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This article is under construction.

Content may be inaccurate, missing, and/or unformatted.

This guide is primarily for content related to the multiplayer game.

DO's and DON'T'S

  • Don't
  1. Post transformation details verbatim from FEX.
    1. Goes doubly for victory/defeat scenes.
    2. Or the transformation text.
  2. Alter RPLogs except perhaps fixing very minor unambiguously unwanted typos.
  3. Post something to a page maintained by flexbot(check the history of the page), not that it's bad or unwanted, perhaps, but it is likely to get overwritten when flexbot carelessly stomps over it on its next edit cycle.
  4. Vandalize someone else's character page.
  • Do
  1. Create descriptions of areas in the game.
    1. Diagrams are nice when you can do them.
  2. Create summaries of items.
    1. Detail how the item might fit into a build.
  3. Use templates when they exist for uniform look.
  4. Create a character page for your own characters.
  5. Describe Quests
  6. Describe a form's tags and flags, which dividers or other appearance modifiers(such as kemonomimi) that it supports.

How to Contribute

Contributing or editing the wiki currently requires making an account due to issues with spam. To make an account for the wiki, first create an account for the multiplayer game, then log in through direct connect, then type +wiki/create to make a login.