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It's afternoon over the ruined city of Fairhaven, the sun high in the sky and starting to beat down on its citizens in the recent months. With the farms of New Dawn experiencing a blatant drop in growth and production, it's no wonder they called for aide from Zephyr agents. A new tent has been pitched just outside the southmost gate of New Dawn, nearby which stands a male anole in wait, hand held over his eyes for shade from the sun. A rifle held on his back with a strap, he is charged with the reception of the few coming to help restore the fruits of labor.

Kilsa walks through the farms of New Dawn with a a strange expression on her face as she look at the anole, "Hello, My Name is Kilsa, Nanite adept, How are things going for you today." She look over his form in almost a stange sort of longing gaze.

Angelily walks down from Nichole's hut and comes down to the farms. She looks around, not completely sure what she could do to help, but she was here none the less. Seeing the human and the anole she walks up to them, in her typical uniform, and introduces herself, "Angelily, how can we help?" She asks, knowing the need of help from Nichole herself.

Seeing the request upon the public board, Dio decided he'd do his best to provide his services to the people of New Dawn. The farm is quite the important source of food in these awful times, and he knew it'd be a huge blow to their society to lose such a wonderful source of food and community cooperation. As the time came to set out, silver lion Dio checked his pockets, combed his mane to perfection, and smoothed out his semi-formal suit. Reaching the destination, he observes the on-scene agents and gives them a friendly wave. "Greetings. Please allow me to introduce myself,

Seeing the request upon the public board, Dio decided he'd do his best to provide his services to the people of New Dawn. The farm is quite the important source of food in these awful times, and he knew it'd be a huge blow to their society to lose such a wonderful source of food and community cooperation. As the time came to set out, silver lion Dio checked his pockets, combed his mane to perfection, and smoothed out his semi-formal suit. Reaching the destination, he observes the on-scene agents and gives them a friendly wave. "Greetings. Please allow me to introduce myself," he says with a bow, "My name is Dio. How may I assist and could you please describe what the issue may be? I'm afraid I'm not too keen on agricultural matters."

Anbessa yawns softly as he follows the others towards New Dawn, him staring with half opened eyes as he marches towards where the Bulletin board told him to. With the thought of getting more friendly relations to another faction in his head, he wakes up fully as soon as he enters the area after the rest of the agents come inside. The human waves towards the Anole, stopping just a small bit away from the others. "Anbessa reporting in." He says, introducing himself with a few short words as he readjusts his own rifle strap that goes across his chest, making his M4 on his back rustle his suit a little. He glances towards the other agents that have reported, his silver eyes stopping at Angel, who he gives a short wave as well before returning his attention towards the Anole.

The anole is positioned outside of New Dawn, only somewhat nearby the farm while he waits. His tail flicks behind him upon hearing a woman's voice, a constant sneer painted on his snout as he turns to look at her. "Hola, senora. Antonio. It's times like these I'm glad I became a lizard." he smirks in her direction, which is quickly replaced by his sun-induced sneer. He wears a pair of military boots, along with tucked cargo pants and a white tank-top. Noticing the coyote, lion, and human show up, he gives each a nod of acknowledgement. "And here we are, amigos... glad you could all drop in." he greets the group, dropping his hand from his brow to cross over his chest with his other arm. "So... there's been less food, as you can see..." he starts to explain, motioning inside the gates with his head before dropping his arms to his sides and leading anyone not already in New Dawn in the direction of the farm. "We got this feeling it's not poor weather or bad farming. You know what I'm saying, chicos?"

The nanite adept shifts slowly into a four legged Canine form and begins sniffing around the area before speaking, "So what do you think the source of your woes are, Friend?" Kilsa says perky in upbeat in her canine forms darting between each of the people and getting a good scent of all those gathered not bothring with normal greeting since in her mind their sents will do and she already knows Anbessa and Dio. "Smell good around here, So many scents."

Angelily growls as Kilsa sniffs at her, but also sniffs back. Looking over to Dio and Anbessa as they arrive, she gives Dio a growl as well, but Anbessa gets a very happy bark as well as a hug and kiss, "Hi there Mate, it has been a while." she says before turning back to Antonio, "Yes, what do you think could have caused it?" She asks as she walks up to the plants and sniffs at them. She looks over them as well.

Upon seeing Anbessa arrive, Dio seems to light up a bit once he observes his choice of attire. Someone else wearing a suit? It's about time someone appreciated a bit of aesthetics! However, now wasn't a time to get distracted by personal matters. Though, he did cock his head at being growled at. Did he say something wrong? The lion shrugs it off and follows Antonio further. "Do you think any bands of mutants has caused this. Have you been threatened or antagonized by anyone as of late? Perhaps we should scan the farm for some evidence."

