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There is a chirp on the individual common devices as a Zypher sends a mission down to the few on the list noted as being capable enough to survive a mission of this level of hazard. The mission reads as follows 'We have discovered a Nuclear power plant that is still giving off a variety of readings. We sent in a few sweepers to take care of the problem but none of them reported back. We have now decided to seen more experienced sweepers to handle this situation." The Message give direction to the abandoned powerplant. "We wish for you to meet up with others we have broadcasted this mission to outside of the plant. There are four of you assigned to this mission. Please becareful and eliminate all threat and recovering any sane sweepers of the previous mission if you can. There will be two promeathans joining you on this assignment be careful and respective to them. Zypher out..." The link is terminated with a soft crackle.

Upon his lovely bed down at the Red Court, Dio the formally-dressed silver lion sleeps atop his covers with his long legs hanging off the side. A rather odd time for someone to be sleeping. Upon receiving the message, Dio jolts awake from his cat nap and grumbles heavily. "Sounds exciting I suppose," he says while walking out the door and heading for the plant to meet up with the others.

Miranai recieves an unsual transmition over the zypher net and blinks a few times at it, "Support agents... in the... well ok." She turns around in the comm center and activates her bots, calling Tod, who yips back at her. She slings her newest weapon, still not field tested, but more powerful then anything she had made before. She does a full systems check as she walks along, running into Dio as she nears the plant, "Oh! Dio.. h.. how are you? I'm.. ment to be meeting some Zypher agents here." She says, bots following along with her.

Tiya had been relaxing on a break, idly messing with some skunk girls, sitting on top of a building and flicking pebbles at them. Either people need to make more messes for her to clean up, or the girl needs a real hobby. At the transmission she looks rather confused, unsed to receiving them before sighing and getting up. At least it would be something to do, she reasons, setting off down the stairs. Soon enough she arrives at the meeting place, jogging lightly in her maid's dress. She breaks into a grin as she sees the other pair, drawing to a halt in front of them and bowing. "Good afternoon mistress, master. Is this a job from mistress Kilsa, then?"

So after months in the field chasing fugitives, murders and overpowered ferals, they ask him to come back and play bug hunt with a side of bag and tag...Great. All the same Colonel Cerris Voss of the USMC always responds to calls for help, especialy if they are hard targets that could threaten the lives of the lingering 'American citizens' sane enough to be worth protecting.

Months in the bush have changed the soldier and if nothing else, he has started seperating beings into American citizens and American wildlife...and he is finding that he is /not/ a conservationist.

His approach on the plant is a massive shadow, great wings and a seemingly endless body shrinking down from leviathine to make the effort of landing possible before gauging what size will be required for entry. Carefully he circles the plant, picking out what details he may, tasting the air for blood and other bodily fluids in order to try and get a bead on biological emplacements that escape eagle eyes. Finally pausing to climg to one of the exhaust stacks in order to have a aerial view without drawing as much attention to himself. Thus when he spots a paired lion and vixen taur, he suspects he has found two of his contacts, when a horse maid moves in on them, he is certain of the scoop and releases from the stack into a measured glide, circling lower to land in a border around the trio, his greeting a gravelly hiss that shows he hasn't spoken out loud very often as of late.

"Agents...greetings. Colonel Voss here to lend you...variable support. I have men on route to assist, so...please, let us get along."

The outside of the plant looks simple enough the billboard across the main door way can be read as Thompson Inc. Spider webs crisscross the various windows, There seems to be a feral skunk girl digging inside a dumpsters outside the bulding. As the group looks over the building there are three entrances that can accessed, A Truck entrance that is covered in webbing, The front door and the window which can be reached if the dumpsters with the skunkgirl in it is closed. She is currently chewing on a moldy bit of bread while looking at the strange group that is outside.

"Hmmm?" Dio was lost in his thoughts during his journey and didn't quite notice the fox taur approach him. Eventually, he turns around and spots Mira. "Oh," the lion stammers in slight surprise, "It's lovely to see you again, ma'am. It's been quite awhile hasn't it? As it just so happens, I was also summoned here for a job." Dio watches the mare jog up to them and gives a friendly wave in response. "Tiya too? How wonderful. Looking as lovely as ever. I'm not really sure that the mission originates from Kilsa." Eventually, the final man to their team enters his hat into the ring. Dio looks him over with a keen eye and a quirk of his brow. "A soldier, eh? Good to have you aboard. Please allow me to introduce myself. I go by the name of Dio and I look forward to working with you."

