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The reports of increased feral activity around different areas was starting to become a nuisance to the

                 corporate heads at Zephyr. They managed to convince some of their agents to check what exactly was going on.
                 Question people, ferals, mutants, whatever. They wanted answers, or at least a trail to follow. And so, it
                 seemed that 3 agents answered, each with their own motives behind the decision.

Fenris is generally all in for anything that annoys the Z, but increased feral activity was always suspicious.

                 The burly tanuki arrives on the scene wearing his usual, saffron robes with heavy prayer beads around his neck
                 and wrists. He has a long spear strapped to his back, ready should he need it, but he would much rather talk
                 his way through problems. 

He trots along the street, looking around with an amiable smile on his face as
                 the other agents join him.

Elain arrives appearing rather nervous, She isn't used to this sort of action but a very good friend of hers

                 may have been taken by the cult, so here she is to investigate.

Liefa stretches out her arms as she walks onto the scene with a small yawn escaping her mouth. The normally

                 energetic admittedly might of been completely unaware, though when she ended up learning of the situation at
                 hand, she decided to lend a hand as well. She kind of hoped that her presence would help in preventing any
                 unneccessary conflicts from breaking out. And if one does, she could at least help those who need healing.

The place the trio was sent to looked like a small shanty town, a narrow alley sided with decrepit buildings

                 and makeshift rooms made of whatever scraps were available. The graffitis that stand out are the ones that were
                 reported, "P-Day will come back!", "Let the ferals loose" and similar stuff. A faint murmur could be heard from

Fenris considers the graffiti. "Every day is P-Day," he says thoughtfully, "And as far as I know, the ferals

                 ARE loose." The tanuki shrugs and looks at his two companions. "I guess we might as well go introduce
                 ourselves," he says with a pleasant smile, before knocking on a nearby, likely door. "Hello?" he calls
                 pleasantly, "Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Tanuki?"

Elain takes a step and moves a little behind the larg tanuki doing her best to seel her nerves for whatever

                 might come next.

Liefa tilts her head as she looks onto the graffiti that the group were walking pass. "P-Day will come back?"

                 She reads outloud with a bit of a frown. "But how would someone even do that. You'd need to reinfect the world
                 with a virus that everyone already has built an immunity towards." The cute little doctor runs her hand over
                 her chin as she looks over at the Tanuki going towards the noise. With one final glance at the graffiti, she
                 runs off to follow.

No answer comes from the knocked building. However, the sight of the agents caught the attention of hidden