Anbessa nods towards the Anole, his hands having been going towards his own pockets... Thuogh they quickly reroute as Angel presses her lips against his, him hugging her back momentarilly as he lets out a soft chuckle. "Mhm, it has been. After this we need to catch up." The human says, him letting out a strange, faint purr from his throat before he turns towards the Anole, following the man. He stays relatively quiet otherwise, but listens intently, his eyes quietly glancing about the area as his hands do go into his pockets. He seems really unphased by the heat of this day, despite wearing full black. Though as his eyes happen upon Dio, he smiles back at the lion before giving a friendly nod to him.

Antonio watches Kilsa easily shift into a canine form to stiff around at everything, nodding in approval to her. After a brief glance over the group, he scoffs. "You think I know that already, vatos?" he asks them, seeming a tad short on patience. "I can't think of anyone that would do this, no... could be come poncy little gang of delincuentes for all we know. Feel free to look around the crops, but be careful. This is all we got, and it's not enough. Can't have a bunch of guys trampling our food." he warns, watching over everyone and occasionally taking a look atound. The coyote's searching comes up with little to no results, unable to find anything out of the ordinary with the crops.

After sniffing around a big Kilsa can spot a little metal pieces of metal. She looks around notices a little bit of needle thin pieces of metal. She then gives a loud howl to attract the attection, She can't really speak with the natraul voice box of this form so she begins to shift it subtle to talk. "I think I found something." She sits on her haunches near the metal peieces careful not to crush any plants.

Angelily doesn't find anything unusual about the plants herself, but when she hears the howl she turns to join Kilsa, "What have you found?" She asks looking over the metal and needle parts. She ponders a moment and looks over to Kilsa, then back to Anbessa and Dio, "What do you think?" She asks them all, picking up a piece of metel and holding it a moment before putting it down. She is very careful to avoid walking on any of the plants.

Dio enters the farm, taking tender care not to upset the already in-danger crops. At first, he uses his nose to sniff a bit at the air, trying to find any unusual scents. Then, he bends down and analyzes the dirt to see if he could find anything of interest such as strange hairs or objects. "Hmm, don't think I see anything," the lion says in reply to Angelily." Dio walks over towards Kilsa and eyes the piece of metal. "That's an interesting find you have there."

Anbessa quickly turns his attention over towards Kilsa as the howl is let out, the human carefully moving towards Kilsa. Barely missing crops, the human crouches as he reaches them, looking down at the various metal pieces with a raised eyebrow. He picks a piece up, then looks over the small shard of metal. He goes quiet as he turns it around in his fingers, though as he notices the more rounded parts, he soon perks up as he gets a look of recognition! "Oh! I know what these come from. These look just like Grenade shrapnel. Since there are no scorch marks... Musta came out of maybe Flashbangs or Smoke grenades." He says out loud, looking over towards the Anole. "Hear any Banging noises come from the fields? Or maybe see any smoke?" He asks, raising up to his feet after setting back down the grenade shrapnel.

The howl certainly grabs the anole's attention, stepping over the rows of plants to get where Kilsa is. "What'cha find, senora?" he kneels down to examine the bits of metal scrap that were discovered, about the size of coins or smaller. "The hell is this mierda? This doesn't look like farm tool scrap." he scoffs, standing back up before his attention is then directed to Anbessa. Eyes wide, Antonio shakes his head. "Naw jefe, we didn't see any smoke or anything. You sure that's what it was? Not shitting me?" he asks with a sliver of worry in his noramlly indifferent or standoffish tone.

The canine sit on her haunches waiting for a development that would require her help until then Kilsa makes sure to move out of the garden and in to a nice warm patch of dirt. The Labrador mutant gives a long stretch which causes a little bit of milk to drip out of her tail, before she decides to curl up and wait on any developments. Kilsa gives a grunt as her voice box goes back into the standard mutation of a busty labrador.

Angelily looks at the metal a bit more and sniffs at it. Then she tries to sniff around at the air, ground, anything else she can sniff at, but doesn't come up with anything. She curses a bit under her breath, holding her wide belly. "Something is on them, but we can't pick up the trail, could someone give us a hand, or a nose?" She offers and asks.

Walking over towards Angelily, Dio decides he would give sniffing the object a shot as well. He sniffs at the metal object and then attempts to find if there's a trail of some sort he could follow. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to find anything. "Hmmm," he murmurs as he puts a paw to his chin, "I'm afraid I couldn't find a trail either."

Anbessa sighs softly as he shrugs towards the Anole. "Well, that is usually where these kinds of metal pieces come from. Though either way, if they had to use a Flashbang or a Smoke Grenade, woulden't that mean they needed to use it for some reason?" He asks, his hands going right back into his pockets. "Either they were trying to run away from something, or just being careful, this still means that whoever did this does have access to that kind of technology..." He looks back down at the metal on the ground... Then returns to glancing around the crops, his glowing silver eyes quietly scanning for any other sort of disturbance.

