhelps have been added for each of the three primary factions."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna moos, "All status specific upgrades will now effect that status if it is the primary affect, secondary affect, or if the affect is a debuff, primary or secondary."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "When a creature is defeated, it should now spit out any dot/repeat reports it has pending."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch primly oinks, "What's that sound? It is the glorious pitter-patter of someone's blood hitting the pavement? A new class has been made, thanks to Goals. You can find the Bloody Sadist in the Token shop!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Full Nelson no longer does lingering critical damage."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna pants, "You no longer need to upgrade a passive or toggle to use it. You just need to master it. Whoops."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch primly oinks, "Thanks to several usages of Infection Update, the Chibi Skunk now supports Leg Splitter, Tail Divider, Chubby perk, and has Kemonomimi compliance."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Slip Beneath criticaldamage lingering swapped to piercedamage lingering. Mag increased by 50% to 15."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch primly oinks, "A new form of DoT recognition has been made. WeaponDamage. This will do DoT of whatever the base power's damage is! Thus far, it has been applied to Flamethrower and Solar Ray. This means that if you change the base damage type for either, its DoT will change accordingly. Let us know what you think!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "weapondamage actually coded."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna moos, "Lingering Status Upgrade will now effect a DoT that changes its stance."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "* Weapondamage, to be clear."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "When you try to use a power you cannot due to it being un-mastered, it will now tell you instead of failing silently."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna moos, "Flamestrike, the effect from Burning Enhancement damage down by 2, now has a slight heatdamage dot."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Behold, your only protection against new places hostile to agents, nanite-enhanced or not, rpinfo nanite power armor"

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch brainlessly giggles, "With the new Nanite Power Armor available for usage, active agents can pick up a single suit to wear from RSX Solutions in their Material Distribution Office. It only costs 300,000 Freecred! Again, one per Active Agent (this means none for Survivors)."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch brainlessly giggles, "A typo in Ethereal Wolf's head power has been fixed. Paralythic Venom is now properly Paralytic Venom."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch brainlessly giggles, "Another power typo found! Psycho Weasel no longer has Crazy Eyes, just Crazy Eye... the power... I'm prety sure those are still crazy eyes. Also, all typo'd powers removed from taking up space invisibly on people."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch brainlessly giggles, "With the completion of the first, rudimentary versions of the Nanite Power Armor, the global research community is delving deeper into methods of better manufacturing, improved capability and durability of the suits. Advancing the Power Suit is now available under Research."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch brainlessly giggles, "The Gore Pile boss in the Shadow Pits now has the potential to drop a decently rated Toxic Upgrade. (+5%)"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "If you upgrade power=upgradename, you are now offered with ways to upgrade that upgrade."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "For fun, there is a 5% chance of an upgrade for an upgrade going extra well, resulting in 2d4(token) or 4d4(mako) extra being given."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Mako spends give 1 + 20 / (the cost in tokens) d4 by default."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "When using a mako, it now rolls as many times as the token cost divides into 20, giving 2d4 every time it hits the 1/20"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Enhanced Status and Trained Skill both reduced from uncommon to common rarity."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Progress towards Launch the Rocket advanced due to Power Suit innovations streamlining the process."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "respec command is now live for mutants to save all their powers and load them up later! Want help? Just type respec. Respec view does not yet exist."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch sweetly chitters, "Man, look at that sweet ass! A newcomer to the NEIN Dome has arrived, and they've got a lot going in the back trunk. The Honeypot Ant sashays that bodacious bootiful of ambrosia on in thanks to a New Creature Registration."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Talakai males should put out the scent that females do, in theory."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "* Ixchel!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "You are now informed if high octane influences a +reward of an upgrade."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Jelly Whip buffed(Dam rating 10->12)."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Howl buffed(+1 AoE)"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Profits from dropping things is no longer taxed, enjoy that!"