Seems oddly silent for such a dangerous mission. However, Dio realized that letting their guard down might've been one of the first things the other sweepers managed to do before hopping off the grid. Dio points towards the front door with a large fuzzy paw. "Seems like that'd be the easiest way in, but probably the most foolish." The lion then shifts his arm gradually until he's pointing at the skunk girl. "Perhaps we should try peeking in through the window first? Intelligence is everything. However, if we scare that skunk girl she might cry out or what have you." Done pointing, Dio turns back towards the group and crosses his arms. "What do you talented individuals think?"

Miranai nods to Dio before she notices Tiya or Cerris, "Y.. yes.. it has been a while.." she looks around, her left eye softly glowing. "Umm... I'm not.. seeing any activity really, it isn't.. umm. running." She says shyly, then she notices Tiya and Cerris, " T.Tiya, could you, call me Mira.. or.. umm just, not Mistress, ok? And, no, this is from.. umm.. Zypher themselves." She says. She tries to steel her nurves a bit and walks up to the main door slowly, cautious for traps. Checking over the door, handle, and archway she insures that there is nothing that will trip, trigger, or explode. She nods a bit, "ANd.. umm.. h.. Hi there.. Colonel... umm.. ok." She says. She opens up the door and orders her Shield Drone, GBX, into the building, using their linkup to look through its eyes as it walks in.

Tiya puts her head to the side at Miranai's reaction, mutely reaching out to hug the taur against her breast before releasing her. "Sure thing, Mira. Please don't be nervous," the mare says, seeming to be in something of a odd mood. At the entrance of the marine out of water, she turns towards him, mutely leaning close to him and sniffing at him, taking his scent. "'M Tiya. This is Mira and Dio, my betters," the maid explains before stepping back, letting the foxtaur handle things, mutely looking towards the skunk girl, staring at her, her head to the side, expression rather blank. Seems she's had enough fun with them today.

Cerris shifts his coils, the massive rainbow serpent uncoiling from around the group, his feathers giving off a candy-like spiced scent of masculinity pherimones and some sort of attraction poison. Ruffling his wings and feathers he fans that scent toward the skunk girl as the tip of his tail produces a bag of rich-looking milk, vacuum sealed for freshness.

"Come here girl...this will go nicely with that bread wont it? And you look useful to me as a come get some milk."

To the others he applies more scrutiny, memorizing names before he says simply.

"I'd rather the majority of us stick together, but please, feel free to investigate all avenues of approach while I remove our little potential alarm. I'll send my team to investigate the loading dock upon arrival...ah yes, here they come now."

True to word, a number of camo-clad soldiers arrive..granted some of them are only wearing camo-bikinis due to their mutations, but they are all showing discipplined martial status regardless of their form and instincts.

GBX's Exploration is reveal that the area is filled with nothing but spider webs and a thick oily black chemical pool that covers the floor over three feet deep. THere are a few man made walk ways that lead in deeper into the plant. GBX cannot see anything out of the ordinary that would be considered a hostile.

The skunkgirl sniffles and smells the candy scented serpent, The skunk girl is not very afraid as she approaches the group and keep her head low. She look at Cerris and opens her mouth while pointed in it. She doesn't seem very agress and is very skinny for a a feral. "Food..?" She askeds nervously keeping her head low and her tail raised. The only clothing she has is a pair of Hazmat book that her foot has slightly ripped through.

The camo clad soldiers go to check the loading dock as they clear away the web the door busts open as a series of of tentacles reaches out and grips Apone, Vasquez and Hicks dragging them inside. Ripley manages to dodge the many vicious tentacles aiming for her before they retract. The tentacles withdraw before a thick green flim coats the tentcales retreat.

Dio watches Mira check the door with a bit of a worried expression. He wasn't sure something would just instantly blow up, but everything seemed to check out so far. Still, he couldn't help but be continuously suspicious about the odd silence. As the taur sends in a drone to investigate, Dio gives her a nod of approval. "A drone? Smart thinking, ma'am." Suddenly, Dio's senses pickup the sounds and scents of new visitors. The lion turns around and soon finds himself faced with an additional four members. "I agree," Dio says to the Colonel with a nod. "We'll gather all the information we possibly can before heading inside."