                 eyes. The silence eventually gave way to a single mechanical mephit showing up, wearing dirty bath robes, from
                 the building on the other side of the narrow alley. "Your lord wot? Tanook?" The herm mechanoid looked at the
                 trio, analyzing them. Hir face was hard to read.
"Tanuki," Fenris says pleasantly, "He is like me, only bigger and lots of magic powers. He is also very cool. 
                 Do you want to talk about him? Because I can talk about him all day. He is very nice." The big guy is about as
                 intimidating as a state fair teddy bear as he wanders over to the mephit's side of the alley. "I just figured
                 with all the motivational graffiti that this was a religious kind of neighborhood, you know? Good place to talk
                 to people about Tanuki's benevolent, civilizing influence."
Elain looks the mephit up and down before realising how easy it was for it to sneak up the group, with that in 
                 mind she begins paying closer attention to her surroundings as the tanuki evangelises.
Liefa pokes her head pass the Tanuki to glance over at the mechanoid. It would appear that Fenris seems to be 
                 taking the lead on this. Though that didn't stop Liefa giving the mephit an excited little wave. "Hello. We
                 came to talk." She cheers happily, hoping that their new friend was only here to talk.
The mechanical mephit evaluates the situation for a moment. "Weird raccoon. Collared many-tailed fox. Happy 
                 bunny. This unit has seen it all. Truly." 
      The skunkdroid notices that, so far, the only one that
                 remained quiet was Elain, the collared fox. Nodding at Liefa and Fenris, shi starts talking, "This unit accepts
                 talk. That unit." - Shi says, pointing at Elain - "Has not talked yet. Follow me. Units shall talk in
                 appropriate place." With a turn, the herm heads back to the building it came from.
Fenris smiles and nods, following after the mechanical mutant with a happy bounce in his step. "Isn't this 
                 nice?" he asks, "I always like it when units accept talk!" The tanuki grins at his companions, "I wonder if
                 they like cookies! Oh! And tea! If someone has water to boil and some cups, I always have some tea bags with
Elain follows closely behind the tanuki, keeping her guard up as she continues to look around. She hesitently 
                 speaks, "I'm glad we have a chance to talk."
Liefa nods her head as she follows along. "Tea does sound pretty nice." She agrees happily as she bounces 
                 around herself. The little bunny caretaker seeming to be quite excited about the fact that things are going so
                 well so far.
There is an audible whirr that sounded a lot like a sigh, due to all the talking Fenris did. The skunkdroid 
                 leads the trio into what appears to be hir home. It's far from being nice looking, given it's inside one of
                 those decaying buildings, but it's better than sleeping out in the streets. 
      Accommodating the guests on
                 the cleanest rug, shi states in hir robotic voice, "This unit heard other units read the wall messages. Is that
                 the reason other units are here?"
"Yes," Fenris says, becoming a bit more serious, and focusing on the mechanical skunk, "What does it mean?" The
                 big guy still has a little smile on his pleasant, round face. "It seems like more than your run of the mill
                 street art." The tanuki's ear twitches toward a sound from somewhere nearby, "Anything new in the
Elain takes in the run down room as the conversation continues and she takes a seat on the rug.
Liefa seems a little distracted by the thoughts of tea and cookies right about now. Not really adding much to 
                 the conversation, or seeming to be paying much attention to anything else whatsoever.
The mechanical mephit turned to answer the apparently genital-free raccoon. "This unit is not certain. This 
                 unit was told it would be better for all. Therefore. This unit accepts their work." Despite hir mechanical
                 appearance, it was possible to see a shiny liquid trail slowly trickling down those latex covered legs. "This
                 unit is experiencing heat and is not certain why." Shi states mechanically, hir tent starting to show under the
                 dirty bathrobe, before finally replying to that last query, "New neighbors arrived two days ago. Do other units
                 not desire talk?" Shi asked the two females.
Fenris perks an ear at the mention of the new neighbors. "And your new neighbors are the ones that painted the 
                 walls?" he asks amiably, producing a small package of oreo adjacent sandwich cookies from within his robe and
                 setting them on the table. "Did you start experiencing heat when they moved in? They seem to be. . . an active
                 set." He waves toward the wall where he is hearing the sounds of what could certainly be sex.
Elain looks nervously down. "I'm just more comfrotable letting someone else take the lead when it comes to 
Liefa blinks as she finally breaks out of her day dream. "OH! Sorry. Sorry sorry. Got a bit distracted by the 
                 thought of sweet things." The happy-go-lucky bunny said as she gives a cute little smile, bouncing on her
                 heels. "So if I heard correctly. Your neighbors are the ones that added the graffiti? Any idea why? I'm sure