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch sweetly chitters, "Fixed a typo in Ensnaring Webs. It should now actually give a Charge Debuff."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "It is now possible to reduce someone's chance to hit you on any given check down to 0% instead of the previous 5-10%. This means that if someone has a lot of defense, they can become so defensive they simply CAN'T be hit by a given opponent at 0% dodge resist. Keep pushing and you could maybe cut off even the dream of only 25% dodge resist."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Avoidance now gives a 10% chance per point of slamming dodge resist to 50% if it wasn't already there."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "This is in addition to the 5% chance per point of outright dodging."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Tail Guard made much more tanky for a tank class."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna ecstatically yips, "A targeting error in Pasteurization fixed."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "You can now respec slot to spend 50 mako and get a new slot of storage. ALL characters on your account, forever, benefit from this extra slot."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "A splash of color added to base respec command."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "respec view (slot) actually works now."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna ecstatically yips, "Environment effects should no longer list 'haste' and instead list 'charge'."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna ecstatically yips, "Web missions upon completion call themselves Web Salvaging Missions now."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed player-visible progress tracking for questlines in the husky den. It should now not only track objectives, but also properly mark the quest as completed in your quest journal."

[Update] Highway Song says, "As an addendum: All players who have completed these quests now have them marked as completed retroactively. Rejoice, no missing out!"

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna ecstatically yips, "New edge for those who enjoy making quite the mess, Testicular Capacity!"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Alice the Gun Bunny now offers a new quest."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Doctor Richards in the library no longer has upper level bounds on the monsters they send you to gather samples from. You can now continue doing hunting quests for scaling freecred rewards. This also fixes a progression stopper when speaking to Travis."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch sweetly chitters, "With the revamping of the Gore Pile boss, its rewards have also been revamped. Higher freecred payout (x10 its original), and more chances to get an Upgrade, ranging from a boost of +5% (rating 25) to +10% (rating 100)."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch sweetly chitters, "Powers with the Fire Ball-En template have been altered to use Weapon Damage instead of Heat Daamge from the base template for DoT. (This significantly affects Marsh Wisp and Sonic Screech)."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna ecstatically yips, "The Monster Template 'Agent' should no longer effect Hard Boss or higher ranked enemies."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna ecstatically yips, "Railroad Tycoon is now properly a Mid Boss instead of Midboss."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch sweetly chitters, "Fluffy Kitten is now no longe rMidBoss, either. It's properly Mid Boss."

[Update] Living In Obscurity bestially hisses, "Several typos fixed within the "Mouthy" form."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch sweetly chitters, "The fluff nature of Profession naming conventions clarified in the +help skills and proficiencies help file."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Battery will take makolunars when that option is enabled and charge runs out."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added a basic, optional IC explanation of Precious item upkeep to Alice's dialogue."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch sweetly chitters, "Pregnancy should no longer give Haste statuses, but Charge statuses."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Respec was not saving properly, this is fixed, but you will want to save again. The cost of saving is disabled for the moment to let you do that."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Large portions of the Ember Matriarch questline have been rewritten and recoded. Unfortunately, previous progress has been lost, but bugs have been squashed and the quest log is now updated on every step."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed a stat not being set properly when being defeated by or submitting to the Bro infection. It'll now properly show sex scenes after repeated losses--for better or for worse."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed several typos and stringparsing errors in Remi and Tila, the latex dodos. Also integrated them into global sex-based badges."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed Fox Boy Defeat and Bunnee oVictory scenes not displaying properly due to malformed string parsing."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Refined and Enhanced damage both now increase secondary damage too!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Fast Healing doubled in POWA!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "ENMod Self Addition passive mod reduced to 0.5 mag, but extended to 5 turns."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Respec saving cost re-activated."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna ecstatically yips, "Somehow Scattered Bones missed the wounds updates! This was fixed."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "using Mako Batteries/Lunar Energy Crystals for recharging battery now properly eats them."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Fixed exploit when trashing multiple of a recipe based item and going for salvage."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna brainlessly giggles, "Respec will now abort out when attempting to save a spec if you type 'n' or 'no'."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna brainlessly giggles, "When Loading a Respec, you are prompted to type 'Yes' to confirm."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Fixed flaw in respec loading."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch sweetly chitters, "The underpowered Extra Girth has been both boosted and slotted as a Tertiary power. HPBuffer increased to 6, MaxHP increased to 4.5, and Weight increased to 5, but there's the slight caviat of a -1.5 EnergyBreak."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch sweetly chitters, "The Wound criteria for Mortimitri has been updated to better resemble what changes have occurred. (With wounds being less common/as severe as they were when Mortimitri was made, dumbing that down was necessary)."

