Two-Tailed Wizard

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Two-Tailed Wizard

You are a nekomata, a cat of curses. It is unlucky to be around you, especially for your foes, as their attacks will miss at inopportune moments and their traps hardly affect you. You're often alone, but you know how to take care of yourself.

Role: Durable DPS
Solo-ability: High

Soul Powers

Level 15 Cat Charm
Level 25 Jinx
Level 35 Damnation
Level 45 Curiosity
Accuracy 1
Avoidance 3
Bewitched 3
Damage 2
Endurance 2
Health 1
Rage 2
Regenerating 3
Roll with it 2
Speed 2
Tactician 1
Vampiric 2
Warded 2
Two-Tailed Wizard/Extra Notes

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