                 that we can figure things out if we all just sat down and talked things through." She nods happily at her
                 words. The bunny girl seeming to think that they are quite profound herself.
The skunkdroid shakes hir head, "No. The units that painted the walls came seven weeks ago. New neighbors are 
                 finishing assimilation." Shi mindlessly reaches hir hard latex cock with one hand and hir puffy, wet skunk cunt
                 with the other and starts playing with hirself then and there. Despite this, there's no apparent change in hir
                 facial expression. "Hnngh~. Neighbors say it will make everything better for everyone. This unit believes them.
                 This unit does not know details." As soon as shi finished saying that, a loud orgasmic shriek echoed from
                 somewhere outside. "This unit believes other units should stay for assimilation."
Fenris blinks at that last statement. "Assimilation?" he asks, moving to the edge of his seat, "Assimilation 
                 into what, exactly? Like a community welcome? Is that robot speak for a house party?" He looks at his
                 companions, his little smile slipping just a bit with concern.
Elain shifts all her attention to the mephit at the mention of assimilation and gulps nervously.
Liefa looks confused as she glances over at the sound of the shriek. "Assimilated?" She says, honestly unsure 
                 what that word means. Though it doesn't sound good. She could of swore she had heard it before though, but
                 couldn't quite remember from where.
The mechanical mephit finally breaks the outer robotic shell as the pleasure builds up from its masturbation. 
                 Sounding and almost resembling early P-day sex craze, shi starts to cum and falls to hir knees. "Annhh~! This
                 unit is so relieved~! A shame this unit is sterile. Otherwise this unit would be assimilated all the way!" It's
                 possible to hear some footsteps outside, but nobody comes in.
Fenris hops to his feet. "Well, it was awfully nice of you to chat with us," he says pleasantly, "But I am 
                 thinking that maybe it is time we were going! Have fun with the assimilation!" The tanuki waves to the others,
                 smile plastered on his face as he heads for the door.
Elain follows Fenris' lead and stands, she squeaks out, "It was nice talking."
Liefa glances over at Fenris as he excuses the group. This was perhaps not entirely what she was hoping for, 
                 but that shiver down her spine told her that this was probably smart. "Yep. Thank you for talking to us. We'll
                 have to do tea and cookies next time." She cheers with a friendly smile.
The skunkdroid herm nods and moans, quickly starting a second round of masturbation, lost in lusty thoughts of 
                 being assimilated, whatever that actually is. There are no impediments to getting outside for the trio of
                 agents. What were those footsteps earlier?
Fenris looks up and down the alley, he had been so sure he had heard someone out here. . . "I thought," he 
                 starts, then shakes his head, "Let's see what else we can find." The tanuki moves along the shabby alley, ears
                 flicking right and left while his eyes search for any activity.
Elain watches behind as the the leave, "That's not unnerving in the slightest.."
Liefa glances about as she rubs her arm a little nervously. "This is very weird." She says aligned with the 
                 others. "I wonder if it was just a ghost. Ghost are nice."
An ambush springs as soon as all three are out of the building. They jump and manage to tackle down both Elain 
                 and Liefa, but fail to grab Fenris! These are all big and burly mutants, three to take each of the agents. The
                 ones that failed to catch their target are now dead set on getting Fenris one way or the other.
Fenris raises his hands in a placating gesture. "Hey now, guys," he says, smiling, "We don't want any trouble. 
                 We don't have any money or anything, but I have some cookies and tea bags if you want to just let the ladies
                 go. We can talk this over like civilized mutants."
Elain begins to wriggle under her captors, her lithe limbs difficult to maintain a grip on as she attempts to 
                 get free.
Liefa let's out a surprised eep as she finds herself suddenly being tackled to the ground. "Not ghosts! Not 
                 ghosts!" She warned the party as she tries to somehow wiggle away from her captors.
The ones that caught Elain quickly manage to cuff her wrists behind her back and her ankles together. The 
                 brutes also manage to do the same with the bunny Liefa, rendering the two agents defenseless. The trio that
                 failed to grab Fenris snarl and lunge at him, but it seems that the tanuki dedicant is too much for all three
                 to handle!
Fenris spins and ducks masterfully, redirecting every attack that the brutes send his way. The three of them 
                 all look like the stumbling muscle morons they are, while the tanuki just never seems to be where they are
                 grabbing. After leading the trio on a comical chase for a few moments, Fenris grabs onto a beefy arm and twirls
                 one of the three mutants in a circle before heaving him toward his companions, leaving them to sprawl to the
                 ground together. 