Antonio tilts his had at the sight of Kilsa taking a break, a look of mild disbelief. "You just gonna sit around then?" he asks the dog, shaking his head and focusing back on the rest. "Nothing? Nothing at all? Querido dios, I thought this eould be easier..." he sighs, listening to Anbessa's words while he walks south to the end of the farm. Stopping a little way past the crops, he glances up towards the sky where the sun burns in the epty vaccuum of space. "The hell would they be thinking using a flashbang or smoke bomb on a farm? And if it really was something like that... it means they threw it from somewhere... right?" he calls back at them, starting to walk once more.

The canine spins in a circle and sniffs and gives a bark before walking around the farm on her own in wider and wider, looking for anything that would smell differently that the secent of the farm, looking for infection strains. Her nanties are focusing on pushing her mutated sinces as far as she can, her mind is filled with annoyed thoughts of the weakeness of the farmer and the poor security of someone without even so much as a camera or simply having non-feral Treants in the mix. She keeps roaming around until something catches her attention but otherwise a milk trail will tell the group where she is.

Angelily is quick to get down on all fours and follow along with Kilsa. She sniffs along as well, and tries to catch wahtever Kilsa is is trying to catch. Maybe find something elsewhere? "Antonio? Have you ever seen anything out here, something unusual?" She turns and asks, getting a bit annoyed herself! "Maybe... just anything, a glint of... hold on." She checks her comm a moment, "Oh.. really? But.. fine." With a howl she runs back over to Antonio, "Very sorry, but we have to be going, wish we could have been more help, but something definately isn't right here." she says as she departs.

"Sorry," the lion says as he rubs the back of his head in embarrassment, "Guess we're just off our groove here. Maybe there's something over here?" Seeing Antonio move to a new position, the lion follows in his path and continues to look around with a keen interest and analysis. "Hmm?" Dio shifts his gaze ahead of Antonio, looking as if something caught his interest. "Excuse me a moment, I believe I see something over there..." Marching forward, the lion goes to the supposed glint that had caught his eye and bends down to pick it up. For a few moments, he analyzes it with a few sniffs and evaluates its weight. "This canister appears to be a grenade of sorts, but it seems unused. Not quite sure if it's a smoke or flashbang since it doesn't have a label or scent..." Looking around a bit more, something else quite important catches his attention as he turns around and checks it out. "There's a boot here. It appears to be something military personnel would wear. There are also a few tire tracks right here. Seeing how deep they are, it's possible they might've gotten stuck before taking off." Dio returns to his standing stance and crosses his arms. "What do you guys make of this?"

Anbessa waves towards Angel as she runs off, though his attention is quickly returned to the search... Till Dio calls out his find. Anbessa makes his way towards the Lion, him looking down at the canister for a moment before changing his view towards the Tire tracks... "Well... That canister ain't really like most grenades I have seen... Maybe custom made." He crouches down towards the Tire tracks, him squinting for a moment as he places his hands down on the dirt tracks... "Hrm... Well, they are recent, but not too recent..." He mutters to himself, him raising to his feet before looking towards where they head. "Aren't vehicles not really allowed? I forgot the rules on that." He says, scratching behind his head for a moment before turning towards Dio. "Oh, and does that feel like anything is inside of it?"

Stopping in his tracks at the sound of Angel calling his name, he crosses his arms. "Like I said: no. We ain't seen anything weird out here before. If we did, we would'a said so." he tells her, but widens his eyes as he's told she has to go. "'We'? You're going too, senora?" he asks Kilsa as well, thinking the coyote was talking about the two of them. "Suit yourself, gatito, I think we can handle it." he tells the coyote with a shrug, until Dio's discovery distracts him from the canines. "You find something? Mierda, you were right! Look at that... if they cared about the rules, they wouldn't be throwing those... things into the farms, eh? They got a car! Someone had to see that, but it would take too much time to ask around..." he crosses his arms, voice showing a bit of excitement.

Kilsa grunts and shift back into a human, "Yeah I'll go along, I guess I should let you guys lead your a little more skilled at this me." Kilsa says with small sigh. She follows along with the group while maintaining her human form and keeping close to Dio. She seems to be lost in thought..

Dio looks towards Anbessa and nods. He balances the canister in his paw in an attempt to evaluate its weight. "It seems like it's full or active from what I can tell. We could pull the pin and see what happens, or perhaps we could get someone to analyze it's contents after safely defusing it. There isn't a label on it, so there's no telling what comes out until we do either of the two options." Dio looks towards the group and holds out the canister. "I'll let you guys decide what you guys want to do with it."

Anbessa blinks for a moment at Dio's suggestion... Before raising an eyebrow with a stereotypical look of, 'I hope you are kidding.' "That is a very horrible idea." Anbessa blurts out harshly, him shaking his head before holding his hand out towards Dio. "Here, I can open it up." He says, him tapping his foot against the ground for a moment. He looks towards the Anole before shrugging. "There ain't many cars. Must be somebody with either alot of resources or someone who had enough time to." He says, his hand still held out to ask for the grenade from Dio.