Dio would have loved to react to the poor little skunk feral, but something much more important caught his attention. The sound of a door busting down flow through his ears and he instantly turns around to the supposed origin. Tentacles briefly flash though his vision. "Oh... Well shit..." he says under his breath. "We need to get your men back before they end up like the other sweepers. We could charge in after that... Whatever it was or we could go through the front and try to find a way to sneak up on it. Splitting up is also an option, but it might thin our ranks a little." Dio pauses shortly and points towards the front entrance. "I personally want to head thought he front, but I can understand if you want to immediately follow that beast, Colonel."

Miranai looks though GBX's eyes and doesn't see anything nor hear anything really, and was about to head in after, when the skunk girl comes down and utters a single word 'Food'. She looks over the skunk and seems saddened so she shrugs off her pack and digs through it a moment, eventually pulling out an MRE opening it up and passing it over to her, "Here you go... umm.. it might not taste lake much.. but it is healthy.. and sometimes has a good treat." She says, that is when she yips outin sudden surprise at the military personal getting sweeped into the building! She whimpers a bit and looks to Cerris, "Umm.... M.. Mr. Voss? Umm.." She looks around before patting the skunk girl on the head, "Eat.. eat up... umm.. I'm going to take.. a .. a better look, I'm still getting nothing on GBX's camaras." She says as she cautiously enters though the main door, still looking around carefully for any traps or triggers.

Tiya frowns a little at the scent coming from the marine, her head on the side, but almost certainly too large to be affected by the snake's smell. At the handing over of the MRE, the horse seems a little jealous, her eyes glittering before the noise of the tentacle attack draws her attention away. The horse trots over to the prone soldier, poking him with her hoof before starting towards the loading bay herself, plainly curious, a certain loosening of the muscles making her intentions obvious. The shemale doesn't say a word to her companions, they seemed busy with the skunk, and this thing looked a lot more fun. She can meet up with them later.

Cerris handles things with rather amazing calm considering the ongoings: Using his fangs he pierces the milk bag, stealthily injecting his narcotic into it under the guise of ripping it open enough to squeeze into the skunk's mouth, repeating the word "Food" and adding "Be good, get more."

Very good, she can talk and think, that makes her not a disposable animal, instead she is a citizen to be sedated, and questioned before taking into custody. Granted, when his team gets snatched, he responds swiftly as a field officer should, his coils releasing the milk to the skunk as his swings spread to take him off the ground, his voice a booming command.

"L-T, enter the door and keep eyes on the target, but stay out of range until you are certain you can attack safely, I'm coming to lend assist. Dio, stick with Mira and it'd be nice if someone could get some recon through that window now."

That said, the forever serpent is launching toward the advent his troops went in, slithering if his wings cant carry him through the portal. As for the wall of slime, a gale force blast of wind from those beating wings should clear the way, Cause bulky or not, he doubts the horse is just gonna walk through the slime and if that was the plan, it was a bad one that he removes before plunging forward, preparing to increase his size so that he can take on this slime kraken or whatever it is.

The skunk happily tears into the MRE and begins to each all of its contents. A little bottle of hot sauce catches the girls attention who opens it and drink it down before eating the more. "Hot.. Hot..." She sniffles and takes the milk from Cerris and drinks it down happy. "Friends?" She asked curiously sniffing the group and paying little interest in the kidnapped members of Cerris' group.

Lt. Ripley enters the door but there is a hallway filled with green liquid as the tentacles can be seen turning down a hall way. The sound of gurguling. As Tiya make her way with the lt and Cerris they come to deep depression of in the room and dozens of green eggs attatched to the walls and floor and a hole leading even deeper inside.

Miranai is in a room that is filled with black liquid there is a door across the cat walk that says, 'Please whip your free before coming inside and don't feed the reactor.' The door across from the catwalk seems to be half melt and the sound of heavy breathing is heard along with very light cursing.

