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Arky AKA Arky Mosuke ~Socialite, survivalist, and known to mingle.

-  For reference notes on  Arky's unique Roleplay Stats, see the bottom.
Arky is also open to random pages to set up RP and the like.

/Files on said individual/

Subject: Caucasion/Native America - Subject is a hybrid, early exposure to infection, subject is anchored to canine forms though able to shift from them temporarily the subject naturally reverts to a canine form after some time. Subject is normally a mix between human and canine.


Name: Arky Mosuke

Age: 27 - Subject appears younger, does not age, appears 19 when their human features are present.

Birthplace: Florida - Subject is now living at 2500 3rd Street, subject keeps windows covered with steel sheeting.

Height: 5'9"

Sex: Male - Subject appears to change sex often, though appears to prefer male.

Weight: 175/180 - Subject's weight changes with their gender, weight represented here only reflects male, female weight is unknown.

Information gathered on Subject - Information may or may not be accurate

Subject Arky has been centralized since P-Day, Arky seems to leave the city regularly, though his whereabouts during these times are unknown. Subject was exposed at the park on P-Day, rumors abound that their pet dog was killed during the incident and subject was exposed to nanite infection by the same nanites that disassembled their pet. Thus subject has concluded this may be their reason for being bound to canine forms. Subject at one time was pet to an unconfirmed owner, Arky now has a rather peculiar mutation to their person, subjects tongue is now a prehensile cock that functions fully. Some research was done in which it was discovered that Arky's saliva glands were no longer producing saliva but were indeed responsible for producing preseminal fluid and ejaculate, subject is very self conscious of their mutation as there as it seems to have become natively bound to their form. Subject's prior owner is deceased.

More notation on Subject's Nanites

Subject Arky is a rather strange conundrum, their nanites having a bound native form seem to assimilate excess nutrients. Subject is known to be seen eating or drinking as little as possible, the reason for this is now known as the nanites in Subject's body convert excess nutrients into mass. Conversion times for subject vary, however hearsay from prior events in the Zephyr lobby and from personal encounters detail the subject's body to distribute mass to active parts of their body during conversion. In essence the subjects active body parts will grow during conversion if excess nutrients assimilated. If the body is at rest the subject will grow in overall size, notations on incidents have spotted Subject at 7 feet tall at one point, varying from overall body height change to body part sizes such as sexual organs or breast tissue even.

Residential Information

Subject has established a home for themselves on 3rd street 2500, the south building. Visitation of the building isn't advised without permission or prior knowledge of subject. Residence is said to be trapped and or locked down most times. Subject's building is accessible from one entrance, and is secured only by the reinforcement of the stairwell. Solar panels can be seen mounted along the sides and top of the building, high capacity cables encased in glass to help stave off degradation, run into the building and seem to be centralized at the ground floor.

Personal Biography Information

While not so much a personal biography, Arky tends to spend their time getting by and enjoying the social aspect as best they can. In terms with current day, Arky would be considered sexually reserved, though not lacking in lust driven urges. With the time spend in Fairhaven, Arky has established friendships with most current long time residents, however they often leave the safety of the bubble in order to explore areas more remote, thus limiting friendships with brief visiting residents to their social norms. The usual hangouts for Arky consist of Zephyr's own lobby and the Coffee shop, they don't usually wander the city other than traveling between their home and Zephyr. This does limit Arky's knowledge on other areas of the city, unless taken there by other residents.

Roleplay Details for Arky When In-Character (Conversion Details and information on the "Tongue")

PLEASE NOTE: These are details for people interested in Size and Transformation Roleplay.
This roleplay style is not a requirement for others to describe or generalize, but is only noted
here for those who are interested in doing such.

The Cock-Tongue.

It can grow. How? Find out. =P

New Conversion Information.

Roleplay wise, Arky converts liquids at a much faster rate than solids, the resulting conversion
distributes additional mass to their form overall when at rest, or to the most active part of their
body in terms of blood flow which can be influenced by activity/arousal/stimulation/ect.
For sake of simplicity, the rates in which can be based purely on Roleplay and the pacing of such.
This will help eliminate some of the complexity.
*Old rates can be viewed in page history*