Timed Incendiary

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Timed Incendiary stats
Description Though it is delayed, the payload from one of these can be quite devastating to enemies, bursting in fiery doom.
Cred Cost 600` Ingredients Truck Parts X 12
Salvage Common Chemical X 1
Common Mechanical X 1
Crafting Skills Chemical of at least 10
Mechanical of at least 5
Item Stats Charge of 0
Cooldown of 4000
damage of 1
Damage Type of Blunt
Energy of 12
Loadout of 15
Proficiency of Installation
100% chance of HeatDamageDelayed3 at magnitude 8 for 4 rounds.
Status Mag of -20%
Target of Large Enemy AoE
Type of AoE Enemy Pocketable
Upgrade Cost of 20
Upkeep of 5

Timed Incendiary/Extra Notes Edit notes