He then turns his attention to the others. "Hey, hey, hey!" he says, raising his hands
                 again, "No need for anyone to get hurt here. Just let the girls go. We can chat. Everybody likes a little
                 friendly chit-chat, yeah?"
Elain continues to struggle against her attackers, "Let me go." she yips a little more heart in the words than 
Liefa lets out another meep as she feels herself being handcuffed. "Not good. Not good at all." She says as she
                 continues to struggle against her captors. "My hands are needed for healing. Can we just perhaps talk this all
                 out without so much violence?"
The mutant trio that got a good beating from Fenris look at each other, then at the others who just finished 
                 cuffing the females. Nodding at one another, two grab Elain and other two grab Liefa, the pairs running with
                 the agents on their shoulders. The remaining five reposition themselves. "You submit or you're dead meat!" One
                 tried to intimidate, but it was exactly the one that was thrown just moments ago.
Fenris is much more concerned about the other agents than he is about fighting this bunch of thugs. He's fought
                 worse over the contents of a comic book shop. "Okay, okay," he says, raising his hands above his head and
                 letting them take him, "You win. Just don't hurt them."
Elain continues to struggle against her captors to no avail
Liefa struggles as well as she finds herself being carried. "C'mon. Isn't it against the rules or something to 
                 kidnap a diplomatic healer or something like that?"
Carefully, the burly mutants approach Fenris to cuff him as well. Given his size, a whole four end carrying 
                 him. With all taken care off, the agents are all taken into the labyrinthine alleyway. Left here, another left
                 here, right there, past a corridor... 
      Eventually, they arrive at a small room where the moans and
                 sounds of sex are much louder and more frequent. The agents are forced on their knees and each mutant trio
                 remains close by. "You'll forgive me for keeping the guards around, I know you agents are resourceful." A deep
                 masculine voice said. He looked like a slut rat, only without all the punk and goth accessories, or the
                 breasts. Instead, it looks like he's wearing a brown tunic. "I guess you want to know what is going on?" He
                 asks with a wide grin, something off-putting in how he asked it.
Fenris maintains his pleasant demeanor, seeming to even enjoy being carried around. He is even heavier than he 