Noticing Kilsa's shift back into human for, Antonio gains an impressed look briefly. "You got skills with that transforming, senora. Bet that's useful in every other situation, eh?" he smirks, tracing his eyes along the tire tracks, following them southwest until they fade after a few feet. Looking back towards Dio, he shakes his head, not liking the idea. "Not gonna happen, hombre. No telling what's gonna happen if you just pull that pin." he lets his arms slip down to his sides once more, having no doubt that the tracks are heading towards the bridge that leads off the island New Dawn resides. "That's what I was thinkin'... just wish there was an easier way to find out if people saw it. The tracks start in that direction, so they could have come from across the bridge. From Fairhaven. You sure you can open that thing up? You're standing over there, jefe, away from me."

The nanite adept eyes narrow at Antonio, "You would think so but not really." She answers curtly, "I think we should wait on pulling the pin it might be useful to us later or it could be crop killer from someone trying to sabotage this place." She look at the anole with a little bit of a smiles, "Right now I'm like you in the middle of a snow storm and under-dressed. So whats our next course of action."

Dio rubs at the back of his head with a free paw and chuckles. "I was only kidding, honest! I wouldn't really suggest throwing a mystery grenade... yeah..." It would've certainly been fun though, he had to admit. "Here you go," Dio says as he gently places the canister into Anbessa's hand, "I'm sure you know more about these kind of things than me. Be careful." With the canister now out of his hands, the lion turns to face the rest of the group. "I'm not quite sure. Perhaps we should check out the bridge for more clues. Interesting that a group with army gear and a vehicle would come to sabotage food. Can't seem to think of a reason as to why unless they were some radical terrorists of sorts."

Anbessa looks down at the Canister as he is handed it. "Alright... But first." He changes his gaze towards the sky as his right eye suddenly turns green, his COM device turning on. "I have enough sources that they might have spotted something. I will send a mass message to them and they should respond soon." He says, a faint *Ping* heard from him before his eye returns to his normal silver. He looks towards the Anole, then nods before he makes towards a more clear area away from the group to open up the grenade. Hope he knows what he is doing!

Antonio rolls his eyes, a gesture he doesn't make often. "Come on, don't be so modest, gatito. You could grow gills and breathe underwater. You could grow wings and fly. You adepts got all the freedom in the world." he laughs softly, before his gaze returns to the two men. "Yeah, you better be kidding, hombre. We don't need more crops getting ruined, or you killing yourselves. You got me?" he says with a smirk, obviously joking at least slightly. Staying away from Anbessa and the canister, he resigns to calling over to him. "You got sources, jefe? I like the sound of that. Let's keep our fingers crossed." he says figuratively, hoping the odds are in their favor, and this situation will come to an end soon.

"Not modesty just truth. I could look and be anything in the waste land but in the end, Nanite adept as just bigger monsters in sea of monsters. We rely on our power so much that we let skills go to waste, I haven't had to use a gun in a long time, or just a anything but milk to heal people. In fact you should be afriad of us because we are the ultimate embrace of nanties. In a short message...We are the scariest of monsters." She doesn't say much more while waiting for the rest to figure out what to do. "I'm not useful like the others so I'm just here until my services are needed or something needs some obsecure skill these fine folk don't have." She grinned.

Dio begins to back away from the possible incoming danger the canister could provide upon being opened. As he stood there and watched, the lion wondered if he knew some of these sources Anbessa spoke of, but it wasn't important for the moment. "I've always found adepts quite interesting, but it's not something I require due to using only a certain few forms for my day to day life. It's a scary power to have indeed if you put it into perspective."

*FWOOF* As soon as Anbessa pops open the canister from where he is standing, they are able to see a puff of greyish white smoke shoot up at his face! The human only flinches for a moment before looking down at the now opened, yet probably now empty smoke canister. He blinks, then shrugs before turning back towards them and waving th- Wait a moment... "... My eyes... They burn." Anbessa says in a blank tone... Before he lets out a comical yell of pain and quickly reaches into his suit pocket, him soon retrieving a small flask. Splashing the contents of the flask, which is water, on his face, he rids himself of the irritant. "Ow ow ow..." Anbessa mutters, him grumbling annoyedly for a moment before he just shrugs towards everyone else, returning to the group. "Just smoke... Must have something in it, cause that burned like a mother fucker..." He mutters, his face now wet from the impromptu splash of water on his face. His right eye glows green as an approving ping is heard! "Oh, already got a hit." Anbessa says, quickly distracted from the semi-irritated eyes he has as he reads the message. "Looks like there was a black van driving around the Northwest part of the City. And apperently it parks around there sometimes as well..." He relays the message as he still holds onto the opened canister.