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Pilot to Outlying Cities in Zephyr now skips the first prompt, letting you choose a city or abort immediately."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Form Mastery Deed added to the elite store so you can request a specific form get a 100% power."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "When using a monster bait, you will get a timed status so you know how long it lasts and what it's set to."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna hallows, "A wiki page outlining Power Upgrades has been made.

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna hallows, "Needed changes made to involving power updates, including mutant power slots."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna hallows, "Changes made to 'Help Training' to reflect changes in how powers are upgraded."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna hallows, "Found an error in Force Shield and corrected it."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Fixed exploit/bug in cooking."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Zephyr cafeteria now notes you can cook there."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Level scaled statuses (damageresists) removed from cooking. There's no fair way to adjucate it that wouldn't explode in hilarious ways with up and down mentoring."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Outnumbered has lost its specific physical and energy resistance. The generic resistance is doubled. It now gives 3 damageimmunity per hit. It should scale better and be more useful. Enjoy!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "rpinfo of outnumbered updated."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna hallows, "Pending additional review, Broad Spectrum Defense has been disabled."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "DoTs should now pay attention to poweramp status of the right element."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Powers command will simply not display toggles you can't toggle."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "* This is for unmastered toggles."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch sweetly chitters, "Several powers have been updated to better work with the newer Upgrades system and/or play balance. Among them are Chlorophyll (Slotted and Boosted), Sucker Grip (Misalteration fixed (boosted) and Aggro has a value that can be altered by the Upgrade System), Electric Field (Typo fixed), Powers based on Mocking Blow (AreaBlock upped), Pummeling Fury-Phy based powers (Chance upped to 80 percent and mag to 3), Snap (Upped Damage), Gore (Upped Knockdown Chance and Mag, Fixed Damage Type and DoT type), Endocrine Overdrive (Added a tiny bit of StatusBoost to make its ENBreak cost mroe worthwhile), Crushing Coils (Regains Recharge Debuff, though at a duration of 5, Mag of 15 and lessened cooldown), Takedown (Chance for Knockdown), and Wild Swing (Mag of Knockdown increased, but otherwise the same). These changes have been made to hopefully make these powers more appealing choices overall while still keeping them decently balanced with similar-slotted or otherwise comparable powers."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added two brand new sex scenes to Demonic Fox Victory for male/herm characters (content courtesy of Alkain)."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch sweetly chitters, "Error in the +glance program fixed when dealing with Looks Native. Should now properly show the Native appearance."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Broad Spectrum Defense re-enabled."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Specialized Defenses adjusted."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Specialized Defense tweaked harder. Don't worry, it's into this kinda play."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "powers fixed to display some powers it was hiding."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Loading respects properly clears out free slots lingering from before loading the respec, allowing them to be used properly between respec slots."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "* This will take effect next time you load a slot. Your saved respecs are valid and safe."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Respec loading even more bug free than before!"

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Increased Area of Effect now available to make your AoE powers AoE harder! It will give at least +1 target to any power that is small or greater. Single target or minor targets are out of luck, alas. Enjoy!"

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Scratch that, even minor will get at least +1 target."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "The energydamageresist of light energy armor doubled. Enjoy!"

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Generic armor now provides a small amount of generic immunity. How generically awesome is that?!"

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Physical Armor complained that it was being left out, so we brought it into the cool kids club too."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Heavy Armor's pathetic mewls have not fallen on deaf ears. +1 physical and energy damage resist."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Long live armor!"

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1503607344) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Automated Response Kit. +poll/view Automated Response Kit to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Using mako for upgrade upgrades no longer takes tokens too."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "When purchasing from the token store via the web, if you choose to spend premium currency, it will now offer fractional values(At a 1 premium to 10 token rate). For instance, if something cost 5 tokens, it would cost 0.5 premium currencies instead of 1."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "When using a reward token purchase, you now get 5 more tokens than before(10-20)."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "* Make that 10. You will get 10 every time."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch sweetly chitters, "A two-for! Both VTOL Lady and F15 Girl hav ebeen updated to support Color Chooser! Get those pain-jobs going, ladies!"

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch sweetly chitters, "*coughs* Paint-jobs. I hate this keyboard."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Lifegiving armor has been given permission to join the cool kid's club with Healgain and NegativeDamageImmunity added to it!"