The burly tanuki allows himself to be manhandled and looks up at the strange rat with a smile. "Hi!"
                 he says, "I'm sure we would love to know what is happening here."
Elain looks around nervously, her eyes moving more quickly over the brutes who carried her here. They come to 
                 rest on the rat and she nods in agreement with Fenris.
"It would be nice for you to explain this rudeness, yes?" Liefa says as she fiddles with the cuffs. "You could 
                 of just sent an invite like any kind person should. Such forcefulness seems quite unnecessary."
The rat smiles. "Of course you do. You agents always do. Like those old movies, the good guys are captured and 
                 then the bad guy explains his whole evil plan." He says, gesticulating a lot with his hands. "Funny that the
                 roles are reversed right now. The good guys captured the bad guys. Besides, I don't know the whole plan. Need
                 to know basis and all that." He continues, approaching the agents one by one, taking a good look at their faces
                 and giving each a kiss to the cheek. "But I'll give you a hint before your minds revert back to their natural
                 state... You can't stop an idea." Clapping his paws together, he finishes, "So, anything else I can help with?
                 I'm sure the breeders will love you girls. And maybe you, too, big raccoon."
"Tanuki," Fenris says pleasantly, "Not a raccoon. That's okay, everyone always gets it wrong. We're not really 
                 even related, we both just have mask kind of patterns," The burly tanuki chatters happily, quietly testing the
                 strength of his bonds with his thick, muscled arms.
"Bad guys? How am I a bad guy? I'm a healer. How can that be bad?" Liefa argues as that seems to be the most 
                 important thing she took away from the whole speech. Not the breeder or natural state thing. As the rat kisses
                 her cheek, she blushes, and looks up at him. "Who knows the whole plan in the first place?"
Elain begins to struggle against the cuffs at the mention of breeders looking around and clearly in over her 
"Bad guys? How am I a bad guy? I'm a healer. How can that be bad?" Liefa argues as that seems to be the most 
                 important thing she took away from the whole speech. Not the breeder or natural state thing. As the rat kisses
                 her cheek, she blushes, and looks up at him. "Who knows the whole plan in the first place?" She asks, trying to
                 see if she can at least understand a bit more about what is going on.
One of the burly mutants huffs and rolls his eyes at Fenris' explanation. 
      The rat shrugs and chuckles 
                 at Liefa's questions. "Just look who you work for. As for who knows the plan, does it look like I know?" It's
                 clear he won't expose the whole thing, he's playing it safe. "Like I said, I know you agents are resourceful.
                 Lucky thing there's a strong comm signal jammer here. Don't think you've noticed, anyway." - The burly mutants
                 grab the agents after the rat gives a hand gesture at them, ready to take them to another room, apparently
                 soundproof. Six very sturdy medical looking chairs dot the place, a variety of cables leading to a helmet over
                 each. Being cuffed to any of those is a pretty sure way to remain in these guys' care for however long they
"Tanuki?" Fenris asks, confused, "I work for Tanuki. You think Tanuki is a bad guy?" The big guy actually 
                 frowns a little at that, but does not fight, giving a worried look toward the others. "You know I can get out
                 of these cuffs any tome I want, right?" he asks his guards, "I'm just extending a courtesy here."
Elain continues to struggle, small scared noises escaping her as she's carried into the next room
Liefa was confused by the question. "Do you have something against Prometheas? But we try to help improve Feral
                 and non-Feral relations. It's part of the reason I took this job." She pauses as if something else occurred to
                 her. "Oh wait? Do you mean Zephyr? I mean... I don't enough about them to say much, but they are supposedly the
                 cause of this whole P-Day thing you seem excited about. And saying that I work directly under them might be
                 pushing matters much."
The rat priest immediately draws a revolver, aims at the tanuki and whistles for extra reinforcements after 
                 Fenris' words. "Glad you said that." He says, now visibly worried and keeping a safe distance behind the tanuki
                 and his finger to the trigger. In no time, four bullish looking mutants arrive, each with a heavy pipe in hand,
                 blocking the entrance. 
      Elain is the first to be taken to a chair, the burly thugs clenching those thick
                 steel cuffs around the forearms first, then doing the same on the ankles, which are forced to remain near the
                 head, giving total access to her groin. One of the thugs looks at her collar and snorts, "So, you're already
                 someone's breeding bitch? Now you're gonna be ours." Next up, they'll start chaining Liefa...
Fenris blinks at the reaction. "Oh," he says softly, "Yeah, that was not the reaction I was looking for." The 
                 tanuki watches the proceedings, worried more for his companions than for himself. He eyes the multitude of
                 guards and considers the gun to his head. "What are the chairs for?" he asks pleasantly, "Massage?"
Elain squirms against her restrants, her movements accentuating her position as she groans in the chair
Liefa watches as Elain is started to be placed on one of the chairs. "Is that really... Yeah yeah. We're 
                 'resourceful'." She said with a shake of her head as her turn to be put in a chair came around.
"I know some of you agents are much stronger than you look." The rat says, smiling nervously. "Luckily, even 
                 you won't be able to ruin one of those chairs." 
      Liefa receives a similar treatment to Elain, forearms
                 cuffed first, then the ankles, which are held near the head. Finally, it is Fenris' turn to be sat and cuffed.
                 The rodent nods so that all of the thugs follow closely, in case the tanuki tries anything. Of course, getting
                 a proper shot in the middle of such a confusion would be the ultimate challenge.
Fenris is certainly up to a challenge, but no one has actually hurt them yet. "So," he asks as he is forced 
                 into the chair and cuffed down, "Is this the part where you tell us what all of this is about, then leave the
                 room? Cause that would be great."
Elain is no where near as calm as fenris seems and continues to fight against her restraints
Liefa finds her being tied down to one of the chairs. Her arms tugging just slightly against the bonds of the 
                 chair curious to see if she might be able to slid them out. It doesn't look like it however.
The rodent sighs with relief, which is also visible in the thugs that initially failed to catch him, once the 
                 large tanuki is properly cuffed down to the thick steel of the chair in the same position as the other agents.
                 With all three in position, the helmet is put on the head of each, of them. It doesn't have a visor, but it has
                 earbuds and loudspeakers. In the meantime, one of the thugs went back around and brought in three fuck
                 machines, all equipped with two large dildos. Only Elain's and Liefa's dildos got proper lubrication. For