While waiting for Anbessa to open the canister and the message to receive a reply, he focuses more on Kilsa, chuckling her way. "Querido dios, gatito. That's some deep shit right there. I always thought 'monsters' were kinda cool, and I'm not afraid of anything." he shrugs and shakes his head, quickly turning back to Anbessa with wide eyes. "Hijo de un simio violador, what's what I was saying, jefe!" he shouts, seeing that he'd gotten the stuff in his eyes. "Mierda... at least we got some good news. Northwest corner of town, eh? That's close by the bridge, let's go have a look... shall we?" he asks with a smirk on his face, already seeming to forget his slight chagrin for Anbessa's action.

The anole doesn't wait long to start walking the way the tire tracks lead, gripping the strap his gun is held over his shoulder with.

"Deep..? Maybe just truth in my mind. So are we ready to go?" She ask a little impatiently not caring about the state of Anbessa health from inhaling God knows what from that container. She notices the anole walking and grins, "Finally someone with some direction." She walks along with the anole and brightens up a bit finally feeling that if she couldn't be useful atleast she could get some entertainment out of the farmer. "So living out here have you found any friends or enemies, Antonio? I'm sure a guy like you has to have interesting stories."

When the lion saw the canister open, Dio leaned back a little bit until he saw the contents were simply smoke and not some explosive. Now that the tense moment was over, Dio smiled and did his best not to chuckle at Anbessa's situation. "Ah, are you going to be okay sir? If so, let's be off. And perhaps we should exchange sources sometime..." Dio straightens out his suit once more and follow the rest of the group towards the bridge. "Be quite strange if you found any enemies considering this type of work I feel. Although, I suppose this situation here proves it's not impossible."

Anbessa grumbles softly at the uncaring others, him sighing for a moment before he follows after the group. The human, with now redish eyes, rubs at his own eyes using his suit's sleeve. At least it isn't burning anymore, though his vision probably will be irritated for a bit. He follows close behind the others as he just grumbles out his anger, otherwise staying quiet.

Anbessa grumbles softly at the uncaring others, him sighing for a moment before he follows after the group. The human, with now redish eyes, rubs at his own eyes using his suit's sleeve. At least it isn't burning anymore, though his vision probably will be irritated for a bit. He glances to Dio, sighing a tad before he speaks. "I'll be fine in a bit... Just my eyes are gonna be blurry for a little... And I can give you a few, though their charges can be outragous depending on the info wanted." He says, returning his attention to the others. He follows close behind the others as he just grumbles about his now pained eyes, otherwise staying quiet.

"Says the one wandering aimlessly as a dog not long ago, gatito. Hah! Just kidding." Antonio quips back over his shoulder at the human girl, grinning amusedly. "Friends or enemies? I've made a few amigos here in New Dawn, but no enemies... until now that is. If these culos want to ruin the food supply of my people, they've got an enemy in me." he says firmly, the group soon making it to the bridge. It's long and littered with only a few skeletons of various vehicles left behind on P-day, then later stripped by scavengers. Most of the cars seem more recently butchered, pieces sloppily removed and laying about around them. "Maybe someone can scout ahead and look for the van. If we're lucky, the van will be parked somewhere... convenient." he suggests to the ones behind him, turning to start walking backwards. "You, gatito. You said you want to be more useful, right? Give yourself some wings and fly over the northwest corner of the city, see if you can see anything." he motions to Kilsa, now that he's gotten to calling her 'gatito'.

The adept nods at the before smiling, "I'll be as quiet a possible." She shift into a metalic jet-like creature and starts hovering lightly before rocketing off softly and approching the only building with a black van near it. "Hmmmm." She resist the urge to bomb the place that the nanites are feeding her before she returns lands with a soft sizzle as her legs give off a high amount of heat and she returns to her human form. "I saw a van near a place called Nick's Knacks, I'm not going to lie I wanted to bomb it based on name alone." She grinned.

Dio continues to follow behind the group and listen to the idle chatter. While walking, he takes a moment to contemplate how strange it is that seeing these sights has become the norm. Seemed like only a few years ago that... Nah, there were more important matters at hand after all. "Good luck," Dio says as he watches the jet take-off and go searching. Moments later, the lion nods once he hears the new information the adept had scouted out. "Nice work, and interesting name... I think I've heard about it before. The only thing I know is that it's about four blocks south of this bridge here. Anyways, shall we be off?"

Anbessa, by this point, has his eyes back to normal. He watches Kilsa fly off for a bit before she returns. "Well, maybe a good idea is to think of some kind of strategy. Considering that they literally gassed your fields, from whatever was in those canisters, they probably don't wanna be confronted." Anbessa says, him reaching over his back to unholster his M4 Compact Carbine. He looks towards Kilsa, then chuckles. "Bombing may help, but maybe we should ID who these people are."