Watching Mira enter the front entrance alone, Dio couldn't just let her walk in despite how clear the initial scouting said it was. Before he took off to follow the taur, Dio gives a nod of approval to the soldier. He didn't exactly want to split the team up, but Dio was sure trained soldier and his remaining man could handle himself. The lion sprints his way towards Mira but slows down once he gets towards the door. He peeks his head in and commits the layout to his head. Slowly and silently, to make sure not to trigger anything, Dio follows a few feet behind the taur. In a whisper, he leans towards Mira and says, "Have any idea what this liquid is? You seem to be of the science type from what I've seen. Perhaps we should get closer and listen to whatever is doing that breathing up there?" Dio returns to his normal stance and reads the sign. Don't feed the reactor? He wonders the significance of that statement. Perhaps some sort of biotic reactor?

Miranai looks around once inside and tries to get a fell for it, "This.. umm.. this plant should have a way down stairs... to the.. r.. reactor, and.. I'm.. guessing it means not to put things inside it? I mean.. it would be radio..a..ctive.." She stops thinking on that word. It repeats in her head a few times. She shakes it of, "Just..b.. becareful.. Nanites don't.. like radioactive things.." She says. When asked about the goop, she shrugs, "I'm not sure.. It.. it seems t.. to be organic.. o.. or chemical.. I'm not sure." She says "I.. I tend to stick to.. e.. electonics, not.. chemcials and.. things, I'm sorry.." She says. She leans outside to say to the Skunk Girl, "Yes, friends, we are friends." Then continues on, her bots following, Tod included, those with feet and paws wiping them before trying to tred carefully around the goo in the middle toward the catwalk.

Tiya pauses at the lip of what appears to be a giant sink, frowning and stepping forwards. She carefully steps down at an angle on the slope, her hooves scuffing a little as she slips a tiny bit. The mare heads towards the nearest egg, confused at everything that's happening, poking at the nearest thing, running her fingers over the surface, plainly trying to work out who the mother is, and more importantly if she's still around.

Seeing the situation as it escalates, the field officer does the wisest thing he can while keeping to the tennets of self sacrifice and bravado that make the US HARD Corps bad asses and American military hold outs.

"L-T, take samples of this slime and cautiously detach an egg from the wall and return to Zephyr with it, this just became priority one intel...if I have to kill that thing to get the rest back, they'll want samples and a live specimen. Tiya I'm going in, use my coils to follow if you wish, otherwise you can guard the rear."

With that the serpent coils his tail tip around the nearest solid sturdy object and then plunges into the hole, his mass and length growing until he could strangle a behemoth with his coils, likely providing him the length and mass needed to pursue the attacker and possibly consume it whole depending on it's size.

The door opens near Miranai and Dio to reveal a clockwork fox raccoon guy with a box of in his hands. He sees the pair and lets out a screech before shutting the door again and the sound of something heavy being pushed in front of it. The liquid around the pair begins to bubble rapidly while low growls echoing off the wall."

The LT has little problem getting sample and detaching the egg that almost the size of a beach ball. Deeper in the hole in the center is chittering shouting that seems to be getting fainter and fainter. It sounds of the rest of Cerris crew and the gurgling echos from the whole not revealing how deep the strange creature has burrowed.

"Like mechanical things, eh? That's alright, I understand." Dio crouches down and gets a much closer look at the strange liquid. "Hmm, this stuff here seems to be quite dense with nanites. How interesting..." Dio hears the door open and immedietly shoots up to an alert position. "No need for stealth anymore I suppose." The lion looks back towards the goop and sees it move. Do it's nanite structure, Dio attempts to use Anti Nanomagic, but it doesn't seem to do very much. Dio decides to sprint after the strange racoon fox. He deactivates his anti nanomagic and pulls out a small stone orb from his pocket. He fires off several pieces of stone shrapnel at the door, but unfortunatly it was too thick. "Shit," the lion shouts as he finally makes it to the door.

Miranai looks around at the goop that has them surrounded, "Umm..D.. Di.. Dio.. I .. I think it umm.. didn't like something that happened..." She says gesturing to the goop and slinking up against him with a whine. She makes sure her unusual rifle is ready to go, and has her bots similarly prepared. Once up against the door with the lion, she has GBX stand up front and get ready to shift to defence mode, while preparing NURSE to take care of any injuries they will likely sustain. As the goop bubbles more and more, she whimpers a bit, "D.. Dio..." Tod looks up to Mira and hides under her tauric belly while waiting to see what happens himself.