                 Fenris, it was the spit of the foes he bested earlier, their form of payback. "Any last words before the lights
                 go out?" The deep voiced rodent asked, still smiling nervously.
"Ew," Fenris says, "These are sex machines? That is tacky. I think I have seen enough." The burly tanuki tugs 
                 at his restraints a little, then heaves his muscular arms against the restraints in an attempt to break free!
Liefa glances up as the helmet was put on her head. "Uhh... My ears feel very stuffy in her." She brings up as 
                 she looks over at the burly Tanuki trying to escape from the chair with little success. "Any chance I could get
                 a bigger one or...?"
Elain does what she can to force her legs closed and twist her head out of the hemet, failing miserably at both
The thugs insert the dildos in the girls' cunts and assholes, while Fenris takes both in his tanuki hole with 
                 only spit to help the proccess. The rat personally gags each of the agents with silver tape, something he
                 nearly forgot to do. Once they all exit, the door is closed and the lights are turned off. The machines whirr
                 into action, slowly pumping each of the agents at first and gaining traction minute by minute. 
      At first, nothing seems to come from the helmet, but some sort of static noise kicks in. It's not loud, but it's
                 annoying. After a few minutes, it starts doing -something-. The sound stops being heard and starts being felt,
                 a rumble growing from within the very core of each agent.
Fenris grunts in pain and discomfort from his double-dildoing, and continues to struggle against his bonds, 
                 only to find that he really should have been less polite earlier. Plus all the jostling just makes the dildo
                 machine hurt more. Eventually, his ears perk at the odd sound. "What is this supposed to be?" he asks the
Liefa guesses that she should take that as a no, flinching as she felt the dildos being pushed into her holes. 
                 It wasn't necessarily a new feeling to the bunny medic, but it wasn't quite a comfortable one either. And with
                 thee tap on her mouth, all she could do was sit there and take it. Listening to that strange static sound in
                 her ears as she glances over at the other two. Not even the super strong tanuki seeming able to free themself
                 from their restraints.
Elain flinches as the mchine enters and begins to shift uncomfortably at the noise and continues to do so more 
                 and more as it shifts to the feeling
Unbeknownst to the agents, that static noise was actually nanite code being transmitted via sound. One could 
                 guess that what this group meant with bringing back P-day is bringing back the mind numbing aggressive and
                 sexual urges. The agents will certainly have a hard time keeping their minds in check, since all the immunity
                 shots and promethean training were not prepared for whatever is being reprogrammed. If the initial p-day run
                 could be seen as a virus, this most certainly is the nasty, more effective evolution of the virus. The thump
                 and rumble of the fuck machines give way to the white noise, which varies in strange ways, uploading the new
                 code into the agents' bodies.
Fenris grunts in confusion at the signal weaving its way through his head. For some reason, the reaming he is 
                 getting doesn't feel quite so bad. The internal rumbling also seems to shake a few other things loose in the
                 tanuki's head... and in his body as a hefty dick and balls suddenly manifest themselves on his formerly
                 featureless groin.
Elain does her best to resist, but gives way as the dual dildos work in and out of her replacing fear with 
Liefa's breathing becomes heavier as she feels her body being invaded by those pistoning dildos. All and all 
                 not quite how she was expecting this day to go. The poor bunny doctor was not aware of the reprogramming the
                 sound was doing to her nanites. Slowly relaxing with a pleasure hum in her throat as she slowly loses herself
                 to the pleasure.
It was hard to say whether there was a lot of coding that needed to be transferred or if sound was a really 
                 poor medium for the information to travel. In that meantime, the fuck machines rocked full throttle, almost
                 like a speeding train in their furious pistoning of each agent's holes. 
      How each agent perceived that
                 time passing was up to them to say, but, outside, over two hours passed. The sound finally went silent, the
                 upload was complete and all the machines were turned off. Lights turned on and the rat entered the room,
                 accompanied by two of the bullish thugs to evaluate the situation.
Fenris rocks a little with the pistoning of the machine, seeming much less uncomfortable, but he still does not
                 look very happy. Subtle things seem to change about the tanuki, his soft, burly build becomes harder and his
                 gritted teeth seem to become a little more prominent as his brow and jaw alter slightly to become more brutish.
                 Meanwhile, his newly sprouted cock grows to full erection, clear fluid gathering at the tip. He breathes
                 heavily and his eyes are unfocused even as the lights come back on.
Elain rocks her hips into the machine even as thir turned off
Liefa didn't look to be quite all there when the lights came back on. She had no idea how long it has been 
                 since the machine turned on. All she knew was that she came a few times and that didn't feel anywhere near
                 enough for her when the machine stopped.
The rat priest notices that the two females are apparently taken by their more immediate sexual urges. Good. 
                 The tanuki, on the other hand, seems to have acquired a more feral aspect. "Good, good. Everything seems to
                 have worked well. Let's not release this one yet, he looks dangerous." As the machines are removed, the females
                 are uncuffed, but even in this situation, no chances are taken, the thugs quickly cuff the wrists behind the
                 backs of Liefa and Elain before taking them to another room, where moans flow plenty. The rat toys with Fenris'
                 erection, a single finger running on the tip of that large tanuki cock. "No funny remarks?"
Fenris grunts as a dollop of clear fluid flows from his oversized penis, but his brain is still pretty squishy 
                 from two hours of brainwashing. "You want funny?" he growls, his voice much deeper than before. Usually, that
                 sort of question would have a follow up, but this one just hangs in the air as if it is a real question and the
                 tanuki is waiting for the rat to tell him what he should be.
Liefa didn't resist when her wrists were cuffed so soon after she was freed, still to stunned from the whole 
                 experience to try to act on anything. Instead allowing herself to be led to the room where all the fun noises
                 were at.
Elain offers no resistance, only a low moan as she is removed the machine
The rat steps back at first, unsure what to make of Fenris' answer. To his luck, it the effects did seem to 
                 work as intended indeed. "Careful when taking this one off the chair." The rat told of one of the thugs, who
                 went to get more help. 
      Until another group tries to find the captured agents, they'll remain marked as
                 MIA. That is, until an unlucky agent gets attacked by them.