Antonio nods to Kilsa as she jets off into the sky to search over the city, turning back to walk normally. He watches her fly around a little off in the distance, shaking his head in amazement. "She can even turn into a fucking jet plane... querido dios..." he mumbles before her return, rubbing at the top of his head while his awe fades. "You think they're holed up in a store, eh?" he asks, unable to help chuckling at her last comment. The information passed along by Dio causes the anole to smile, liking the fact that they already know where it is. "Just four blocks? Sounds easy enough to me, vatos. But se�or mafia here is right. Let's not walk right up there, you know? Got any ideas?" he asks over his shoulder, pulling his own ARX-160 rifle off his back and carrying it at the ready as they soon reach the end of the bridge.

The adept smiles, "My ideal is to simply give them an attack from a safe position while other sneak in from the another side. "I could probably cause the biggest distraction while being a large target, Colateral damage." She grins as her eyes shift black for just a moment before becoming back to her nanite pale color. "I won't kill anyone but I could cause alot damage and it would be fuuuuuuuuuuuun." She smiles.

"Hmmm, I think I have a few ideas." Dio slips a hand inside his sleeve until it looks like a cloth tube. After a few moments, a small bit of smoke starts to bellow out from the sleeve. "I'm a... nanite manipulator of sorts, especially that in the pyrotechnic variety. My idea is to set off a loud bang in the form of a firework, which would hopefully cause them to funnel out of the building. Then, I would deploy some smoke to cause confusion where you guys can then perform your business and have the upper-hand if all goes well." The smoke cuts off and the lion pokes his hand back through his shirt sleeve. "What do you think of that plan? It can certainly be combined with the other ones so far."

Anbessa looks up towards the Adept, him smirking quietly at her idea. "Well, that may be fun... But I still wanna be sure if these guys are just terrorists or are hired by someone." He says, glancing over towards Dio as he nods. "That really could help. I got Skunk Acid pellets that can take care of the building inside if I can get a few in there." He says, smiling deviously as he reaches into his suit jacket and retrieves, what looks like, is a handful of tiny green orbs which hold swirling green smoke in them. He returns them to his pocket. "We got the element of suprise, so we have alot of time to get this done. I think the first order of business is to decommission that vehicle. No escape for them?"

After hearing Kilsa's plan, Antonio shakes his head. "No chance, gatito. I'm not putting you in that kind of position, just a living target... I'll give you my colt here, you can shoot from a distance. That is, IF we're going to be shooting at all. Killing them isn't my first idea, but you take this if it comes to that." he slips his standard-looking colt handgun from his belt and hands it over towards the human adept. While his arm is outstretched from holding out the pistol, his gaze briefly turns to Dio and Anbessa. "Perform our business? Skunk acid? No escape? Hey, we aren't just going in there and killing them, amigos. Right?" he asks, stopping in front of a ruind hotel, still about three blocks from Nick's Knacks. "You think that's the way we should do it?"

Kilsa ignores the gun, "I grow my own guns." She says simply and takes a seat at a good look out point. "When you want me to collapse a building, capture some enemies or kill someone. I'll be here I'll leave the stealthy stuff to the real deal." She lay on her back in the dirt before taking on the for of large tiger furred Margay and waits for the group to handle this part of the issue. "I would just walk in, I'm sure we are better equiped and better armed than most of those guys."

"Killing them all? I suppose that's one way to do it, but I think I'd like to get a little more information out of them first. I mean, what if this group was hired by another much larger one? That could put the farm in more danger in the future I feel. Then again, I could just be paranoid." Dio reaches into his pocket and pulls out a stone ball, tossing it up into the air and catching it occasionally. "I could try my best to talk to them and learn some information. If anything goes wrong, I'll drop some smoke and blow a firework to send a signal to let you guys know when to start shooting. How does that sound?"

Anbessa looks towards the Anole. "Hrm...? Oh! Well, true, maybe we can intimidate them out... But still." He says, him tapping the scope of his M4 Carbine. "You all can try whatever, but I am going to go meet up with a few sources. May as well get some information on who we are confronting and why they did it." He says, him looking towards Dio before reaching into his suit pocket. Retrieving a few Skunk Pellets, he hands them to the lion. They feel like they are really sensitive and are surrounded by just Gel. "Use em if needed. They are like Smoke Bombs." He says, shrugging for a moment before waving to the others. "I will page you information when I get it!" He says, turning and getting on the move. May as well have the non-social Mafioso stay out of negotiations.

Antonio raises a brow as he watches Kilsa's actions, sheathing his pistol once again and glancing to Dio and Anbessa. "Good idea, yeah... I dunno, vatos... you'd think that killing off the Prometheans of New Dawn that way was an act of war..." he sighs, his gaze turning away and falling on the road ahead of them. "I'd think we'd be better off letting se�or mafia go find out what we need, while we take care of these guys ourselves. It's really sayin' something when you put this much into screwing someone over... not just someone, but all of us at New Dawn." he explains to the two remaining, moving closer towards the hotel and starting to move down the sidewalk towards their destination. "I don't want to hurt the building, gatito. That would make it harder to rebuild later. You think you could turn into something to sneak in and ccatch them by surprise? Thinkin' we could attack the front to give you that chance."

