Womb for Rent/Extra Notes

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  • +womb by itself will show a few commands in-game.
  • +womb <name> to take someone inside. Requires TRUSTED permission.
  • +womb <variable>=<string> lets you change the text for some thing, valid options are Name, Desc, Mother (the prefix you see), and Child (the prefix occupants see when you wsay). Note that the item's 8/30/15 in-game description gives an incorrect command.
  • wsay <text> will spoof the text inside, preceded by the Child string.
  • wlook and wpot work exactly like their non-womb counterparts, except you cannot wlook at an individual in the room.
  • +womb/mark <name> scent-marks the person.
  • +womb/vacate [name] ejects the person from your womb. If no name is given, everyone is ejected.