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Vari (full name Varijus Fiona Arak'Than) was born on the 15th of July 1989 in Germany, near the city of Hamburg.

He was some kind of child prodigy, having skipped two classes, and beginning to start studying medicine with the age of 17. A medical convention was what led him to the United States, to further his studies, which started on the 10th of February 2008, and was planned to go on for three days.

He was listening to professor talking about alternate and future ways of treating patients, when the 'disaster' struck. Ironically enough, the old man was just talking about nanites, and that it would easily take another decade or two before first tests could be conducted on living beings, when a panic spread among the people inside the hall. Vari didn't know what was happening, as the patreons just rushed up and out of the door. But he sure as hell knew that he wouldn't just sit there idly. He didn't even notice the professor being desintegrated behind him. Outside on the streets, he then was hit by a car, and fell into a coma. Someone found him, and held him in that state for around 5 years, installing a buggy nanite adept hardware into him, preparing for further experiments. Both unbeknownst to the young man, he was then rescued by Prometheans, and transferred to the Zephyr triage, in which he woke up, almost six years after P-Day.

When he awoke, he was still human by some sheer luck, and due to him being almost blind without glasses, he couldn't see the person watching over him. But he started to trust the man with the softspoken voice, and, after he was handed some glasses, could see what he looked like. A coyote was staring back at him, and, while shocked for the first seconds, he remained calm, and asked why he looked like that, having P-Day and the consequences explained to him.

He was surprisingly quick to adapt to this situation, and did not fear other mutants that still held on to their sanity. In fact, after only a short time, still lying in the triage for recovery, a catgirl was visiting him, and the two fell in love after some more visits from her.

When it was time to leave the triage, he found a vial amongst the clothes and provisional equipment layed out for him, and thought it'd be medicine. Not knowing that those were potent transformative nanites, he chugged the vial, and soon started to change. While Vari always had rather feminine attributes to him, he now started to grow breasts. They were still small, but noticable. His figure shifted, and soon enough, he was not girly, but womanly, and a herm to boot. With his new gender, and the new urges coming over him, the first thing he did was to give in to his, or rather, her new lust. He became a hummingbird, and soon considered himself female, due to his voice having changed drastically, and his new physique.

Having rented a room in Zephyr, she soon found herself craving for a new relationship, to which the catgirl, Kami was her name, agreed. Soon the plantgirl Lucky joined them in the apartment, but after learning more about her own sexuality, she and Lucky came to the conclusion they needed more, they needed something else, something to put them in their place. With her new submissive mindset, she set out to find someone to own her, and came across Loveblade, who lulled her in with sweet words, and a dominant aura.

At first things were fine, Vari's sexlife was fulfilled as she was trained as a pet, trained to give others all the pleasure they could imagine, as she was trained to pick up things to make even more things possible, like nanomagics. She shifted forms again, and made use of the buggy adept hardware, enabling her to shift forms. She settled on a tauric arachnid form for the most part, with much bigger breasts, and a much more sexualized figure. But after a while, something new crept in the mind of the now spider. With her two mates, and her mistress around, she found herself imagining herself in the dominant position. It wasn't long after that, that she ran away, and, with money she owned from continuing her medical studies, and starting to work as a surgeon, she built up her own hospital in Fairhaven.

The training as a sexslave has twisted her body, making it more lewd in many regards. Her mind has stayed sane, though, so she isn't some sexcrazy bitch in heat. However, the training has weakened her mind, and changes of the head with the nanite adept hardware now causes her to loose control for a time after the shift, making her resemble a feral for the time being. She regains control either after her need was satisfied, or if she can muster the willpower.

Now the owner of a hospital and a mansion, Vari found herself alone again, but confident to find some pets on her own. But since a reason she ran away was her discontent with the practices of her former mistress, she made a promise on the collar she still wore to never be like that, and instead treat her pets as if they were her best friends, and even family she would do everything for. She soon after met Felictus, her current husband, and shortly aftre that Charu, her first maid, and later on daughter. Since then, her family has grown, and there is no sign of stopping.

Her husband also took away her old collar, the memento she kept to always remember the promise she made, and replaced it with a new one, marking her as his, but not as a pet, but as an equal, as his wife.

Vari dedicated her life to Inari, the Kami of the kitsune, and she is a devout follower. She also has become a milk maiden by accident, and picked up being a coyote, to use those powers to help others restore or become the form they want, as part of her surgical treatments. She also followed the Tanuki for a time, before becoming a kitsune, which she now is embarassed about.

She is the medic of the K9 police unit, and the current head of them, after Chase, the former head, vanished. She is dutiful, but has a twisted sense of justice at times.

Despite mostly identifying as female, recently Vari also has picked up being a male again, albeit a very feminine one, dressing in completely female attire, something he only occasionally did before P-Day, by stealing clothes from his sister, which has since floowed him to Fairhaven. By giving up their family fortune to bribe the correct people, Vari's sister Celerine was then brought to the city, much to the surprise of her 'brother'.