Tiya stops her investigation of the egg at the screams from down the tunnel. She walks over to the lip of the drop and squats down, peering down into the depths, pouting. "I bet we have to go down there, right?" she says, plainly upset. The mare pauses for a moment, gathering spittle in her mouth before horking down the hole, listening for a splash and reflecting how lucky she is to not be under anyone's control in this room. "Bet it's a mouth," she says, shrugging.

Deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole we go, the serpent's coils spiralling to aid allow the pony maid to follow behind him in the gloom. Brief tastes of the air and slime in addition to the sounds he hears has clued him in and his rumbling voice comes from the pit to warn Tiya.

"This is the nest of some sort of mutant walking vagina! This will be messy. " Then as he continues in pursuit of their voices he roars into the darkness "Apone, Vasquez, Hicks...Hang tough and fight hard, I'm coming to help give that sloppy sack of dicks a bad day."

Alright sports fans, time to make that slime, these wings and coils work together to ascelerate his path to his crew, jaws prepared to gape with an engulphing bite for anything foolish enough to stsnd in his way.

The growling around the Miranai and Dio become louder and louder before the pool of black ooze begins to solidify into dozen's of feline forms dripping with black ichor. A exceptionally large one towers over the pair and growls loudly before the smaller ones start to attack.

The battle is vicious but decisive battle as the largest of the liquid Pantheress is ignited as the flames spread to the group the smaller panteress back away from the Matron as she stumble backward into the wall. The smaller ferals disperse, looking around there is a hatch that was hidding by the black good leading downward. The words 'reactor core emergency escape' written on it.

Deeper in the pit as the strange snake like creature searches for his comrade the pit opens up into a large burrow there are many many egg lining the walls while multiple walking Vagina mutation's seem to be tending to the eggs within the center is a few dozen males glued to the floor face up. A few of the feral walking vagina's mate with the captive males while others feed them. Near the eggs lining the walls there are several Liquid Panthress and goo girls standing guard. None of them have notices the snake but his crew are in the clutches of a large black Walking vagina with oily black skin that seem to drip off of her like a leaky faucet, she is coating them all into a black and green caccoon of slime. Along with the many prisoner there seem to be dozens of supplies that the creatures have stuffed into a corner from armor to guns to medical supplies.

Dio takes a small breather after the fight and notices some sort of hatch. Pointing to it, he says, "Hmm, perhaps we should go down there. I don't think we'll be getting through that door anytime soon." Dio walks towards the hatch and crouches down to inspect it. Briefly, he remembers the sign they passed by. "Guess I'll make sure I don't have any goop on my feet like that sign said." He rubs his feet on the ground. Seem clean enough, hopefully. "Shall we go? And perhaps we should check if that thing's alive over there. It might come back and get us if we're not careful."

Tiya sighs and straightens up, looking around. One can almost see the thought process in her feral mind. She could just... go. That giant snake guy may now live, and she gains nothing either way. On the other hand... She can have a fight. Easy answer, really. The mare charges down the coils of the serpent, taking a moment to assess the situation in the room and... move to punch the oily vagina in what passes for the head, or at least attempts to.

With a pony running in from beneath his chin, the serpent surges into the space, his form seeming to expand as his wings flare, vibrant colours reflecting the radio active glow that most vaginas give off in a riot of colours. Then it is all fangs and coils as his rage and outnumbered response kick in and he prepares to go into a berserk frenzy, his final words being

"Surrender and live, resist and die! Tiya, help free my crew and we'll get this hostages out of here...I'm pinging my L-T to get back here pronto."

That saida tongue toggle sets his communicator to work as his gaping jaws seek the nearest resisting form that isn't on his side.

The large black Walking vagina gurgles and watches as Cerris triest to eat and harm her brood and her friends, the creature works like lightening. Each time the snake is about to devour her children she whips a tentacle to slap the smaller walking vagina out of the away. She begins gurgling orders out with a large degree of intelligence. The walking vaginas begin to scatter heading for various exits while the Black Matron is punched in the face by the much smaller horse. She grunt and wobble a bit but doesn't seem much worse for the ware, as more violence is deliever to her and her brood. She decides to take a gamble and grips each of the the caccoon containing the snakes crew in her tenacles and tightens her grip threateningly.