"Are you asking for my advice, you want me to help. You wan't the building, poison them like rats in the walls. They want you dead by starvation. I would kill those that wanted me any my family to stave and charcoal the bodies before burying them." Kilsa doesn't bother getting up, "You want a less damaging solution, I could pump poison into the building. My friend here..." She point to Dio, "Could seal up the windows and doors with his skills while I breath in poison. Dead enemies and the building is safe and reusable after a few days."

Dio takes a few moments to think over all the available options and plans the party has come up with so far. "Hmm," he murmurs, putting a paw to his chin once more. "Alright, we'll let our friend dig up some more information. In the meantime, I think I've taken a liking to this poisoning plan. It's rather harsh, but I can't say I hold a lot of sympathy for those who attack farms." The lion digs down into his pockets until he again pulls out a stone ball, making it levitate in mid-air. "Sealing the doors should be a simple task. Start pumping and I shall begin sealing," he says with a large grin.

Antonio stops in his tracks as Kilsa speaks, noticing that she hasn't gotten up from her strangely adorable position on the ground. Listening to her suggestions, he nods slowly a few times, considering them. "Poison, eh?" he asks, thinking inwardly for a bit longer. "I... don't like the idea of killing, but that migh be better in this case. Those cruel culos will get what's coming to them. Yeah, they deserve this, I like that plan." he decides, nodding more confidently. "Gatito, you head around behind their building as something small so they can't see you, then get ready. When you hear me shooting, that's when you start pumping. Hombre, you take cover and wait until I shoot the first bullet, then cover up the doors and windows. Together, we can take these pendejos down." he adopts a more frm demeanor than a moment ago, continuing his walk towards Nick's Knacks once more.

"Alright you want me small and unseen it something I can do. Time to be a cute little blob." She shrinks form until there is a tiny little goo girl. "Hey if everything goes good I know something I can do to help your crops." She smiles wickly as she looks at him, "I'll keep out of sight," She moves like a swift puddle along the ground her body rolling in enough dirt and grass to look like living dirt ball to disguise her self as she sits behind the building as a small bit of dirt with grass on the top, even her eyes are closed.

"Very well, I shall wait for the signal then. Good luck," he says as he waves the tiny goo girl off. He slips the ball of stone back into his pocket and then heads forward a bit and takes cover out of sight, preparing to do his end of the deal.

The two men outside fail to notice the little blob squirming along the groun behind their building, stationed outside behind short walls of sand and cloth. Antonio turns right into an alley between two buildings, kicking open the back door to a laundromat which shares a small perking lot with Nick's Knacks. Using the washers and dryers as cover, he works his way to the front of the building, sitting low under the large windows making up most of the wall. The anole takes a few deep breaths before scooting slightly, raising to just barely look up over the edge of his cover. After a quick survey of their positions, he ducks back into cover and physically prepares himself. Body tense and breaths steadied, the lizard springs up a foot and begins showering the two outside guards with bullets. "Yo, Larry! Dafuq is goin' on out there!?" a loud voice is heard from inside the store soon after the bullets fly, the attackers now allerted to Antonio's presence.

"Alright!" Kilsa does something strange and forces her nanite to stop the pain suppression at the trade off of transforming faster. Its only a matter of second before there is a gigantic metal badger with a giant maw, "GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! DIOOOO!!" She scream before punching in a window and pressing her maw into the hole and spewing a Noxious black could like a smoke stack out into the building.

Leaning against a coarse brick wall not far away from the building in question is the silver lion himself laying in wait for the signal. As the bullets started flying, Dio peaked out from his cover, ears twitching as he hears his name at full blast originating from a gigantic badger of sorts he's never seen before. No time for admiration, it's time for action. The lion starts to concentrate on his ability of earth nanomagic, directing the ever available nanites in the area to seal up both the doors and the windows.

Having expelled his only clip on the first two men, Antonio is pleased to see that his efforts have left them grounded and bleeding. His joy is quick to end however, the sight of the giant, robotic badger causing his jaw to drop. "Por todo lo sagrado..." he whispers in awe, sliding back down onto his knees and watching with amazement. With green plumes of smoke seeping out of the windows, the three remaining men inside the building cry out in terror, at the giant robot and noxious fumes alike. All portals separating the inside of the building from the out are rapidly sealedoff by powerful earth nanomagic, effectively sealing off their only escape from demise. It isn't long until the muffled screaming stops, nothing but corpses left within Nick's Knacks. Antonio remains where he is, gawking at the show before him and silently thankful these two are on his side.

