WD Eruptor

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WD Eruptor stats
Description The Wide Dispersal Eruptor uses a concentrated source to vaporize and then disperse materials over a wide-spread area. The proper energy source and chemical compounds produces higher immersion of targets within the chemical mixtures for short-lasting but effective dosages of what's delivered.
Cred Cost 20000 Ingredients Nanite Power Brick X 1
Chemical Barrels X 1
Salvage Common Electronic X 5
Common Energy X 5
Crafting Skills Energy of at least 5
Chemical of at least 5
Item Stats Charge of 750
Cooldown of 8000
Damage of 3
Damage Type of Poison
Energy of 20
Loadout of 20
100% chance of WeaponDamage at magnitude 6 for 4 rounds.
Status Chance of +15%
Status Duration of -50%
Status Mag of +15%
Target of Medium AoE Enemy
Type of DoT
Upkeep of 8

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