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Zephyr: Vari knows that Zephyr makes for one potent ally, but she also knows that they tend to be on the lookout for their own profit. She doesn't trust them as far as she can kick them, but she knows that with the right amount of money, they can be helpful. Occasionally helps in the triage, to help wounded agents recover, as a payment for her own treatment before she came to.

RSX: Vari doesn't think much of them, as they hold, in her mind, onto too old principles. But with almost no interaction towards them, Vari really don't mind them, and would help them in a pinch. She thinks they are mistaken in wanting to bring the world back to what it once was

Prometheans: The faction Vari feels connected to the most. She is helping them by resocializing ferals whenever she has the chance to. She also holds the same virtues, and agrees with the common family structure of them, having a family on her own. For Vari, the situation they are in right now, is the next step in evolution.

Survivalists: Remnants of a time long gone, Vari thinks they are mistaken in what they hold onto, but she also admires their willpower, and would never tell them to just give up. She will help them with medical needs, whenever there is a need for it, even operating in a non-mutant fashion.

Ferals: The ones too unfortunate, Vari does whatever is in her power, to try to resocialize them. Subduing them, and then treat their minds with hypnotic sessions, or simple therapy, Vari sometimes works in an unethical way to get the desired results. This is one of the cases for her, where the result justifies the means.

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Celerine: Vari's 'older' twin sister, who followed her from germany seven years after he vanished, giving up their family fortune.

Felictus: Vari's husband, who she met after she has declared herself independant from her former mistress.

Charu: Vari's first maid, and daughter by rebirth. Collared, as she wanted to be Vari's own.

Lola: Vari's second maid, a former male she TGed due to her twisted sense of justice.

Betty: Vari's third maid, brought into the mansion by her husband, who met her in a bar.

Aiko: Vari's fourth maid, and second daughter by rebirth, former male, TGed due to him being depressive about the loss of his family. Collared, due to the same reason as Charu.

Sunny: Vari's fifth maid, former male, with a split personality Vari created by accident. Switches between femboy and female whenever one personality gets stronger.

Escher: Vari's first real pet, although she is still hesitant to call him that. A cuntboy, that Vari has strong feelings to.

Cruz: Current lover of Vari. Male, who is going to be TGed very soon, due to depressions, and the subconscious wish to become female.

Loveblade: Vari's former mistress.

People who disappeared:

Kana-chan: Also named Kami, former lover.

Lucky: Former lover.

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RP Hooks

-Medical Scenes: Vari is a professional surgeon, so she would never turn down someone hurt.

-Psychological Therapy/Manipulation: She is also a trained psychologist and psychiatrist, with hypnosis and dream and shared dream nanomagic. Can use this for consensual things, or nonconsensual things.

-Transformations: Nonconsensual or consensual are possible, as long as it is not Vari that gets TFed. Or maybe yes, depending on the scene.


-Love, Romances

-Submissive partners

-Weird body parts (sexual organs at wrong places, for example)


-Scat, Vomit

-Hard vore



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Birthday: 15th of July, 1989

Place of Birth: Hamburg, Germany

Gender of Birth: Male

Gender: Varying, mostly either feminine herm, or femboy, rarely pure female.

Faction: Prometheans

Group: K9 Unit

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Vari has two sets of personalities, depending on their primary gender.

As a femboy, he acts rather cute and feminine, and upbeat like a happy little girl. He is very thoughtful, however, and always has a good advice on his mind. He loves to love, and be loved, and cuddles and pets.

As a female, or herm, she seems more regal, acting with more grace. She is a little more dominant as well, more like a mother. Softspoken, but calm.

No matter what gender Vari is though, they alway are caring and loving, looking after the people they love. They aren't shying away from spending much a coin to see those close to them happy.

They have, however, a twisted sense of justice, often times taking matters in her own hands, and punishing the culprit with a lesson they won't soon forget. But often times she regrets that, and then tries to make it better by being the friendliest person to them, as with Lola, who just was sexist, and Vari transformed the former human male into a female honeybee. Since then, Vari has taken Lola in, and cared for her as a lover.

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Often used:

- Kemonomimi Kitsune

- Spider Hybrid

- Arms: Female Widow Convert

- Ass: Arachne
- Groin: Runic Scorpion
- Head: Female Widow Convert
- Legs: Runic Scorpion
- Skin: Runic Scorpion
- Torso: Jorogumo

- Spider Hybrid (tauric)

- Arms: Female Widow Convert

- Ass: Arachne
- Groin: Runic Scorpion
- Head: Female Widow Convert
- Legs: Arachne
- Skin: Runic Scorpion
- Torso: Jorogumo

- Dragon

Rarely used:

- Roseander

- Icy Phoenix

[ edit ]

Nanite Adept (actively acted out)

Coyote (actively acted out)

Cow Maiden (actively acted out)

Kitsune (actively acted out)

Tanuki (inactive)

Initiate of Dionysus (never acted out)

Kaiju (never acted out)

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