The badger walks over to Antonio in her massive size and look down at him with a smile, "I didn't lie, we are the biggest Monsters of this infection. I can turn into worse things than this." She says simply before picking the anole up and walking further back from the building allowing Dio to keep them insdie till he thinks they are all dead. She shimmer and decides to shift into something a little more to the reptiles taste and less villainous looking. "Is this a little better than before?"

Dio continues to seal up the various windows and doors until he decides that his part of the job was accomplished. The lion lets out a short cough and walks towards the rallied group. "This is quite cliche, but I'd say we can all be incredible monsters if we try hard enough. Can't say I feel any sort of remorse for taking out the trash so to speak." Watching Kilsa shift into that of a dragoness, Dio gives a nod of approval. "Not bad, but I personally prefer the vixen and feline forms myself," he says with a chuckle. "Anyways, we'll need to let that poison vent out for awhile before any investigation."

Fear shows in Antonio's face as Kilsa approaches the laundromat, her giant metallic paw bringing a surprised cry out of him. "Espera! Put me down!" he calls out frantically before his nerves catch up with him, leaving him panting. "Mierda... so much for gatito, eh?" he chuckles nervously, though he's relieved when she puts him down to shift into a dragoness instead, with shimmering scales. His eyes wide in approval, he gives a nod. "Si senora, this form is more pleasing than a giant metal muerte tej�n." he laughs loudly, todding a nod Dio's way as well. "Good work, amigos. This was a big win today, I'm just disappointed there weren't more of them!" he jokes, his mood noticeably lightened now that they've removed the threat to New Dawn's farms.

"Should we try to identify the guys outside?" She offer while leaning close to antonio. After her whisper is done she looks to Dio, "We did good but I'm not going to lie, I wanted to bomb the building where I flying. Nick Knacks..... Just tacky." She looks a little in high spirits as she had a simple thought, "You know.... some infections strains don't need to breath. I hope their weren't any inside..." She keeps a hard watch of the building prepared to torch anything that walks out of it.

"Wouldn't hurt to give those guys a check. They might have some sort of identification on their person." Dio watches as Kilsa whispers to Antonio and quirks an eyebrow. "I thought the name was a bit funny, but in the awful sort of way." Behind Kilsa, Dio concentrates once more and starts to unseal the front entrance. "I'm unsealing the front now. Please prepare yourselves. There could be some people still alive..."

The whisper causes one of his own brows to raise, crossing his arms over his chest. "You just caught be off-guard is all... told you I'm not scared of anything. Oh well. You do what you want, gatito." he starts, leaning in to whisper something back to her. "But yeah, we gotta check these bodies, maybe we can figure at least something out before se�or mafia gets back." he shrugs his shoulders, quickly making his way back into the laundromat to pick up his gun and sling it back over his shoulder, before he rejoins the others in front of Nick's Knacks. "Yeah yeah... the name, I know. If you're that upset about it, go take down the sign." he chuckles, keeping an eye on the door for anyone that might emerge, though it appears no one was left alive. Reaching one of the two he gunned down, and after a search in his pockets, Antonio shakies his head with a sigh. "Nothing here, vatos. What about that guy?"

At the ok from Antonio, Kilsa decides to move close to the van and rip off the door And toss it at the sign. She hears the message over her com and sighs. "Alright... seem our enemies were just some nut bag that defected from RSX. Nothing but scum that wanted to kill." She looks at one of the bodies outside and spits near the corpse. "No matter what we will find, there is almost always a crazy." The dragon look at Antonio and nods, "Did you want me to work on your crops?"

"Just wanton killers, huh," Dio says with a scoff. "Oh well, I suppose that means our work here is done. I'd say we should burn the bodies so no one has to look at 'em and head on home." The lion gets a chuckle as Kilsa destroys the sign and nods to her question. "I'll help out with what I can. Earth nanomagic could turn out to be quite the handy farming tool now that I think about it."

Antonio doesn't pay the tearing of metal much mind at first, until the door makes contact with the sign, resulting in the both of them crashing down to loudly to the ground. "Querido dios! You crazy girl, what the fuck?" he shouts, having been caught off-guard once again. A paw pressed to his scaled chest, he lets out a relieved sigh and nods. "That would be appreciated, senora. Thank you." he answers with a small smile, glad someone is eager to help with the restoration of the Promethean crops. Looking back down to the body, he scoffs and crosses the lot back towards the laundromat. "Figures, don't it? At least these locos are dead now..." he shrugs dismissively, looking surprised towards Dio. "You too, jefe? Mi amigos would be very grateful for your help. Thank you. I'll return to New Dawn now and tell everyone our crops are safe, and they have you vatos to thank." he smiles more widely, giving them a sluggish salute before starting back north, his rifle swaying on his back.

Kilsa walks up to the Anole while he is leaving and passes him a simple Card. "Here, This is my Card, I'm Kilsa of the KS Solutions out of in Fairhaven, we solve solutions like this often and unlike the big three we wouldn't be in as much read. And... I made the first move." She give him a soft pat on the ass before leaving back to home.