Assault Rifle

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Item Assault Rifle
Locked and loaded. This sleek piece of machinery is ready to spray down an area with bullets. Effective, but a little expensive to keep up in ammunition. The reload time can also be a little discouraging, but so much fun!
Additional Information
Power Flurry of Blows-Phy Cost 999
Upkeep 10 Loadout 35
Base Power Stats
Type Attack, Direct Damage, Single Target, DoT
Target Single Enemy Energy 15
Charge 1150 Cooldown 3500
Accuracy 75% Damage (Type) 11 (Physical)
100% of striking again, causing half damage, but not refreshing other statuses, 3.0 times over 3.0 rounds.
Differences from Base
AoE +2

Assault Rifle/Extra Notes Edit notes

Sold by the Survivalists. Either earn their trust or find someone who can bribe the guards to let you in.