As Dio opens the hatch he is faced to face with a teasure trove of electronic supplies as he is in the reactor room, the room looks long shut down with several skeletons littering the floor. There is a small black pantheress cub knawing on a fresh looking bone, around her is various shut down consoles and building other things that could keep Zypher happy for days. A tunnel that looks like it was made into the wall leads out to the pit that Tiya and Cerris are fighting in. Dio is currently behind the black Tentacled monstrosity.

Dio looks around and eyes all the interesting electronics and gizmos. He doesn't really know what to make of them since he isn't very technology inclined, but they certainly looked valuable. He keeps walking forward and stops in front of the little pup and chuckles a bit. Cute, but he was still a bit uneasy and alert. It didn't look much like a threat, so the lion progressed through the room until he reached the hole and peered down it. "Oh boy," he says while turning back towards Mira. "It's quite a sight down there I'm afraid. I think I hear the others so I'm going through. You may choose to fiddle with the equipment or come with me. Your choice, ma'am." Dio hangs by the hole and starts to head down it.

Miranai follows Dio down and looks around at the electonics in the room and actually snarls a bit, "No.. it is all worthless right now.. I'd have to bring lots of part in here to fix it." As she studies over the junked gear, "But.. maybe it would be useful for scrap?" She wonders a moment, but she isn't in position to try and take it back with her, though she does note later to try and do so. She looks over to Dio and nods, "Umm.. I'll come with you Umm.. Dio, not much I can do up here right now.." She says, though hre eye glows a more intinse green for a moment, opening a comm line to Zypher.

Tiya snorts and tosses her mane at the giant, evil, personeating, snake's words. "You're not in charge of me," the mare says, her voice full of relish. "And there's finally someone who can take a hit," she says, her ears flicking happily, overjoyed to be able to enjoy her day off this much. No members of her pack about and someone to fight, this is heaven. She'll probably be told off later for being a bad girl and getting her dress dirty, but that's later. She lauches a series of punches at the matron's midriff, trying a headbutt.

Cerris pauses, surveying the situation with the eye of a skilled tactician. The unspoken threat of the leading radioactive mutant doesn't go unnoticed, clearly this thing values it's brood and is willing to negotiate. So the soldier negotiates as well, with gaping jaws he begins scooping up eggs from their anchor-points and holds them between dripping fangs. His words are slurred, but his point is made in two ways all the same.

"Give me my people and I wont spend the next hour smashing every egg down here and back on the surface. At best you can take three of mine from me...but you stand to lose an unimaginable effort in egg laying. To say the least of the pursuing force that will hunt you and burn your every squatting hovel."

The Creature looks at Cerris with a sigh, "Grlidk." It says trying to make words before a free tentacles reaches up and begins writing on the wall. She makes a crude drawing of Cerris giving back the eggs in exchange for the caccoons. The rest of the tentacle monsters decide to just gather around the largest of them hissing fearfully many of them making the scariest faces they can manage while others are glowing red and hissing. Its obvious the largest one of the group seems to be the smartest, one of the bound males in the center of the group is currently mating with a diamond drake who doesn't seem reluctant at all as both of them seem oblivious to the chaos and tension around them. The creature still is being pummeled by Tiya and growling at the much smaller mare violence on her body but the rubbery ichor that makes up most of her body dulling the pain as she wraps a tentacle around Tiya and lifts her in the air. The creature growls and Tiya feel a little pain but her high endurance allow the strange pain passes over almost instantly as the creature toss her away from her and the brood.

As Dio watches the scene, he's surprised any attempt at diplomacy was actually made. Not too far behind the monster, Dio stops in his tracks and tries not to spark anything or scare anyone. With luck, each side will get their people back and they'll get to find out what happened to those sweepers. However, something's been on the lion's mind. Turning back to Mira, he begins whispering to her. "I believe they can handle themselves here. However, I'm still curious about that black liquid, the pup we passed, and the person behind the door. When it screamed, we were immediately attacked. Perhaps we should go back and investigate?"