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Closed an exploit that allowed for duplication of upgrades."

[Update] Mines of Miorna seductively yips, "Questionable Practices fixed up, HealGain penalty from -10 to -2.5."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "removed a broken 'update' entry from the merits listing. If you have this in your jnote, lemme know and I'll remove it."

[Update] Mines of Miorna seductively yips, "Small change to Poison Bite, it now has Stacked5WeaponDamage. This fixes the bug of it causing Sonic Damage and allows for modularization."

[Update] Mines of Miorna seductively yips, "Poison Bite bug fixed while allowing it to remain PoisonDamage, this fix implimented instead of the fix from the last update."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Fixed a potential bug in dodging."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "The accuracy of mega mobs can only be boosted by so much(Caps at +3)"

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Automated Response Kit' has ended."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Automated Response Kit rebalanced."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Liquid Bandage tweaked for the better, now a major source of Healgain."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Trauma Kit given some love, so it can give you love."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Damage 25>30, Cooldown 10000>4000, Charge 0>1000, Added Debuffresist. All status durations changed from 2 to 5. Energy 15>20"

[Update] Mines of Miorna seductively yips, "New Upgrade made, Weakened Damage."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "The cost to make food that lasts 1 week and 1 month discounted, sharply. It is not 7 uncommon edible for a week and 30 for a month instead of a rare and an elite respectively. Math has saved us!"

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "* is now"

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Damagebuff removed from cooking because it is too wide spread and usually mired in diminishing returns, meaning the benefit you'll get from damagebuff food is too small."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Cooking can now give the healing status!"

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "There is no longer a minute timer on starting battles. You may do them as quickly as you wish (to the limit of your patrol points). Enjoy."

[Update] Mines of Miorna seductively yips, "Roundhouse Entrance in New Dawn now can be used to train in."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1503943947) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Spread Recipe Modifiers. +poll/view Spread Recipe Modifiers to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "DoTs should give their two-round reports with their actual item name, rather than 'accessory2'"

[Update] Mines of Miorna seductively yips, "Small typo found in Trained Skill causing it to apply a percent instead of a raw bonus. This is now fixed, and does not require reslotting of the upgrade."

[Update] Mines of Miorna seductively yips, "*in the status chance modification"

[Update] Mines of Miorna seductively yips, "More changes to Trained Skill! It seems the %s on the Status Mag and Duration were in mistake, as those are converted to % on the back end. This has also been fixed."

[Update] Mines of Miorna seductively yips, "Rolled back the last update, misinformation was had."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Mutants no longer lose power maximum when remorting."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "You can now type upgrade powername detail to get a full sweep of a power's power, with upgrades factored in!"

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Detailed power view now works for class powers."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Fixed internal crasher."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Accuracy combat skill of mobs curbed significantly."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Monsters no longer level scale faster than players for their damage ratings."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Accuracy is now displayed far better in combat on each strike."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "If a combat drags on particularly long, the ramping healgain will ramp harder. This has no effect on most battles ever."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "In theory, mega primes are now a thing! Grab a handful of primers and you can summon an upgraded prime for upgraded bonuses"

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Removed the outright notice of getting hpbuffer from being healed."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Spread Recipe Modifiers' has ended."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Basic and Extreme spread have lost all their tertiary penalties(accuracy, charge, cooldown). The penalty is entirely on damage/status mag, making a simpler and easier to balance."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Detailed upgrade view should now handle status chance better."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "When someone in the party is lacking patrol points, it should now be far more obvious to everyone else."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "When the experience timer fires, it now uses a timed status to track things, which makes it visible to the player."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "DoT reports of 0 damage should happen less often."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "hpbuffer should now be affected by the target's healgain, for better or worse."

[Update] Living In Obscurity bestially hisses, "Minor typographical errors fixed in edges "Mastery, Acid" and "Challenged Learner, Greater"."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Removed several invisible modifiers to damage done and received. Future things will be done in a more transparent and visible way."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Big hit powers now have an assurance of +3% of their damage getting through per 10 damage rating (including upgrades)."

[Update] Nuku patriotically growls, "Slip Beneath no longer inflicts two DoTs instead of the one it should, oops."