Miranai looks around and takes note that everything seems to be going well. That is till she gets an update from Zypher. She looks around again, noticing the drake, "Umm.. Mister Drake.. we've been sent here to get you." She say fairly cautiously, then relays the message from Zypher, the part about recovering the Drake and three skunk beasts out loud, hoping that everyone around will still be deplomatic after she does so. "And.. I think they want some of the stuff that is around here too." She say meakly. She says near Dio though and whispers to him the new orders while trying to make sure that everything is still going well.

Tiya groans in pain, rubbing her head from the contact between skull (thick) and wall (thicker). The dazed mare clambers to her feet, shaking her head, her natural healing getting to work already. "This doesn't seem fair..." the mare says, looking up at the huge walking vagina and sighing, rubbing at her scalp. "You're talking to it now?" the shemale asks the Colonel, her head on the side and folding her arms. "I swear one day, my way'll work," the maid complains, sitting down suddenly, looking rather grumpy.

Cerris nods slowly, his perception of the vaginasaurus changing as per the tenuous grasp on functioning military logic that remains with him in this very aggressive form and size. If it can and chooses to communicate, it is an american that requires his protection, even if from itself.

"Alright, seems we have an accord, we will all stand down and we will peacefully relocate and re-educate you girls into something more productive than just baby making infection engines. I will contact my people immediately...I know just the place where there is all the man-milk you sloppy hose beasts could want, but we'll be needing the ones here. Remain as you are, grouped and passive, until we are done here, you can hold my people as assurance of your survival until I extract you from this very soon to be cleansed facility."

As he speaksm his coils and jaws begin shifting more and more of the eggs to the grouped vaginas, knowing all else fails this make vengeance easier if they are in one place.

The largest beast shakes her head and gives a wave of of her tentacles. The creatures begins taking specific eggs and slicing open others revealing half mutated creatures. She passes back the cacoon at Tiya's feet and draws another picture on the wall of a really tiny hole and a really big tentacle monster. The smaller walking vaginas take the eggs and begins to head to were Miranai and Dio are, They look surprised at the newcomers but do not engage them at all. The creature also releases the captives the skunks looks around and begin to stretch while the diamond drake looks at the walking vagina he was currently mating with and smiles holding her tentacle before she pats her belly and follows her group. The room is currently filled with putrid fluid and confused survivors. The only creature in the room is the black Walking V who draws a peace sign on the wall and looks at Cerris and Tiya expectantly. She lowers her tentacles and adopt what looks to be a sitting position. The equipment is still sitting in a pile with.

As Dio and Miranai continue back up the way they came the little pup is missing and the matron seems to be unconcious there is a Raccoon guy with a lazer pistol and a box of supplies at seems to be walking across the catwalk to what sounds like a automoblie outside the building, from the noise it could be a pickup truck or larger.

Dio grows a very large grin on his muzzle after he hears the new information from Mira. In fact, he even lets a light chuckle escape his lips. Regardless of the situation ending in violence or diplomacy, the objective would more than likely be completed. Everything looked to be working out wonderfully on this end, so Dio decided to head back up and investigate. He notices the Raccoon walking towards a loud noise with a box and decides to wait for a bit. If he ran out too soon, he'd run back into the locked room. If not detected, Dio would wait until the raccoon is further out and sprint towards and possibly fire stone shards to subdue him.

Miranai comes along with Dio, but at the sight of the raccoon she stops and hides with him, she wonders what the best solution would be right now, but can't honestly think of one. So she waits there, she readies her high powered rifle though, ready to take a disabling shot at the guy if he makes it near the door, or tries to run, ready to back up Dio in any way she can. The peace below has given her some encouragement to hope that this whole thing will resolve without conflict.

Tiya puts her head on the side at the antics of the giant walking vagina, frowning. The mare is plainly confused, although she tries to accept the spirit of the situation, turning and looking at the wall behind her, repeating the ban the bomb symbol on it, tracing it with her finger and turning back to the matron with a smile on her face. Looking down at the cocoon, the shemale shrugs, reaching down and picking it up, looking between the latex beast and the young. "This mine? Can I open it?" she asks, still at a loose end, one minute fighting, then being given gifts. Weird gifts true, but gifts.

Cerris doesn't even bother trying to explain the situation to the wilfull and apparently less bright than a giant vagina, pony maid. He has people to save and a giant dick hole to secure as a prize. So once all the imprisoned people are free, he has his troops lead them up his coils, not trusting the situation the other direction not to be three jerks from a full blown cock up at any moment. He pauses when his subdermal comm piece buzzes with info from his Lt. A moment later he hisses at Tiya.

"Hey, pretty pony punch up, let the others know there is a vehicle outside that doesn't appear to be with us, I'm taking the people out of here and cant move till they reach the top, and we still need to see how many of the packages upstairs are dicks on ice or actually eggs."

Nothing worse than being stuck immobile while action could be happening, all the same, his crew will all be topside shortly, so all else fails he can have them hit the vehicle if he hears any violence from the other tunnel and he says just that into the comm set.

As Lt Ripley manage to hide behind the trash bin as a the truck being driving by a clockwork Fox pulls up to the front door. As the fox is helping the raccoon load the truck the Ripley manage to run under the the car and cuts damages the inner workings before roll back out and too the trashcan and reports back to her superior.

The Raccoon notices Dio and tries to bolt for the truck and tries to start up the car only to hear a loud grinding and nothing move. "No no no no!" The Raccoon scream as the clock work fox runs out of the door and takes off for the street leaving his friend behind.

Well, no use in being stealthy anymore. Dio slams open the hatch and jumps out onto the surface. Being the first out and unaware of Ripley's presence, Dio immediately starts sprinting after the clockwork. He wasn't sure why the car didn't start, but the lion will take what he can get. "I'm going for the runner," he shouts while running and putting his powerful lion legs to use. He pulls out his stone ball once more and carefully aims for the clockwork's legs while also dragging in random rocks from the street to trip him up. A few pieces of stone shrapnel rip their way into the runner's hamstrings on both legs, causing him to slow down and eventually tumble over. Now immobile, it only took Dio a couple more seconds to catch up and subdue the clockwork in an arm bar. "Nice to see ya," Dio says with a grin.

Miranai looks out to the truck as Dio runs off after the clockwork. She decides the best use of her time would be to cover the raccoon still in the truck, "P.. Please.. umm.. don't move." She says as she raises the rifle, it's targetting system confirming a lock on him. "I.. I don't want to hurt you.. b.. but I will." she says as she calls on her bots to come join her as well. "N.. No.. umm.. sudden movements please. O.. Or I'll fire." She says, and will. Her tail bristles up and her ears droop back, not happy with the situation right now, but... she radios Zypher again to say that the last team has been recovered, mostly in tack, and that they have two captured, no other hostiles detected, however there are residents below the power plant, along with their disciptions.

Tiya stands up slowly, hearing trouble from upstairs. She looks towards the walking vagina matron and shrugs, waving mutely to her and starting back up the pipe. She looks around at the drama and shrugs. It seems things will get a lot more... talky from here on out, the mare decides. Tiya makes up her mind that the rest of the group can handle things, and she better go and get things ready for Kilsa to come home, as thanks for letting her have the day off. The mare sets off into the sunset.

With Ripley reporting in Hicks, Apone and Vasquez all double time it to muster with her, choosing to secure and repair the vehicle to extract t he prisoners after helping Mira subdue the straggler. Cerris stays put until his coils are clear, then retracts himself back through the tunnels so he can inspect and protect the people they came for. Taking a moment to call for a transport to take the vaginasaurus, cause he said he would and it could prove useful.

The two surrender fearfully as the Raccoon guy whimpers, "Please don't kill me man. I swear I ain't a bad guy or nuthin." The clockwork fox speak up from the floor. "Dude I'm not a monster, well kinda but I'm just a innocent citizen well kinda." He is just shrugs and decides to shut up. A team of workers is flown in by chopper who thank the team and begin to work inside accompanied by a few armed guards. A Zypher scientist accompanies them and smiles at the group. "You've done well I wish to pay you out of my own salary and give you a little of the haul we are going to get." The mantis scientist smiles and looks over the group before his eyes lock on the Raccoon guy. "We will deal with the two you've captured see if they are criminals or not. Unless there is anything else we need to know.... Besides horrors in the bottom of this building from one of you and apparently you all decided to make peace with some of the ferals here. We will try to keep up the good relations." He smiles and begins to pass out the reward to those assigned to the mission.